My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 14

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 14 Creation

Veronica got down from her car and entered the biggest multimedia company of country K, "Creation". The receptionist bowed to her and she also nodded back to her with a smile on her face as she entered the elevator. She went to 19th floor as it is the floor of the planning department of Graphics, Animation and VFX. The floor is only contained with 3 big offices for the heads of every department, also with two meeting halls, two big laboratories to work on. The employees under them work on the 16th, 17th and 18th floor- each floor for each department.


Veronica is the head of VFX Department, one of the most creative and toughest department of this industry. It takes a huge time to create a VFX project. As there are different types of software and techniques are developing day by day, so being the head of any of these departments is quite tough as you have to cope up with developing technology and process.

Though the Multimedia industry is really interesting to see but it's very hard to work here. There are hundreds of people who works in just a single project, so Veronica's job is not as simple to be done. Not only VFX, but she is mastered in 2d and 3d Animation and Graphics Designing. That's why sometimes, the head of the other departments also come looking for her, if they needed any help.


After entering her office, Veronica kept her bag on the sofa and sat on her office chair. Her assistant Willa, knocked on the door and entered the office with a cup of coffee. It's Veronica's daily habit of having coffee before she started her work.

Handing the coffee to Veronica, Willa greeted her, "Good Morning Ma'am. Today you have a meeting with Team B about the project with Glory Films at 11:30 am. And then you have to visit the Film set of 'The King's Concubine' at 3 pm..

"First of all a very good morning. And please give me the reports of the project which is being handled by Team B." Veronica replied.

"Okay Ma'am. I'll email those files to you in 10 minutes." Willa said.

"Alright. Anything else for today?" Veronica asked.

"No ma'am. There is nothing more to do."

"Okay, you may leave now." Veronica sipped her coffee.

"Wait for a minute."

Before Willa could move the doorknob, Veronica interrupted her.

"How was your date yesterday?" Veronica walked up from her chair with a teasing smile on her face and stood in front of her secretary.

Willa blushed hard and replied shyly, "It was good."

"So, had he proposed you?" Veronica excitingly asked her.

Willa shook her head as a NO.

"Oh! That idiot is really a big idiot." Veronica cursed.

Willa looked up at her boss and denied it, "No he's not."

"Woah!! Look now our girl is siding with him." Veronica teased..

"VeroStop it.." Willa shouted with her face as red as a tomato.

"Okay.. okay.. I understand. You may leave now."

Veronica stopped teasing and sat back on her chair. She looked at the disappearing figure of her college friend and sighed. Then she opened her computer and checked out her emails while finishing her coffee.


Veronica and Willa are both friends from their college days. They studied multimedia in the same University. Willa belongs from a middle class family and was a very good student. Her parents couldn't afford the whole fees for her study, so her course was depended on 20% of her scholarship. She had given tuition classes to other children as a part time job to carry her living expenses.

Veronica always liked her honesty and hard work. So she became good friends with her though there is a class difference between both of their families. As Willa was a brilliant student and very professional with work, so when Veronica entered the company she kept her as a assistant, who could also support her with her work and the projects.

Though both of they had a relationship of 'Boss and Assistant', still they stayed as very close friends till now. They never merged their professional and personal lives together. When they were inside the office or in front of other employees, they would never cross the boundary as friends; but when they were out of everyone's eyes or outside of the company, they would not give a damn about the world. They would be totally carefree, forgetting all the worries. Even Lucinda would also join them in their hang out as Veronica and Lucinda are both best friends from their childhood, so she and Will met many times and got aquatinted with each other well. They are now like three besties, who always stay together like sisters.