My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 137

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 137 Desperate To Talk..

Days went by and both Alexander and Veronica became good friends

She came to know Alexander is two years older than her but still he and Veronica was on same batch as he delayed his studies because of his lac of money..

This course needed a hefty of amount to get entry but as he was good at it, he got a 25% scholarship..

He was really a good student but only in technology.. because whenever they have to study any notes, he couldn't get accustomed to it. He can't memorise any materialistic reports so he often got scolded by the professors.. but where he was best... was in the computer graphics and gaming..

Spending time with him, studying and planning for their project, Veronica came to know the biggest truth about him she found that he was not like other guys of his age..

He was kinda dumb and came to understand everything a little later.. though he was already 22 but his mentality was of a 16 years old..

They were happily chatting in the coffee shop in an afternoon when Veronica noticed that Alexander's face was getting paled looking at somewhere..

She followed his gaze and found Mike with his friends entering the coffee shop..

"Ve.. Veronica.. let's go away from here." He stammered.

Veronica looked at him and asked, "Alex.. You can't always run from them. They wouldn't dare to do anything to you. I'm here... Okay? Don't worry.."

"No.. no.. you are not understanding Veronica. They are bad. They always bully me. Let's leave from here. Please.." Alex pleaded like his life was depended on it.

Sighing at his scared behaviour, Veronica said, "Fine. We will leave. But in one condition.."

"Which condition?" Alex asked her with frightened eyes.

Smiling at his cute expression, Veronica replied, "You have to call me Vero from now on. All of my friends from city S call me by this name."

Alexander's ear got red in shyness as he meekly said, "Oh.. okay.."

Veronica laughed seeing this as she said between her laughter, "Oh my God. Alex.. you are so cute." She then pinched his cheeks in a friendly way which made Alexander blush more.

Both of them get out of the coffee shop and headed to a nearby library. They both selected few books to read to pass time. Veronica got some romantic book whereas Alex found some comic books there which was meant to be for teenagers.

Noticing it, Veronica didn't say anything as she already knew his preference was quite different from others. Both of them took a seat and Veronica said, "We have two hours. Let's start reading now."

As a response, Alex just nodded his head and the duo emerged themselves in their own worlds. Alex would sometimes let out a low chuckle or grin like children while reading the comics...

Veronica would smile at him but when she got to some certain romantic parts of her romantic book, she couldn't help herself from remembering the one person in city S who she often missed after coming in city B..

She was thinking about that certain someone when her phone vibrated. Looking at the caller, her heart started to flutter and a smile crept on her face.

As she was immersed in her own thoughts, a sudden pull at her elbow broke her from her trance and she looked at the person whose hand was tugging her.

"What happened Alex?" Veronica asked in a low voice.

"Your phone was vibrating from quite some time and everyone is looking at you now. Either you cut it or pick up the call."

Veronica saw that really the readers in front of her, was looking at her like she had committed some big crime.

So smiling sheepishly at them, she cut the call and turned it into silent. But before doing so, she hadn't forgotten to send a message to the person.

"I'll call you later when I reached back home. I'm now at the library" She messaged the person.

"Okay." A monosyllable reply arrived and she smiled at it.

Two hours later

Veronica checked her watch and saw that Alex was already sleeping with his head resting on the table, holding the comic book to his face which he was reading previously.

Gently shaking his arm, Veronica said, "Alex.. Wake up. We need to leave. It's already 6:30."

Rubbing his eyes with his fingers like a baby, he said, "Oh.. it's already over? Okay then. Let's leave."

They both kept the books to their original places and left the library. Walking on the road silently, they both felt the relaxing wind passing through them and they smiled.

"So Alex.. Where do you live? You didn't tell me ever." Veronica asked, breaking the silence.

Hearing her, asking for his address, Alexander became a little startled and he looked everywhere but not her.

"What happened, Alex? Tell me where do you live?" Veronica asked gently.

Getting more nervous at her questions, he started sweating profusely and hurriedly said, "Vero... It's already late. I've to rush back home."

And then without waiting for her reply, he ran towards the opposite direction and got vanished in a few minutes, leaving Veronica stand there dumfoundedly..

Veronica looked at the running figure and thought something was strange in his behavior. She shrugged her shoulder and also left for her apartment.

Little did she know, if she would have followed him that day.. then all the mysteries would be solved and the blame she was getting from that same Alexander, her dear friend... five years later would be a total lie about his existence


The night was dark and no stars or moon were seen on the sky. Veronica sat on her bed after eating a good heft of her dinner. She called her parents and talked with them to inform them about her day.

"Hello Mom. What are you doing?"

"What can your mom do nowadays except missing you for the whole time... Do you know how much your mother is missing you?" Veronica's mother nagged from the other side.

Smiling after hearing her mother's loving voice, Veronica smiled and said, "I miss you too Mom. But what I missed more is your tasty cooking."

Her mother laughed at her daughter's joke as both of them continued their chatting.


About one hour later

Veronica was lying on her bed, resting her head on the pillow. Hugging one of her favourite penguin soft toy, she started to think about her friends in city S..

She was missing them badly her two brothers Neil and Henry.. her two sisters like besties Willa and Lucinda her crazy yet sweet friend Louis..

But the person she was missing the most was the one who called her when she was in the library with Alex earlier that day.

Not knowing what was the feeling she was holding in her heart, why she was missing him so crazily... when they were nothing more than some childhood friends who loved to always bicker with each other, she became more frustrated..

Sensing that the person was none other than her mortal enemy.. the handsome hunk of country K.. The Reuben Smith, she wanted to bang her head hard..

Mentally she was having all the weird thoughts like, 'What is he doing right now? Is he dating some random girl?'

'Oh God..!! Even why I'm thinking all of these when we both are nothing more than just mere friends. He might be thinking me of his little sister like Neil and Henry. Humph.!!"

She furrowed her eyebrows and asked herself, "But do I also think him as a brother like I felt for both Neil and Henry? No.. not at all.. Definitely not. I don't think of him as a brother at all."

'If you don't think of him as your brother then who is he to you?' her subconscious mind asked her.

Veronica blinked for few times and then hold her hair tightly in her hands and murmured, "Whats wrong with you Veronica? Why are you thinking about Reuben? Who is he to you?"

"Oh.. I don't know. I really don't know anything. But what I know right now is I've to call him and talk to him.."

"But what if he thinks that you are desperate to talk to him?" Veronica's subconscious mind again voiced out her point.

Pondering for some while, Veronica smiled mischievously like she had won a big game and said, "But he called me first today when I was in library. That's mean he is desperate to talk to me. And if he asked me why I'm calling him now, then I'd remind him about his phone call this afternoon."

"Oh God.!! What a brilliant brain I've got. I should clap for myself. Yes. I should call him.. I should call him right now." She determined to herself.

Finally taking her phone from the side table, she started playing with it in nervousness..

After taking three big and deep breaths to calm herself, she dialed the number, very excited to hear the other person's voice