My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 138

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 138 Powerhouse Of Energy..

Finally taking her phone from the side table, she started playing with it in nervousness..

After taking three big and deep breaths to calm herself, she dialed the number, very excited to hear the other person's voice

"So you finally got the time to call me back?" Reuben said from the phone.

"Woahh..! No hi and hello.. you just jumped into mocking me?" Veronica protested.

Reuben on the other side felt her behavior really funny. So he started chuckling at her making her more angry.

"Hey.. why are you laughing?" Veronica argued.

"Nothing.. tell me how are you? Are you having any trouble there?" Reuben asked.

Veronica puffed her cheeks in anger and said, "Why do you care? Not that you are my father or brother."

Reuben chuckled and said, "Obviously. I can't be a father of a 20 year girl when I myself is only 22. And about being your brother

First of all both Neil and Henry took that position for you. Secondly, I will never allow you to be my sister.."

"Why can't you be my brother? I can create a vacant seat for you in my life for your brother position?" Veronica teased him.

"Well, I can't take it as I'm not in the mood to be your brother. Now stop talking rubbish.. and tell me how are you doing there?" Reuben stopped her from teasing him further.

"Yeah.. I'm doing fine here. Even I got a new friend here." She said the last part excitedly, making Reuben wonder about the uncertain things which could make his blood boil.

Couldn't able to suppress his curiosity, he asked in a serious voice, "Is the new friend of yours a male or female?"

Veronica smirked hearing the question and said playfully, "A very handsome male friend... Why do you ask?"

"A handsome male? Huh!! Is he more handsome than me? Nah... He can't be, as I'm always the best. And one more thing, stop making friends with guys in city B. No one is there to help you if you fell in some problems." Reuben strongly spoke out his points.

Taking deep breath to control her laughter, Veronica mumbled in a low voice, "You can't tell me who should I make my friend or not. Stop acting like my boyfriend when you are absolutely not the one." Before Veronica could realise, the words slipped out of her mouth and she face-palmed herself...

Whereas Reuben's experience was the most iconic one to see and finally when he overcome his shock he teased, "Boyfriend? Do you want me to be your boyfriend? If you want then"

Before he could finish his sentence, Veronica yelled on the phone in embarrassment, "Who wants to make you boyfriend.. You Moron.."

"But you just said that. Now don't act like you didn't say it few seconds ago.." Reuben continued to tease her.

"You.. you bastard. I don't want you as my boyfriend. Keep dreaming. Not even for a single day of my whole life, I can think of being your girlfriend.." Veronica shouted and cut the call.

She buried her face in her pillow as all the blood of her body rushed into her face, turning her cheeks completely red in shyness. She felt her face turned hot and she slapped herself to reduce the redness getting stronger and brighter.

"OhGod Why is Reuben behaving like this? Does he know about the little crush I've on him? No.. no.. no..he definitely doesn't know about it. Don't overthink Vero and have a good night sleep. Don't forget you have to go to class tomorrow morning." Veronica muttered to herself as she suppressed her blush.

On the other hand, Reuben couldn't help but laughed out loud. He was missing his little mortal enemy so much..


It's already been more than a week that she went to city B, leaving him here all alone. He was missing her cute bickering with him like hell..

There was not a single day he wouldn't think of her. The days without her was like lifeless to him. He was missing the fun of fighting with her.

The cute blabbering and argument of hers with him, was the most favourite part of his everyday boring life. Her nagging was the most favorable melody for him.. her sweet smile was his powerhouse of energy...

He couldn't forget her doe like eyes which would look at him with so much anger and sometimes with affection.. Reuben was certain that Veronica also had some feelings for him which was more than friendship..

Well, for him.. it was always her when he went to sleep or woke up in the morning. Her face would always flushed in his mind whenever he was working, eating or studying since their teenage days..

Now, the long distance between both of them, making him understand that how much he loved her and every passing second without her is like a torture for him..


However, now he has to wait for six months to see her beautiful face again


Three months had already passed in a blink of eyes..

