My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 135

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 135 First Day In City B..

"Babe.. You told me that you and Alonzo were friends in the past but you didn't tell me the details. I need to know everything about him to solve the riddle about him. So I need you to tell me every single incident that occurred there in city B after you landed your first step there five and half years ago" Reuben said playing with her fingers.

Leaving a sigh, Veronica looked at his eyes and nodded her head at him

Closing her eyes for a moment, she waved her mind back to the past reminiscing about the day she first stepped out of the airport of city B.



Five and half years ago

A twenty year old girl in a simple jeans and yellow t-shirt with a high ponytail got out of the airport of B city. She was wearing a rounded sunglass to protect her gorgeous dark brown eyes from the scorching heat of the sun..

A big luggage bag was with her and she was talking on her phone, "Yes Dad, I just arrived here. Don't worry, I already saw the car you sent for me. But dad, don't forget that I want to stay as low-key as possible."

"You know princess, I even not wanted to let you go there all alone. But your insistence made me change my decision. Now you're not even allowing me to leave bodyguards behind you and you are also not taking any special privileges from me.

Now tell me, what should I do to make sure that you are safe and sound?? You are my little princess Vero... so of course I would be overprotective and tensed about you." Mr. Lopez tried to reason with his daughter.

Veronica sighed and said, "Dad I know how much you love me. But you need to understand that I'm a big girl now. I can take care of myself and if some problems occur, I'll call you immediately."

"You promise to do that.. right?""

"I promise Dad." Veronica said entering the car..

One hour later, she reached the small apartment she had requested her father to rent. Mr. Lopez wanted her to live in a big penthouse there but he couldn't win in argument with his daughter So he let her do what she wanted..

It was a small apartment, consisted with one bedroom, a single bathroom, a kitchen with a small living room. It was not at all suitable for any wealthy person to live here without any luxuries.

But who was this it was Veronica Lopez who loves to lead a simple life and wanted to enjoy the six months of her staying here alone, like a normal middle class girl. She didn't want to boost her family's power in city B because she only wished to study here without any disturbance

Getting in the apartment, she made some omelette and toast as her mother already made sure that her fridge and kitchen cabinets would be full with food and utensils for her necessities..

Eating her food, she unpacked her suitcase and went in her bedroom to surf through the internet about city B. She already had enough of information about the city so she decided to visit a caf in the evening.

As it was already noon she decided to sleep a little bit first, before going for some coffee outside..


Soon evening came and she wore simple white shorts with a cream colour tank top with a white jacket over it. She made a messy bun on the top of her head and put some lipgloss before leaving the apartment with her phone and purse

She spotted the caf which had a good review in the internet. Walking towards the counter, she ordered a capuchino.

After getting it, she was about to move back towards a vacant table when she collided with a guy and the coffee in her mug get spilled all over his shirt

"I'm sorry.. I'm really sorry I didn't notice you." Veronica appologized immediately.

The guy tried to wipe the coffee strain on his t-shirt with a tissue and said, "It it's okay. I also didn't see you."

Veronica looked at the appearance of the boy who seems to be in his early twenties. He looked cute in his black t-shirt. He wore a spectacle on his face and he was also a little bit chubby..

The guy was looking at his shirt pitifully like a cute child which made Veronica smile a little without her notice. He seemed to belong from a poor family by his appearance as it was not at all branded and instead the colour of his dress seemed to fade after many washes.

"I'm sorry that your shirt got stained because of me. Let me buy you a new one." Veronica said.

The guy didn't even look up at her and denied, "No... That's not needed."

"Okay. If you don't want that then at least let me buy you a coffee. Look, your coffee also got wasted because of my clumsiness." Veronica pointed at the coffe mug that was splashed on the floor.

"No.. no.. it's okay." The boy stammered.

"I insist please.. otherwise my guilty conscience would not let me sleep peacefully." Veronica tried to convince as she felt really bad for his shirt and wasted coffee...

He moved his eyes towards her face and when he saw her, he was dumbstruck by her beauty.. She wore no makeup but her face was so smooth without any pores. She was very beautiful and her big brown eyes was so innocent to watch.

The boy felt his heart racing and his ears became red in shyness as he agreed, "Okay.. if you say so.."

Being happy at him, Veronica again made another order and after taking the coffees, both of them sat on a table.

She noticed that the boy was silent from tge beginning but failed to observe that he was stealing some glances at her from time to time..

"So tell me, what is your name? By the way, I'm Veronica." Veronica tried to be civil with him as she introduced herself before stretching her hand out for a handshake..

The boy smiled shyly and shook her hands before introducing himself, "Alex My name is Alexander Brown"