My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 141

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 141 Definitely Not Today..

In the midway, Alex hesitantly called, "Vero"


"When I came to your apartment, I saw a man entering a car. Is he someone close to you?" Alex asked, trying to suppress the unknown jealousy in himself...

Veronica looked shocked when she heard the question. She thought in her head what to tell him as she couldn't tell about Reuben to him..

Because if Alex came to know about Reuben's identity then it would not be hard for anyone to find out that she was none other the only heiress of one of the wealthiest family of country K...Veronica Lopez..

She was thinking very hard when Alex nudged her, "You didn't tell me about him?"

Awkwardly smiling at him, Veronica said, "What to tell about him when I don't know him? He was just passing by me when we collided with each other. So he said sorry to me and left by his car." She blurted out any lie that she could make instantly to avoid any kind of suspicions from her friend.

Inwardly she thought, 'But this is called betrayal to hide the truth from your own friend.'

But then she decided that she would tell him everything about her real identity, her friends, family.. everything one day.. but that one day was definitely not today..

She would let Alex and Diana know all the truth before leaving for city S. Then they could get connected with phone and stay friends for their whole life. She would also let them meet with her friends... Neil, Henry, Will, Lucinda, Louis and most preciously Reuben..

Getting determined about it, the guilt in Veronica's heart reduced a little and she smiled at Alex who was also smiling back at her.

Alex felt more relaxed when he heard that the man whose back had he seen few minutes ago.. was just a stranger to Veronica.. and the strange feeling that he was feeling had also evaporated in a minute..

They both kept talking and went for their class..


One and half month passed away again without anyone's notice...

Veronica was badly missing her family and friends from S city. Though she video called with everyone frequently but still her heart was aching for them.. specially for the one handsome man whose birthday was coming in two months..

It was her five months in City B and there was one more month left for her to spend here. She would definitely miss this city but the attachment she had with her hometown could not be compared to her love for city B...

Because, for her.. City S was like a heaven where all her most loved ones lived.. except one person.. who suddenly got vanished like a thin air without them knowing

Her bond with Alex and Diana got stronger.. She was happy to find such good friends here.. she also thought of letting both Alex and Diana meet before her leaving the city so that the three of them could be friends

Early on the morning, Diana had called today to ask Veronica for a meet up. She told that she had a very important matter to tell her, which is why Veronica was waiting at a restaurant for a lunch date with Diana..

"Finally you are here?" Veronica asked when she saw Diana entering the restaurant ten minutes late.

"Yeah.. the princess is finally here.." Diana joked in a sing-song voice.

Veronica shook her head for her childishness and said, "Good that you are here. Let's order something first. I'm super hungry."

"Yup sure.." Diana said before calling for the waiter.

Ordering their respective foods, they started to discuss about their college and classes..

"So.. what is the matter you have to tell me urgently?" Veronica raised her eyebrows questioning her.

Diana drank a sip of water and said smilingly, "I have a good news to tell you.. As per your suggestion, I told my mom about my problem over her boyfriend who is also her business partner. And guess what??

Listening to my perspective about him, my mom assured me to break up with him. She also told me to visit home soon. And as my holiday is starting from this week, I'm leaving for home to spend some alone time with my Mom.. Yeyyy.."

Veronica chuckled at her behavior and said, "That's really good. Everything is finally solved now. You don't have to be stressed anymore. I'm so happy for you."

"Yeah.. me too." Diana said laughing with full energy.

The lunch got served and both of them engrossed themselves in eating.

When it was time for their leaving, Veronica said, "When will you come back again? You know nah.. that my project is almost complete and I'll also be going home after one month."

"Don't worry Vero. I'll be here in three weeks. And the rest of the week here will be only for you. We'll do lots of shopping and have fun." Diana said cheerfully, her happiness was on cloud nine to meet her mother.

Smiling at her, Veronica asked, "When will you be leaving then?"

"Tomorrow morning." Diana replied.

"Okay. I'll come with you to the airport." Veronica said for which Diana got agreed very easily...


Next day morning, Veronica dropped Diana at the airport and after bidding her goodbye she went for her class. She will be meeting Alex after one whole week.

The past week was very busy for Alex. He had very rare time to meet with her and whenever she would call him, he would either say that he was tired after attending his grooming class and he just wanted to rest now.

So Veronica also didn't mind him and let him take some rest as too much labour was not good for health..

When Veronica was going to enter the college her phone rang and it was a call from Alex.

"Hey Alex.. where are you?" Veronica asked.

"Uhm.. Vero.. I think I wouldn't be able to come for the class today. But can you meet me at the riverbank after your class is over? I want you to meet someone." Alex said from the other side.

Veronica was confused at first when Alex told about someone to meet her but later she agreed thinking it must be someone close to him, "Okay. I'll be there."

Deciding on the time, both cut the call and Veronica attended her class.


At the riverbank..

It was already 4 in the evening when Veronica had decided to meet Alex. She walked towards the place where they usually loved to sit and talked about everything

As she went nearer to the bench, she saw that Alex was sitting there with an old lady beside him. The old lady was very beautiful despite of having white hair. Even her wrinkles couldn't hide the beauty of her.

Slowly approaching them, Veronica greeted, "Hi Alex.. how are you?"

Alex smiled and said, "Hi Vero. I'm fine. Come meet my grandmother." He motioned towards the old lady sitting beside him.

"Your grandmother? But you said that you are an orphan?" Veronica asked in confusion.

Alex already expected her to ask this question so he smiled before narrating, "Yeah You are right about me being an orphan. But she was the one who took care of me in the absence of my parents.

My grandmother loves me the most but I didn't mention about her to you because I was a little bit hesitant because of her illness. But now she is okay, so she asked me to meet you. That's why I brought her here. I hope you don't mind."

Shaking her head at them, Veronica smiled sweetly and said, "Thanks for letting me meet your grandmother. I don't have any grandparents. My grandfather died when I was seven years old whereas my grandmother left the world three years back. She loved me very much and always told me that I'm the most sweetest granddaughter of the world...

She used to make me different types of dishes which I really loved and told me many stories from my childhood so that I could sleep well. I already miss her." A tear of sorrow escaped from her eyes.

Alex's grandmother brought her in a hug and said caressing her hair, "Aww my little child. Don't cry please. I'm also like your grandmother. You can treat me like one."

Veronica smiled in between her tears and said, "Thank you, grandmother. Actually you know what, even though my grandmother passed away the grandparents of my other friends love me very much. They treat me like their own just like you told me." She then gave her sweet smile.

Wiping the tears from her face, Alex's grandmother cooed her, "That's really good. By the way I heard many good things about you from this boy so I couldn't hold the excitement of meeting you personally. So right now I have come here to meet you.

I must say, just like Alon.. I mean Alex had mentioned, you are really good from your heart and even more beautiful from his description."

Getting compliment from an old lady of her grandmother's age, Veronica became very happy and giggled with contentment.

"Hey.. Did you forget that I'm also here?" Alex complained.

His grandmother laughed at him and replied, "How can I forget my favorite grandson? Come here. Give me a hug."

Alex also hugged his grandmother back and three of them chatted happily.

"Okay. Veronica. It was nice to meet you. Hope we'll meet again. And next time I'll cook for you something." Alex's grandmother said when it was time to leave.

"Sure grandmother." Veronica hugged her again before leaving for her home with a smile on her face.

She was surely missing her grandmother now

Specially Reuben's grandparents who loved her more than they love their own grandson. She thought to visit them as soon as she landed on city S one month later