My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 145

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 145 Last Day In City B..

Veronica woke up early in the morning next day. Today would decide about the future of Alex and Veronica's relationship that if they should continue it or break it apart..

The first thing that she had done after getting up, was to call Diana but again but she didn't pick up the phone..

Actually this time her phone was completely switched off.

Having a simple breakfast, Veronica went for shopping and bought a lots of gifts for her parents, her friends... but she couldn't decide on the thing she should buy for that idiot Reuben Smith.

She became frustrated as she couldn't find anything appropriate to gift him and started to walk pass the shops..

When she was passing by the street to celebrate her last day in city B, she was enjoying the moment when something caught her attention..

It was a traditional kind of shop filled with lots of beautiful show pieces.. Her feet led her towards the showroom and she observed each and every single pieces of those amazing handiwork species.

She was roaming around the shop when a particular something caught her gaze, which was a beautiful silver coloured photo-frame...

The top left and bottom right corners of the photo-frame were decorated with beautiful black stones in heart shapes. Whereas the whole frame was covered with very small silver bids which were shining brightly.

She was so mesmerized by the beauty of this photo frame that her eyes were fixed on it...

Seeing the beautiful stoney frame, Veronica's mind drifted to the only person whom she wanted to gift it badly.

So without wasting any time, she bought it and gift wrapped it in a beautiful golden molded paper. She told the accountant to stick a paper note on it so that she could write the name of the person there..

Done with her shopping, she happily exited the showroom and decided to have lunch at a fancy restaurant as it was already very late.

After one hour or so, she also finished her lunch and roamed around the city. She walked by the shops selling different types of jewels like earrings, bracelets etc..

She bought some for both of her and her friends' mother's. She saw some platinum bracelets, engraving two words with black and violate cursive typographies. The engraved words were..


She bought nine of them.. Seven of them were for Louis, Willa, Neil, Henry, Lucinda, Reuben, an unknown someone and herself too.. the other two were for her new friends Diana and Alex..

The clock was showing that only 45 minutes were left to hit 5 so she quickly left for her meet up with Alex.

She prayed to God inwardly that every misunderstandings which Alex had about her would be sorted today..

Fifteen minutes later, she got a message from Alex, saying, "Let's change the destination of our meet up today. Let's meet at the caf near your college."

Veronica thought it was strange for Alex to suddenly change their meeting spot but she obliged to it and replied back, "Okay."

Arriving at the coffee shop five minutes before the scheduled time, Veronica waited for Alex to come. But even after half an hour later, there was no sign of him...

She fidgeted with the handle of her sling bag and waited patiently for Alex. Another hour passed but still there was no Alex in the caf.

Getting bored, she ordered an expresso for her and started sipping it. One hour was spent by her again alone in the caf while watching different people coming and going out with their friends...

Feeling angry about Alex with the thought that he might not come today, she got more depressed.

Picking up her phone she texted, "Where are you Alex? I'll wait for another hour here and if you don't come before it, then I'll leave the caf."

Veronica huffed sitting in the coffee shop and ordered chocolate pastry for her. She was now becoming hungry after waiting for Alex for atleast three hours.

She almost slept in the caf with her head resting on the coffee table and woke up by a shaking on her body. She was beyond happy thinking that finally finally her friend Alex had arrived...

Looking up at the face of the person who was shaking her by her shoulders, she was about to greet him happily when her smile fell seeing the person there

The man in front of her was not Alex but the irritating bastard Mike

"Hey beautiful, what are you doing here alone?" Mike asked smilingly.

Veronica rolled her eyes at him and retorted, "I'm not obliged to answer you. So just leave."

"Still feisty huh? Or are you waiting for that stupid Alex here? Did he not come here?" Mike asked mockingly.

Her patience that she was holding till now finally broke down and she yelled at the animal in front of her, "Listen Mike. I'm already very much pissed off right now. And if you really don't want me to beat you into a pulp right now, then I'm warning you.. Just leave from here. Otherwise you will regret this day for your whole life."