Veronica had roamed all around the city in this last three months with her new friends.. She had come to know about every routes and beautiful places of this wonderful city..

Oh.. About friends.. she had became friends with many of her classmates. Diana was one of them..

Though, she was not her classmate, but both of them met in a college seminar. Diana was studying fashion designing and she was studying in one of the top fashion designing institute of city B...

Like Veronica, Diana was also not a resident of city B. She came here two years ago for her further studies.. She was one year younger than Veronica but both of them had a good sense of humour so they both became good friends in those short time.

Diana didn't know anything about Alex because he was shy about meeting new people. But she couldn't understand that if he was really this much introvert type then why didn't he ever have a problem talking with her.???

Even Alex seems to be more comfortable around her than others...

"Hey.. where are you dozed off?" Diana asked waving a hand in front of her.

Veronica got back to earth from her world of thinking and said smilingly, "Nothing. Just thinking about anything."

"Oh.." Diana replied and continued to play with the straw of her mango juice.

Veronica noticed that something was unusual about her as she was not behaving like herself. She seemed to be a little depressed about something. But she couldn't pinpoint it out...

Other times, Diana would be the one to eat Veronica's head with her non-stop talking. But today she was very much submissive and quite unlike her daily demeanour..

"Is everything okay Diana?" Veronica asked keeping her hand over Diana's.

"What? Ah yeah.. everything is okay." Diana tried to smile.

Sighing at her, Veronica said, "Look Diana. If anything is bothering you then you can tell me about it. I will gladly help you."

Closing her eyes for some while and then opening it again, Diana looked at Veronica's eyes and held her hands in a tight grip as she started to discuss about the problem that was bothering her from two days..

"Actually Veronica.. Do you remember that I told you about my parents earlier?

When Veronica nodded her head, Diana continued, "As you know that my Dad had died one year ago by a severe heat attack, from then my Mom started to handle our family business. But recently..

Recently she seemed to be dating another man who is one of her business partner. My Mom seemed to be serious into this relationship and both of them are thinking of marrying each other soon. But I don't want them to.."

Veronica raised her eyebrows and asked, "Why? Is it because you love your father too much? Although it's completely your mother's life to decide about herself but I can understand your insecurity.."

"You are right that my father is one reason I don't want my mother to get married with someone else. But there is one more thing which bothers me the most...

Actually, I don't like the man my mom is currently dating. I feel uncomfortable around him and he seemed to be little you know.. a little irritating. I mean the way he looks at me is not at all fatherly.. It's kind of perverted.." Diana let out her problems in front of Veronica.

Shaking her a little bit, Veronica said, "You should then talk to your mother about it. I think she will understand your problems. No mother will want to make their child suffer for some other man."

Diana smiled at her and said, "Yeah. You are right. I should talk to ty Mom about this when I go for the vacation one month later."

They both laughed together and talked about more things when Veronica saw that it was already the time to meet Alex today for their discussion about the manuscript. So she bid goodbye to Diana and left for the riverbank where they decided to meet.


At the riverbank...

Veronica got there ten minutes late than their actual meeting time there. She saw a boy who was sitting on the bench near the bank, wearing a baggy sweatshirt.

Slowly walking towards him, she bent a little and shook him from behind to make Alex scared. But his behavior was not at all like she expected...

Not only he was not scared at all but he was smiling like a fool after seeing her. Seeing him smiling, Veronica also smiled back and sat beside him..

"Hi Alex. When have you arrived?" Veronica asked as she kept her backpack on the bench.

Alex looked at her with clear eyes and said, "Hello Veronica. I just reached here few minutes ago."

Veronica scrunched her eyebrows at him calling her in full name, and said, "Alex. Why are you calling me Veronica? It's Vero for you.."

"Oh.. I forgot." Alex said and awkwardly scratched the back of his neck which made Veronica a little wary about him.

She felt like something was amiss in Alex today. Like Alex was not Alex today but a different person..

Like he had totally changed into a different man in just one night