My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 136

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 136 Friends On The Second Day..

"So tell me what your name is? By the way I'm Veronica." Veronica tried to be civil with him as she introduced herself before stretching her hand out for a handshake.

The boy smiled shyly and shook her hands before introducing himself, "Alex My name is Alexander Brown"

"It's nice to meet you Alexander." Veronica smiled at him which got a shy response from him.

Looking at her watch, Veronica saw that it's already late and she had to attend the new college for her project purpose and she didn't want to be late at the first day..

That's why, she looked at Alexander and said, "I've to leave now. And sorry again for the mess I created today."

Alexander looked at her and nodded so Veronica took her leave from there


It was already next day and Veronica arrived at the "Golden Institute of Multimedia" of B city sharp at 9 am..

It was a branch of the biggest and most famous University of country K which was situated in city S where Veronica was also continuing her studies. It was a rule of the university to send the top 10 students of them to their different branches of the country to complete a brand new cultivation project along with the other students of those branches and they could also help those students to make them learn about new kinds of softwares and it's uses in multimedia..

Louis and Willa were also part of top 10 so they were also sent to different cities for the project..

Now Veronica was sitting in front of the CEO of the city B branch, discussing about her ideas and plans to go through the project and how to train the juniors about new kind of technics...

"Now I really understand why you are the top student of your university. Your ideas are really creative and you are very much capable which I really appreciate." The CEO praised her.

"Thanks sir. Then I'll go and meet with my new classmates." Veronica said.

The CEO nodded and said, "Wait, I'll tell my best student to show you our campus."

Few minutes later, a boy in a sweatshirt and jeans entered the office and said, "You called me sir..??"

"Yeah. Come Alexander. This is our new student who had came from city S for a project and would help you all for next six months."

Veronica looked at the boy and saw that he was the one who she met yesterday.

After the got out from the office, Veronica said, "So you are also a student here?"

Alexander looked at her blushingly and said, "Yeah.. Welcome to our college."

When they were going past the laboratory, someone whistled and said, "Now who is this beautiful girl here?"

The boy saw Veronica and then looked at Alexander before shouting at him, "You nerd, what are you doing with her? Didn't I tell you to complete my project? Instead you are wandering around with such a pretty girl.??You bastard.!!"

"Mi.. Mike Actually sir told me to show her our campus." Alexander replied shuddering lightly in fear.

The boy whose name was Mike grabbed Alexander's jaw tightly which made him flinch in pain and said, "Do one thing. Complete my work and I'll show this beautiful piece of art, our college."

Veronica was silent all the while and watching everything without any sound. She was inspecting both of the boys' behavior and finally came to a conclusion that Mike was an arrogant boy who loved to rag Alexander as he was a calm boy.

She had a hunch that Alexander is not like other boys. His behavior was like a lost child who get bullied easily and wasn't strong to protect himself

But when she saw that Mike was hurting Alexander, she opened her mouth, "Listen Mr. I don't know who you are. But you better leave him otherwise it'll not be good for you."

"Woah!! Feisty huh?" Mike asked with interest.

"That I am." Veronica said before slapping Mike's arms from Alexander's jaw and bringing him to the cafeteria..

Ordering some juice for both of themselves, Veronica silently looked at Alexander whose head was bowed as low as possible.

She couldn't suppress the questions that were lingering in her mind and blurted out, "Alexander, why didn't you protest against Mike? He was hurting you. Why did you stay mute when he was bullying you?"

Alexander stared at her with glossy eyes and stuttered, "I.. I'm not as strong like him."

Veronica sighed rubbing her forehead and asked, "Then why didn't you ask your parents for help?"

Alexander shook his head like he wanted to stop her from saying anything and replied, "I I don't have any parents. I don't have any family. I'm an.. an orphan."

Hearing it, Veronica's eyes also welled up in tears in sympathy for him and a gasp left from her mouth, "Oh..!"

Gaining her emotions back after few seconds, Veronica cutely smiled at him and said, "If you don't have family then it's okay. We can be friends. So, will you be my friend?"

Nodding shyly at her, Alexander replied, "Yes.."

Veronica clapped her hands in joy of making a new friend on the second day of her staying in city B and said, "Then we are friends from now on. By the way, your name is too big to pronounce. So I'll shorten it and call you Alex.."