My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 140

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 140 Trap You In A Relationship..

As the footsteps came nearer and nearer, Veronica took few deep breaths to steady herself and readied herself to kick off the person on the floor..

Positioning herself in the right posture she was about hit the person who came extremely close to her when her wrist got caught in a tight hold of a strong man as he turned her over in a swift motion making her shriek in pain..

Trying to regain her balance, she tried to back-kick him when her leg also got pressed down smoothly by the unknown person while he tightened his hold on Veronica's waist..

"You bastard Leave me right now. Do you know who I am?" Veronica shouted at him.

"Well my wild cat.. no one knows you better than me." The man whispered in her ear fanning his hot breath over her bare flesh.

Veronica's eyes widened when she recognised the voice of the unknown intruder who was definitely not a stranger to her..

But what was he doing here???

Wasn't he supposed to be in City S? Then why was he there, holding her in a right grip?

When Veronica was busy in her thoughts, the man turned her over, making her face him and then started walking forward still holding her petite body in his arms..

Finally he stopped when Veronica's back was pressed on the wall, she shuddered feeling the sensation of the cold wall behind her while still staying in his arms..

"Did you miss me so much that you kept on looking at me?" The man teased in a low voice as he moved his left hand towards her face.

Caressing her cheeks with the back of his hand, he then roamed his hand from her shoulder to her arms. Veronica stood there quietly still in total shock as she hadn't any courage to say anything...

Regaining her sense, when she felt the man's face was very close to her, she was about to yell when he moved his face towards her right side and swithched on the lights of the room..

The lights illuminated the whole room, getting brightened up with the sudden electricity.. The lights fall on the two person's face who were looking into each other's eyes without caring about the world.

"Are you surprised to see me that much that you even forget to breath, Vero?" Reuben smirked at her.

Veronica left a big breath which she was holding till then without knowing herself. She looked at the man in front of her who was smirking in a teasing way and all her blood boiled up in anger..

"Reuben Smith.. What the hell are you doing here? And how did you get the house key of my apartment?" Veronica shouted as soon as she gained her sense back and noticed that there was none other than the great Reuben Smith, standing in front of her..

Reuben let go of her from his arms and distanced himself from her. He then bowed down a little and held up the grocery bags from the floor and straightly walked towards the kitchen, avoiding the fuming Veronica at the doorstep.

Veronica stomped her feet and ran towards the kitchen before asking again, "Can you please tell me why are you here?"

Taking out all the groceries from the bag, Reuben started cleaning them one by one in the sink and said, "Well, I'm here for a business meeting which will be hold tomorrow. So I have come to visit you as you are now in city B."

Grabbing the clean groceries from Reuben's hand, Veronica started to keep them in to the fridge while asking, "If you have a meeting here then which hotel you're staying in?"

"I hadn't booked any hotel. I'll be staying here.. IN your apartment." Reuben said casually as if it was not a big deal to stay here...

On the other hand, Veronica gasped and said, "Wha.. what do you mean? You can't stay here. Go book a hotel for yourself now."

"Come on now Vero. You can't do this with me. Should not friends help each other when they are in some problems? I know that we're born enemy but think about our family friendship and let me stay here for one night.

How can you throw an innocent boy like me out of your house so late at night? It's not safe at all and if some horny girl try to r.a.p.e me!! No no.. I have to keep my body pure for my future girlfriend who would also gonna be my wife one day." Reuben said looking at Veronica with a smirk which made Veronica rolled her eyes..

"Moreover I'm very tired to even move my fingers and you are telling me to move my legs.. sorry sorry.. Let me rephrase it.. You're telling me to move my whole body with my heavy luggages? That's not fair at all.." Reuben pouted cutely.

Though Veronica was not showing any softer feeling on her face but inside of her heart and mind, she instantly did a summersault out of happiness.

Unknown to them, both Reuben and Veronica missed each other very badly. So after seeing each other after three months, there was no horizon of their happiness of seeing each other after so many days..

Actually, truth to be told.. the meeting Reuben was talking about was not at all important for him to just attend personally.. but how could his heart stop him to catch the chance of seeing his long time love after months..

So the sole reason of his visit to city B was absolutely Veronica.. And now seeing her here all again, he felt refresh and lively again

"Okay.. You can stay here tonight. Let me cook something for dinner then." Veronica said, trying to hide the smile that was forcing to bloom on her plump lips..


