My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 134

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 134 Calculative Liar..

Few minutes later, his personal phone rang and an unknown number appeared on his phone screen..

Happily picking up the phone from the table he whispered, "Veronica"

"How do you know that it's me?" Veronica asked being perplexed

Chuckling at her, Alonzo replied, "Well, I don't have to go haywire just to guess that the person who is calling me... is YOU.."

Rolling her eyes at his stupid reply, Veronica came to the main point she had called him for, "Alonzo, I need you to answer me truly about something. You told me that I gave you a letter which I had certainly not but still can you bring it the next time when we meet? I want to see that letter.."

"So you called me just for the letter? You really have many free time. Don't you? I don't know how your boss is still allowing you to continue working in your company when you are such a lousy employee " Alonzo mocked.

The rage she was trying to control till now, finally got out, "Listen very carefully Mr. Alonzo Brown.. First of all stop talking about me like you have known everything about me."

"Secondly, the letter will prove that what you were blaming me for so many days are all false. It will also prove that the liar is you.. not me.. So you better bring that letter that day otherwise you don't know about Veronica's exact capability of handling things" Veronica immediately cut the call finishing her sentence and breathed heavily in anger.

Alonzo removed the phone from his ear and muttered, "I know exactly who you are Veronica. You are nothing but a calculative liar who only knows how to play with hearts"



Willa was presently in her own world, thinking about last evening..

The words that Neil had said to her, was still ringing in her ear clearly.. The accusations that he brought upon Sam was already taking a toll on her brain

She couldn't match the sweet and caring Sam with the person that Neil had described to her yesterday.. Sam could do anything but can't ever cheat on her. He was not that kind of person..

No.. Sam was not a cheater.. he was my sweet boyfriend

Fixing that lie in her mind, she was about to start her work when Veronica entered her cabin without a notice.

Sitting in front of Willa, Veronica said, "Willa.. Do you remember that I told you to bring Sam to meet us?"

"Ah.. Yes.. I forgot to ask him among all of these stuffs. I'll ask him today, I promise." Willla said with a small smile on her face.

"Yeah. Please do that. By the way I came here to take you for a lunch. I missed us having lunch together." Veronica said because she wanted to destruct Willa from all her stresses because when she would find the truth later, then it would be a great shock for her.

Veronica knew if she herself told Willa about Sam's infidelity, Willa would definitely trust her but she would not be able to move on from him..

But what Veronica wanted was to clear each and every memory of Sam from Willa's mind and to do that, Willa need to see Sam's betrayal by her own eyes.. and that is why she asked Willa to bring Sam to meet with them so that she could easily manipulate him in his own games



Reuben was lying on the bed, resting his head on Veronica's lap as she ran her fingers through his hair, playing with it. She just finished explaining about Sam to Reuben which in return got a scowl from him.

"That bastard, I always doubted him. I'll kill him the next time I see him for his bravery to hurt our friend's emotions. However you told me that Willa haven't told about our relationship to him. Right?"

"Yes. She didn't. Sam only know about our friendship just like others.. nothing more. He also thinks that despite of our family friendship, both of us hate each other with our everything.

So I'm damn sure that he would took the chance to ask informations from me to create a hindrance between both of us and our companies.. He will definitely try to attack Creation as he is working for Peter by using me.. And I'll take that exact chance to tie him in my plan from which he could never escape." Veronica described to Reuben with a bitchiness in her eyes

Reuben laughed seeing his girlfriend turning into a devil and brought her face down to kiss her lips but stopped when a sudden realisation crossed his mind..

"Babe.. You told me that you and Alonzo were friends in the past but you didn't tell me the details. I need to know everything about him to solve the riddle about him. So I need you to tell me every single incident that occurred there in city B after you landed your first step there five and half years ago" Reuben said playing with her fingers.

Leaving a sigh, Veronica looked at his eyes and nodded her head at him

Closing her eyes for a moment, she waved her mind back to the past, reminiscing about the day when she first stepped out the airport of city B.