My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 143

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 143 Dirty Words And Dishonorable Nicknames..

"What do you want?"


"Then why did you call me?"

"To irritate you.."

"Don't you have any work?"

"Work is boring.. So you came in my mind first. After all no one can be more fun to tease other than Ms. Veronica Lopez herself.." Reuben teased.

"Reuben. Smith. If you don't have work that doesn't mean that I've all the free time of the world to entertain you.." Veronica seethed in anger on the phone call.

"Oh.. really? What kind of work do you have?, You already told me that your project is completed." Reuben said.

Veronica was already very much angry because she couldn't find her favourite shirt and now the stupid Reuben was irritating her first in the morning by saying all the idiotic things after calling her..

Urghhh..!! Nerve of this boy..!!

She wanted to kill this douchebag Reuben early in the morning..

"First of all, stop irritating me. Today we have to take the clearance of the project from our professors. If he approved it, then I'll be finally free from the biggest tension forever.." Veronica said packing her bag for that day.

Suddenly Reuben's face delighted in joy when he heard that today might be the day of the completion Veronica's college project which meant she could come back to city S before the allotted time..


Reuben could finally prepare his surprise then. He could finally see the beautiful smile of the precious gem everyday...

"Where are you?" Veronica's loud voice rang in his ears.

"I'm here.. Where else could I be? Or are you asking me this because you are missing me." Reuben hadn't left any chance to tease Veronica.

"Stop it you idiot... I was calling your name from so long but you were not replying that's why I asked about your presence." Veronica said locking her door and getting out.

Reuben nodded his head like a little child as if he understood whatever Veronica was saying and asked, "So if today your project got approved, then you will come back before this week ends. Right?"

"No.. I will not leave so soon.." Veronica replied making Reuben questioned her wishes.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Reuben suppressed his sorrow and asked, "Why can't you come back soon? Your project has already finished."

Veronica walked through the pathway, enjoying the morning sunlight and told him about her plan, "I've decided to stay here for another two weeks here. My friend Diana had gone to meet her Mom and would come back in two days. So I've planning to go shopping with her and would also introduce her to Alex. Then the next two weeks will be spent by us doing a lots of fun and visiting lots of places."

"Oh... Good then. I've a important meeting now. I'll call you later." Reuben cut the call immediately feeling depressed that Veronica would be still away for another two weeks.

"Can't she just come back the next day? Humphh..!" Reuben pouted like a silly kid..

Whereas Veronica was like, "What is with this boy!!"


Two days later, Veronica finally submitted her project and today was the day of Diana's return. She was already excited to meet her..

She even planned a meeting with Alex today in the evening so that both Alex and Diana could become friends..

Veronica called Diana to ask for her flight time but when Diana picked up the call, Veronica's expression changed completely.

"Diana.. why are you crying? What happened?" Veronica asked getting tensed over her friend's welfare.

Diana sobbed and said, "Nothing Vero... Nothing happened to me. I'm crying because I couldn't fulfil my promise to you. I'm sorry Veronica. I can't come back today. I've decided to stay here for another week...

Please don't mind. My Mom is not leaving me as she had seen me after so many months. Please don't get angry."

"It's okay. Don't cry. I'll be leaving two weeks later. You'll be able to come before I depart from here." Veronica tried to console her.

Silence was crept between the two friends for some time when Diana finally stuttered in a very hesitant yet low voice, "Of.. of course."


Evening time came and Veronica waited for Alex in the caf. Though Diana couldn't make it but Veronica still decided to meet him as he was her first friend in city B and he would always hold a special place in her heart.

Veronica had been waiting for Alex to come for over forty minutes but he was still not there.

She hadn't eaten anything for hours that's why she was feeling very hungry. So she ordered a sandwich and coffee to eat till Alex could arrive there...

Biting her sandwich she was chewing it with her heart's content and was sipping the coffee when she noticed disheveled looking Alex was entering the caf.

She stood up from her chair seeing her friend. She was extremely happy that Alex had come today as she was missing Diana very much...

When Alex came closer to her, Veronica wanted to hug him and when she was about to engulf him in a friendly hug, she fell on the floor, making her eyes bulge out of her face in a complete shock..

Everyone in the caf turned their faces towards her and stared at her like she was a big joke..

Because the joke was like this..