After dinner, the biggest tension had arrived between them..

The problem of sleeping arrangements..

As it was a one bedroom flat so there was only one bed there which was also not very big to fit two person properly without touching each other.

"You.. you sleep on the bed and I'll sleep in the sofa in the living room." Veronica said to Reuben.

Reuben didn't argue about that because he very well knew he couldn't win over her about this.. Moreover he didn't want to waste the peaceful moment fighting with her. So he nodded his head and entered her bedroom like a good boy..


In the middle of the night, Veronica was soundly sleeping on the sofa in the living room when the bedroom door got opened very lightly, not to make any sound so that the beautiful angel would wake up from her sleep..

Silently walking towards the couch, Reuben sat on his knees very slowly and kept looking at her beautiful face.

Every lights without the table lamp was off so the soft yellow colour of the lamp fell on her face which was shining like a star..

Bending a little more, Reuben tugged her hair locks behind her ear and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. This kiss was of pure bliss and longing that he was feeling for her from the past three months.

"I missed you Ica.. so much.. I hope the rest three months would end soon and you come back to us again.." Reuben whispered very lowly.

Smiling at her pout which she was unknowingly doing in her sleep, Reuben ran his hands through her hair and murmured, "You know what Ica.. I don't like to call you Vero like others. Because you are very special to me and I also want to be the special one in your heart. I wasted a lot time, bickering with you for our whole life. But now.. now I really can't wait to make you my girlfriend.

I know you need a little bit time and want to enjoy your life. That's why, I never tried to trap you in a relationship for the past years with me because I know you like your freedom very much. But these three months without you, had made me restless completely. I felt my heart is not with me anymore. So I decided.. after you finish your project here and come back to S City again.. I'll make you mine.

I felt itching all those times when you smiled so brightly or looked so beautiful yet I couldn't hug or kiss you because I didn't want to ruin your teenage life which is very important to everyone.. specially to a girl. But believe me, I can't help but be selfish now. I badly want you to be my girlfriend. Am I behaving like a bad guy then?"

Sighing deeply, he continued, "I hope one day, you will also love me back, like how much I do. I want to call you Ica for my whole life but not secretly like I'm doing now. Because my endearment for you is not something I can express in mere words.

I love you Ica. Hope you will soon be mine."

A tear slipped from his eyes as he professed his love to the sleeping beauty in front of him.

Kissing her forehead again, he said, "Good night love. Sleep well." Then he entered the bedroom again.


It was already morning when both of them were having their breakfast. And of course, Veronica was absolutely oblivious to the last night incident...

She thought she saw a beautiful dream yesterday night where Reuben was proposing her to be his girlfriend. She shook her head in a negative way, thinking it couldn't ever happen in this life. Reuben could never love her. It would always be one-sided love from her side..

Finishing their breakfast, both Reuben and Veronica got out from the apartment for their own personal works..

As they were standing outside the gate of their apartment building, Veronica's heart clenched thinking about Reuben leaving city B and she would be all alone again here..

Same was happening to Reuben. He didn't want to leave her but he couldn't step over the boundaries which led to her dreams. So with a heavy heart, he decided to say goodbye to his one and only love...

Before leaving, he caressed her head and teased, "Behave well little girl. Don't be clumsy again because there is no one to protect you."

Hearing the sarcastic remark, Veronica huffed, "I'm not a little girl and not clumsy too. You are an idiot."

Reuben ignored her banter and said, "Take care and if any problem arises... don't hesitate to call me."

"Hmm.. bye." Veronica said pouting.

Reuben nodded but before entering his car, he motioned towards his secret bodyguards who were hiding in the corners, to look for her who were protecting Veronica from the past three months without her knowledge.

Giving her another smile, Reuben told his driver to start the call and soon it vanished from her vision..

Looking towards the way with a sad teary face, Veronica was about to enter when another male voice called for her, "Vero.."

Turning towards the voice, Veronica smiled, "Hi Alex. Good morning."

"Morning. Are you ready for the class?" Alex asked and when Veronica nodded both of them started walking towards their college.

In the halfway, Alex hesitantly called, "Vero"


"When I came to your apartment, I saw a man entering a car. Is he someone close to you?" Alex asked, trying to suppress the unknown jealousy in himself...