Mike laughed crazily and said, "Oh. Beautiful. I really like your boldness. But I'm very sorry to inform you that even if you wait for your whole life here, still you won't be able to see him as he is currently not in the city."

"What.. what do you mean?" Veronica was now perplexed when she heard Mike informing her about Alex leaving the city.

Smirking at her, getting the result he wanted to see on her face, he said, "Yup. Alex left city B and went out of the country for his further studies. He got a scholarship from our college to study gaming and graphics."

"But.. but he told me to meet here. Even few hours ago he changed the destination of our meet up to here." Veronica became very emotional hearing that Alex hadn't even thought for a single time to tell her that he was leaving and here she was waiting for him like a fool.

"If you don't trust me then I'll show you the proof. Look today I came back from another city and when I was exiting the airport I saw him at the international boarding section." Mike showed her a photograph of Alex at the airport which really broke Veronica and she felt betrayed...

She remembered that particular day when Alex told her that he had a dream to study outside of the country after passing out from college.

She blamed herself for being so stupid to think that Alex was really sorry for yesterday's behavior and now she got so much hurt by him in return AGAIN..

Giving the phone back to Mike, Veronica haphazardly picked up the shopping bags and after paying the bill, she left the coffee shop.

After her figure was out of Mike's sight, a wicked smile crept on his face as he called someone..

"Job done Sir. I hope I'll get the money soon." Mike said as soon as the other person received the phone.

The reciever was a man who laughed evilly before saying, "Good job young man. I will transfer the price in your account soon."

Cutting the call, the man smirked in a devilish way as he muttered to himself, "The last part of my plan and rest of everything would also go according to my wish.. Hahahaha.."


Veronica reached her apartment and cried her heart's out after the betrayal of her friend.

She was so much sad that she hadn't noticed that her phone was ringing continuously.

After sometime she saw the light was peeping through her phone and she saw that the caller was Reuben..

Wiping her tear off from her face, she answered, "Hello."

Reuben furrowed his eyebrows hearing her hoarse voice which was clearly indicating that she was crying earlier. But he knew that he couldn't ask about the reason right now because it would make her cry more as there was no one beside her to soothe her...

So he did what he was best at doing when he was with Veronica and that was to pull her leg, "Hey. I heard that you are coming back tomorrow. Oh God! Now I have to see your ugly face again for everyday."

"Who you called to have an ugly face? I'm the prettiest woman of the world. Don't you know that? And you are the one who has a rotten face." Veronica fought back with full confidence.

"Huh? Don't you dare insult my handsome face. Girls drool over me to get a chance to see my face just for a mere second. And here you little devil is calling my face rotten. You just come back here and I'll cut your sharp tongue out from your mouth." Reuben joked to make her mood brighter.

Veronica narrowed her eyes and replied, "You idiot... Let me come back tomorrow and then I'll show you who cut whose tongue...

Not only tongue, I'll remove those stupid smirk from your face. Just wait for another day..."

Like these, they both continued to bicker with each other without having any filter in their mouth or caring about their image that they were not some simple people but the heirs of the wealthiest families of country K..

Half an hour later of their non-stop bantering, Veronica ate her dinner and again started to packup her belongings.

Almost finished with the packing, now she was putting the gift boxes in her bag when the golden wrapper came to her view which had her favourite photo-frame in it that she decided to give to one of her most closest person..

The previous conversation with Reuben rang in her mind. She was very sure that Reuben knew that she was sad but still he didn't put any pressure on her to tell him the reason, instead started teasing her to lift up her mood...

Veronica was very much thankful to him for being so supportive to her. Though they always fought with each other but still he knew how to ease up her mind.

But she was most amazed about the fact that how he would always show his presence to her the right moment when she was having difficult time...

She was very happy to get a friend like him..

Maybe they could promote from being friends to something more one day...

She took out a pen from the drawer and smiling evilly, wrote down on the paper card


The rotten face bastard, Reuben

From ,

The prettiest angel, Veronica"