My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 146

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 146 Chop Her Head Off..

Back to present

Veronica told everything to Reuben which she had known..

Reuben giggled remembering the gift and teased, "That gift was really awesome and the note was the best. Hahaha.. what was that??


Rotten face bastard and beautiful angel.!! Like seriously? I seriously laughed so hard when I read the note. Hahaha..."

Veronica sheepishly smiled and said, "You remember the time when I gifted you that photo frame??

Your facial expression was so hysterical that time after reading the note. You were all scrunched up with your ugly face and were glaring at me like I did something very wrong. You even scolded me for calling your handsome face rotten and I just shook it off like I did the right thing..

And after fighting for few more hours we both laughed so crazily that our stomach started to hurt. Hahaha.." Veronica remembered the day when she gifted him the frame just two days later of her coming back to city S.

"Yeah right. But when we finally got cooled down and I opened the gift wrapper I was totally surprised by it. The photo-frame was so beautiful but what I loved the most was the photo attached to it which was none other the picture of us at our early teenage days." Reuben smiled remembering the beautiful photo .

The picture was taken when Veronica just stepped into her teenage line and Reuben was pulling her hair whereas Veronica was pinching his ear. They both had a big grin on their faces and we're looking at the camera happily...

Veronica also smiled seeing him in daze, remembering those days and rested her head on his shoulder, "Hmm.. and from then the photo frame got a good place to stay..."

Reuben averted his gaze at his beloved girlfriend and hugged her by waist and completed Veronica's words, "Umh hu.. My office desk was empty without that photo frame and from that day.. my desk is so full with happiness, joy and love because whenever my work gives me stress, I just look at that picture."

"Aww..!! So sweet." Veronica tilted her head up and gave a peck on his lips.

Suddenly Reuben got out of the sweetness moment and faced Veronica towards him, "Babe.. on a serious note as I heard about the past, I got some loopholes between them. So I need you to clarify those. Okay?"

"Absolutely okay for me. I only have trust in you who can solve all my problems in a blink of eye and ask me whatever you think to be fishy. I'll answer them if I'm aware about it." Veronica also turned into a serious mode..

Reuben sat up on the bed as both of they were lying till now and also helped Veronica to sit...

Taking her in his arms, he asked, "My first question is, you told me that Alex.. I mean Alonzo got a scholarship on gaming bit when we checked we got the information that Alonzo had a degree in both BBA and MBA. And as you know he is right now a very big and successful businessman. How can it be possible?"

Shrugging her shoulder at him, Veronica thought for quite sometime but still didn't get any idea about it, "I really don't know anything Bennie. It seems that whatever he said in past was all just a lie. He even told me that he was an orphan when he had a full family with both of the parents, a lovely sister and an old grandmother.

Speaking about grandmother.. I now remember that why grandma Brown seems to be so much acquainted to me. Because Alonzo had already made us meet at the riverbank...

But I'm still shocked that how can a person tell such a big lie about his family? Now I started to believe that the Alex I had known five years ago whose real identity is Alonzo.. is not at all known to me. He is like a stranger whom I just met few times but never was a friend with him."

Reuben patted her hair to console her and whispered soft words as he saw that Veronica was now back to being serious, he asked about his second doubt, "Babe.. there was another thing which was not making sense..

I mean, why he suddenly behaved like he was not normal person like others and acted being dumb? Then he even started going to grooming center but suddenly stopped it. These are not at all a simple coincidence. It's nothing but a well planned plot. But I don't know why he did so?"

He looked at Veronica who was now deep in thought as her eyebrows were furrowed tightly, her face was very much tensed. He had many questions in his heart and much more doubts to solve but what he needed to do now the most was to stop Veronica from getting anymore stressed...

"Sleep baby. It's already very late at night." Reuben dropped the conversation there and let Veronica slept in his arm.

As she dozed off in her sleep, Reuben decided that from today on, he would not let Veronica take any more stress and he would handle all this Alonzo stuffs alone.

Whatever doubt he was harboring in his mind, would be left for himself to clear and then he would show what he actually could do because he was very much pissed off after hearing from Veronica that how much that Alonzo had insulted her two days before her leaving city B..

Gritted his teeth in anger and fisting his finger in a ball, he promised to himself, "I'll not give you another chance to hurt my Veronica, you Alonzo Brown. Because I would be her strong barrier in this."


Next day at Creation

Veronica's head was already filled with so much stuffs and now she had to solve another problem regarding her best friend..

The previous phone call from Neil seeing Sam in the club and her own doubts on him, made her more determined to scratch out the gentleman mask from Sam's face and she was currently preparing for that...

"Are the preparations done?" she called someone on the phone.

"Yes Ma'am... All done." The man replied.

"Good. I don't want you to miss anything today. I want all the proofs without anything missing. Got that?" Veronica said in an authoritative voice.

"Don't worry ma'am. We'll not let you down on your expectations." The man said.

Getting the response that she wanted, Veronica hung up the phone and asked Willa to come to her office with a cup of coffee as she was having a bad headache.

"Here is your coffee, Ma'am." Willa handed the coffee mug to Veronica after she entered her cabin.

Veronica sipped some of it and told Willa to sit in front of her. Signing the last page of the doc.u.ment file she was working on, Veronica closed it and directly stared at her best friend.

"Why are you looking at me like that Ma'am?" Willla asked when she felt Veronica's strange gaze at her.

Sighing deeply, Veronica leaned over the table and said, "Willa, let's drop the employee and employer role away for few minutes. I need to discuss something important to you."

Willa listened to her and asked, "What is it?"

"Did you ask Sam about our meet up? If he had time for today then let's meet today. I want to know him more and see by my own eyes how much good of a man he is as per your description.." Veronica straight forwardly put her thoughts in front of her friend come assistant...

"Ah.. about that he was ready to meet you but I'm not sure if he had time today. Let me ask him first." Willa said.

Veronica smiled at her and said in a sweet voice with a cute pout on her face, "Come on, Willa... That's not fair... Isn't he your boyfriend??

Then he should be able to fulfil such a simple wish of his girlfriend. Bennie always do this for me. Like, even if I call him now to ask him to come here he would come here running to me."

Though Veronica knew that it was not good to compare both Reuben and Sam together as that asshole Sam was not even could be compared to Reuben's toe nail but still she had to do so because there was no other option for Willa to bring Sam to meet her today...

Then pondering over something, Veronica suddenly spoke, "Why don't call Sam right now? No... Actually you dial his number and I'd talk to him.."

Hesitantly Willa called Sam and when he picked up the call he said, "Sam, my friend Veronica wants to talk to you."

Veronica took the phone from Willa and said, "Hey Sam. This is Veronica here. Let's meet today. I want to see what kind of man is my friend's boyfriend?"

Sam on the other hand was shocked to speak with Veronica and specially when she asked him to meet today. But how could he miss this golden chance to make Veronica spill out about their company's secrets and earn more money. So he accepted it easily.

"Sure. Tell me the time and place.."

"Okay. Willa will inform you about it."

As soon as she hung up the phone, Veronica told Willa the place and decided to bring Lucinda with her as she would be a grat help in all these plans..

Mostly if she didn't inform the rescue plan of Willa to Lucinda, then she would definitely chop her head off later...

After Willa got back to her work, Veronica smirked devilishly and murmured sarcastically, "Your dooms day is coming soon, dear Sam.."