Veronica didn't fall on the floor by herself but her dear friend Alex had pushed her mercilessly with a strong force that she had landed directly on the floor..

Surprise would be understatement to describe her expression because she was beyond shock at Alex's behavior..

She never had thought in her life that her friend would push her off like this.

Getting up from the floor, she regained her balance and stood up steadily. Veronica took few deep breaths and then looked directly in Alex's eyes..

"What was that Alex?" Veronica asked.

Alex threw daggers at her and shouted, "That was nothing but a punishment for your sickening mind and rotten heart."

"Alex.. I think you are out of your mind. You are saying whatever you could without caring if those words can hurt me. And what punishment you are talking about??

I have a sickening mind and a rotten heart.!! Really Alex? Do you come to know this about me, after being friends with me for these past few months?" Veronica was very much hurt by Alonzo's words.

"Hahaha hahaha.." Alex's crazy laughter resonated the whole caf snatching everyone's attention towards them.

"You know what Veronica.. you think too much highly about yourself. You pretend to be the most kind hearted woman in front of everyone whereas your heart is as dark as coal...

You always act like that you are the most innocent girl of the world whereas you are nothing more than a two faced disgusting bitch. You..."


Before Alex could finish his insulting words anymore, a loud smacking sound could be heard in the air of the caf.

A throbbing pain hit his left cheek and a fingerprint of a small hand imprinted on his cheek...

Yes.. Veronica had slapped him..

She slapped him really hard..

"One more bad words about me Alex and I'm telling you.. I'll forget that you are my friend. If you think that I'm a bitch then why did you become my friend??

I think something has cracked into your mind that you are not thinking right. You are saying whatever is coming in your mind. And when did I behave like a two faced bitch??

There were other people who always bullied you while everytime I supported you. I fought with them to keep you safe. And you.. you are now telling me that my heart is dark like coal. Like seriously?" Veronica lost her patience with him and became extremely furious when she heard those vile words from her innocent like friend Alex.

Alex's eyes were now red in anger and he caught Veronica's hand so tightly that her wrist was about to break and the bones there would smash into pieces if he applied a little more force on them..

"You helped me because you wanted to show everyone how great you were. You never thought of me as a friend, Miss Veronica but used me as a staircase to put your pride, greatness and nobility in front of the people...

You wanted to show everyone that no one could be as prominent as you but you forgot that truth would always come out one day. You just sympathized with me and treated me like a stepping stone.." Alex threw his cruel words one after another like a bullet train without stopping for a second.


"Woahh..!! I never knew my kindness, my friendship with you would turn into just a mere sympathy. And what did you say just now??

That I treated you like a stepping stone? Then tell me Alex... What would I get from you in return of doing this shitty things? Just some praises from other people? Like hell I care about them.." Veronica stopped to take few breath and then again started..

"I trusted you with my whole heart. I always treated you like a true friend but what did you give me in return? Some insulting vile words??

I really can't believe these venom was coming out of your mouth Alex. You know what Alex After tonight I'm rethinking about the idea that, if I should stay as your friend anymore or not..

You should clean your head first then come to talk with me again if you want. I'm leaving now.." Veronica spatted with both anger and hurt.

"Yeah. Just leave from here. Don't show your evil face again in front of me. I would be really happy when you'd leave this city and make the environment of this city clear again...

You are polluting the atmosphere here. You are nothing but a wicked woman. So just get lost from here and never show me your face. I don't even want to hear your name as if it would make me deaf. Just. Get. Lost.." Alex yelled with so much hatred towards her in his eyes that Veronica couldn't handle it more and ran away from there while trying to stop her tears from coming out.

As soon as she entered her apartment, she jumped on her bed and cried like crazy. She poured out all her sadness through her tears and let it fall on the bedsheet making it wet.

She now didn't want anything but just wished to go back to her hometown and stay with her family. She was now missing her friends there more...

"Why God? Why? Did I deserve those insults? I never tried to differentiate between him and my other friends though he was not completely normal. But what did he return me for my care and friendship? Some dirty words and dishonorable nicknames.." She cried and cried and asked answers from the God but there was no answer.

But today she understood one thing very clearly. that how much you treat someone with so much care and tenderness.. still the friends of hers in S city would only be her true friends and no one could take their place in her life