My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 144

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 144 Determination To Protect Your Relation..

Next day morning, Veronica got up from the bed very late. It was the first day she woke up from her sleep so late after coming to city B as it was already 11 am...

Actually, she slept very late yesterday night after crying her soul out, mourning over those insulting words that were thrown to her by her best friend and just slept around 2 a.m...

Getting up from the bed she stretched out her body to get rid of all the sleepiness and yawned loudly.

Rubbing her eyes with her fingers, she checked her phone and saw many missed calls from her childhood best friend, Lucinda.

Immediately calling her back, she talked for some minutes with Lucinda about their daily gossips.

"So I met Reuben yesterday in a party and he told me that you are going to stay another two weeks there." Lucinda said finishing their gossip session.

"Yup. I was thinking about doing so. But now I am in middle of changing my decision to come back home earlier." Veronica said twirling her hair around her index finger.

Lucinda jumped in happiness and said excitedly, "Oh.. Niccy.. Don't think too much about it. Just come back soon. I'm missing you like crazy. Willa and Louis already told me that they are returning on the weekend."

Veronica laughed hearing the cheering voice of her friend and said, "Okay.. I'll try to. Now bye. I'm very much hungry. So let me eat my brunch first. Talk to you later."

"Yeah. Bye. And please come back before this week ends.." Lucinda said before cutting the call.

Walking towards the kitchen, Veronica made garlic bread and some chicken soup before filling up her already empty stomach. Finishing up, she washed the dishes and then headed towards her bedroom again...

Taking a chair from her living room, she sat beside the window and stared at the scenery before her. She played some music on her laptop and listened to it, contemplating about the matter of her return.

As she had already eaten so late, she hadn't anymore appetite so she kept sitting there till 4 pm without caring about the world...

Finally determining what should she do, she picked up her phone and dialed her father's number.

"Hi princess." Mr. Lopez, Veronica's father greeted his daughter after receiving the call.

"Hey Dad.. I have called you for an important matter today." Veronica said.

Mr. Lopez who was currently in a meeting right now, waved his wand towards his vice-president and other directors, motioning them to wait for a few minutes so that he could talk to his daughter.

"Yes Princess. Tell me what you want. I'm all ears." Mr. Lopez said with a frown on his face, pondering about what happened in B City that Veronica had to call so urgently.

Veronica understood clearly by her father's voice that he was being overly tensed about her whereabouts, so she tried to calm down his nerve, "Dad... Don't stress out too much. Even the news I'm going to give you, will make you jump in joy."

Now, Mr. Lopez was out of his stress but extremely excited what his daughter was going to say...

He was thinking internally, 'Did my princess get any boyfriend there? No... How could that be possible. She said that hearing the news I'll be happy.??

But if she would get a boyfriend, in spite of being happy, my mood would definitely turn sour. After all my daughter is still so little to have a boyfriend. I can't let any other man be close to her, she is still mine to pamper...

Nowadays boys are really big devils. They just love to play with innocent hearts of the girls. And I don't want my little princess to get hurt by those evil men. I'll protect her from them. Yes, I definitely will.'

"Dad, are you listening to what I'm saying? Veronica asked in little loud voice to break his father's trance and letting him come back to the earth again.

"Huh? What did you say princess?" Mr. Lopez came out of his dreamland and asked in embarrassment when he got caught by his daughter open handedly...

Veronica shook her head at her father's inattentiveness and said, "Dad. I want to go back home as soon as possible. Please book a flight ticket for two days later."

"Really? You are coming back home?" Mr. Lopez shouted in joy, making his subordinates jumped in fear for his over raised voice..

But when they noticed the big smile lingering on his face, they relaxed that it was not any bad omen otherwise they would surely fall in trouble today.

Laughing at her father, she said, "Yes Dad. I'll be back home in two days. Please tell assistant uncle to book the flight and when it gets confirmed, inform me.."

"Fight booking isn't important princess. If you want I can arrange my private jet for you right now. But I know you won't allow me to do so... So I'll book your ticket right at this moment." Mr. Lopez told his daughter, knowing about her very well.

"Okay Dad. Bye now." Veronica said.

One hour later, she got another call from her father, telling that her flight was two days later at 10 am. She said okay to him and started packing her stuffs..

She called Diana to inform her about her departure but she was not picking up her call even after dialing her for more than 10 times. Veronica thought that she must be still sleeping as it was already night time so she decided to call her back in morning...


Veronica ate her dinner after tiring herself out by packing half of her clothes, books and other necessities. She would go for shopping tomorrow to buy presents for her loved ones.

She laid on her bed and started fiddling with her phone. Many thoughts were wandering around her mind.

If she should call Alex or not..

If she should inform him about her leaving city B or not..

But whatever had happened the previous day, didn't mean that she should break all the relations with Alex and left the city without even telling him.

Though he had insulted her yesterday but she was not so much ruthless to forget their good time as friends for months in a single day and became selfish just like him..

Henceforth, she finally called him..

She hadn't any expectations from Alex to pick up her call. And right to her thought, the phone kept ringing and ringing and there was no one to answer the call.. or rather like Alex was not interested to pick her call.

When Veronica was about to cut it, Alex's voice came out from there.

"Yes Veronica?" Alex's voice was extremely soft unlike yesterday.

Veronica took a deep breath and spoke out, "Alex.. I need to tell you something important. So can you please come to meet me at our usual place, near the riverbank?"

Alex was silent for few minutes which led Veronica think that Alex would deny her request but she was surprised when he suddenly appologized, "I.. I'm sorry Veronica for whatever happened yesterday. I shouldn't say you those vile words. I had a big reason for it though I know I did a big mistake. And yes, I'll come to meet you tomorrow and talk about it with you."

Closing her eyes to control her emotions after Alex's apology to her, Veronica muttered, "Alex. Let's talk about this tomorrow when we meet and clear all the things regarding our misunderstandings. Just meet me tomorrow at the riverbank around 5 pm. Please come there. Maybe it'll be your last chance to see me." She whispered the last sentence almost in a inaudible voice so that even Alex couldn't hear it.

"Okay. I'll be there before time. Good night Veronica."

"Good night Alex."

Both of them slept peacefully without knowing that tomorrow would be the toughest day for both of them which would change their friendship for their whole life..

There would be no same Veronica or no same Alex from the next day anymore...

The truth they had buried up to hide their respective identities, would be revealed in such a way after five years which they would have never expected in their life.

It would really change their life one day...

The beliefs Veronica had kept in her heart for Alex would broke just by a single shake of wind and would crack it into pieces.

Future was not an object to plan from beforehand but the past could haunt their whole life but it wouldn't matter when you would try your best to represent your present with love, sincerity and morality...

No one could tell anyone's fortune but it could create a havoc in everyone's life if it had started with a lie.

But the determination to protect your relation to your loved ones could definitely turn the guilt in your heart to a pleasant feeling of being loved by someone...

Though Veronica hadn't lied to anyone about herself but she definitely tried to hide her identity from the people of city B

Whereas if Alex had told any lie to her or his whole life was nothing but a complete lie... would be revealed when the right time comes..

Now what mattered was... only the willingness between them to keep each other's relationship steady and healthy.. It didn't matter if it was only friendship or anything more than that