My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 139

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 139 D Day Closer..

She felt like something was amiss with Alex today. Like Alex was not Alex today.. but a different person..

Like he had totally changed into a different man in just one night

She also noticed that Alexander's appearance is quite different today. His fair face was a bit paler than his usual self. His cute chubby cheeks were also a little slender today. The sweatshirt he was wearing today was also a little loose on him...

But all in all, he was looking handsome rather than cute today...

The eyes which were always glossy that even seemed to become clearer and softer. He had a beautiful smile on his face whenever he was looking at her. This time no stealing glances instead it was a pure eye to eye look.

Veronica kept looking at him in astonishment as to think of the reason of his sudden change which was obviously good.

"Hey Vero Are you listening to me?" Alexander asked her raising his eyebrows.

Scrunching her eyebrows together, Veronica couldn't held up her interest about his sudden demeanor change and asked, "Alex, why do I feel like you have suddenly turned into another person?"

As if, Alex already expected the question from her, he cutely smiled and asked sheepishly, "What change you are talking about?"

Veronica made a face like she didn't know how to answer this but still tried to phrase her words properly to make him understand...

"Look Alex.. I don't know how to express it properly but you seem to become more confident about yourself.. and for before...

Whenever you would meet me, your cheeks used to turn red in shyness but now you are looking into me right in the eye without getting all pinky on your cheeks." Veronica said moving her hand in the air.

Hearing it, Alex chuckled and said, "Actually. I couldn't sleep yesterday at all, so I had became a little skimpy."

"Why hadn't you slept yesterday?" Veronica asked in confusion.

Alexander looked at her mischievously and then bowed his head shyly to avoid looking at her eyes and replied, "Actually.. actually I have joined a self grooming class a week ago. And it was the training of them which makes me look more confident and smart."

Veronica made an awkward face at this and then burst into a huge laughter. She then asked in between her laughs, "Really? But why? You are cute in your own way. Is there any special reason for it?"

Smiling sheepishly again, Alonzo replied, "In reality.. I want to impress a girl who is very beautiful. And if I want to gain her heart then I've to become handsome too like other guys. So.. so I joined the classes."

"What? You want to impress a girl? Tell me who is she. I'll help you in this." Veronica's eyes widened hearing her friend having a crush over a girl.

She was very happy for him that her always shy friend is showing interest on someone and trying to change himself...

Alex grinned at her and said, "You know her already very well. But I'll tell you after I complete my grooming class. Now don't press me much about her." He pouted.

"Aww..!! You are looking so cute. Though you are trying to convert yourself into a more confident man but remember this.. never turn your adorable heart into a stone like one. By the way.. I like the cute side of you more." She said becoming all childish and excited.

Nodding his head at her, Alex showed her a bright smile and said, "I promise, I'll never change to a cold person and always stay cute for you."

"So it's a 100% promise?" Veronica asked letting her pinky finger out.

Holding her pinky finger with his, Alex said, "100% promise."

Veronica shook her head at him and said, "Okay. Now time for our discussion about the manuscript. Let's concentrate on that thing."

Alexander smiled and both of them started discussing about it..


One week passed by like this...

Veronica was busy with her studies and helping her classmates to learn the new software functions. The modelling part is quite difficult which was making everyone a little tensed and restless.

Therefore, all of them were really bragging Veronica to help them as she was already a pro in this...

And she being the kindest and modest one, always tried to help everyone which was decreasing quite a lot of energy from her everyday.

She just finished her class today which was quite hectic as their professor literally scolded most of the students for not being able to do the modelling correctly or more like they didn't have the urge to learn it properly...

Coming out of class, she went to the canteen to have a cup of coffee as her headache was already severe. She also hadn't met Alex for more than four days..

Alex was busy in his grooming class so he couldn't able to attend the college for few days. Although they were conversing about the project and class everyday.

The coffee she ordered had finally been served. She just started to drink it when an annoying voice disturbed her peace..

"Hello beautiful." Mike greeted as he sat in front of her.

Veronica ignored him completely and continued sipping her coffee without giving him any attention at all.

Mike got angry at her ignorant behaviour and he asked while smirking, "Where is your little dumb friend today? Is he so much scared of me that he is hiding in his home?"

This questions pulled the string in Veronica's head and fury rose in her whole body as she shot him a glare before saying coldly, "Where he is, should not matter to you. And if you said one more bad thing about Alex, I swear I'll punch you right on your face."

Getting straightly insulted by her, Mike said through his gritted teeth, "Don't try to challenge me Veronica. I'm not a good guy because I don't think twice to hurt a girl. And let me tell you a secret that you are not a exception in it."

Veronica didn't say but just continued enjoying the show of Mike rattling on his bad boy image which she was not a bit of interest about..

She wondered in her mindnd, IF

Only if Mike would know about her true identity then he would even not be able to have the courage to show his face in front of her..

No showing face would be too little to describe it.. maybe he would just pee in his pant..


Just thinking about this, made Veronica burst into a peak of laughter. Everyone in the canteen looked at her in an awkward way.

Noticing it, Veronica stopped laughing and looked at the confused Mike. She said sorry to others for disturbing them and stared at him again.

Leaning forward to him, Veronica muttered in a deadly tone which was only audible to Mike, "Listen carefully you donkey I'm also not as simple as you think. You can't even imagine in your life what can I do to your bloody ugly face if I get angry. So don't make me lose my temper. It'll only call your D-Day closer."

Saying it, she got up from the chair in a swift movement and left the canteen after paying for her coffee, leaving a furious Mike there..


As Veronica didn't have any more work to do, she called Diana if they could meet today but to her bad luck, Diana was also very busy like Alexander..

So Veronica thought to spend her boring day by spending some alone time in library. She stayed there for three hours reading books then went for some grocery shopping..

It was already very late at night when she reached home. She unlocked her apartment and entered with the grocery bags.

She was about to switch on the light when she felt someone's presence in her apartment.

'Who could be here at this hour? Moreover no one has the key of my apartment.. neither Alex nor Diana except my Dad So had dad come to visit me?' She thought to herself felling very happy, thinking her dad might have come here...

But then something struck into her mind, 'No.. That can't be possible. Dad is out of country now. And if he would come here, he would definitely inform me beforehand just not to scare me off.. Then who is there.?'

She was wondering about the person in her mind when the sound of footsteps entered her ears. She became alert and kept the grocery bags on the floor very silently, not to aware of the other person who trespassed in her territory..

As the footsteps came nearer and nearer... Veronica took few deep breaths to steady herself and readied herself to kick off the person on the floor..

Positioning herself in the right posture, she was about to hit the person who came extremely close to her when her wrist got caught in a tight hold of a strong man as he turned her over in a swift motion making her shriek in pain..