My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 147

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 147 'a Secret Only For Today..

"Are you sure you don't want me to come?" Reuben asked in the phone.

"I'm very much sure about it. Moreover, if you come with me, that plan will be a big flop which I really don't want. I can't risk Willa's heart to be broken for that bastard." Veronica described her point of view to Reuben.

Reuben sighed and said, "As you wish. But if you face any problem then I'm just one call away. Remember that.."

Veronica felt contented at Reuben's caring words as she replied, "Okay.. my cutie pie. Now gotta go. Bye..."

"I'll pick you up from Fusion.. Bye..." Reuben said.



Both Willa and Veronica reached there half an hour later and waited for Lucinda to join them too...

"Hey guys.." Lucinda yelled from far in a jolly voice, snatching people's attention to her.

She then ran to her friends and hugged them tightly, asking, "Why hadn't you gone inside?"

"Just waiting for you." Willa replied.

"So now that I've come, let's go inside." Lucinda said cheerfully.

Willa scratched her neck and said blushingly, "You guys go inside first. I'll be waiting for Sam here."

Lucinda and Veronica both looked at each other and then left Willa there..

Heading inside, they seated themselves in a private room when Lucinda asked, "I can't wait to punch that bastard on his face and kick him on his butt."

Veronica laughed hearing her, "The feeling is mutual Lucy. So you know nah, what you have to do today??"

"Of course Niccy. You know that I'm good at acting.. Right??" She winked at Veronica making her laugh.

Meanwhile, Willa entered the private room holding Sam's hand. They saw them and welcome them to sit in front of of them...

Settling themselves on their seat, Sam said, "Hello girls nice to meet you. If you don't mind then today will be my treat.."

"Hey Sam. We heard so much about you. And it's okay if you want to pay after all we should take full advantage of having such a sweet future brother-in-law." Veronica said sarcastically which was only got noticed by Lucinda as she tried to hide her smile.

Sam didn't mind it much and called the waiter to order dinner for everyone. They talked freely with each other asking casual questions..

In middle of their conversation, Sam checked the girls out and an evil smile glinted on his face thinking what he would do after getting to know about the project plan by the head of the VFX department of Creation, the famous heiress of wealthy society Veronica Lopez...

Unknown to Sam, his every movement and expression was being noticed by Veronica and an equally wicked smile was playing on her pink lips..

As they completed half of their dinner, Veronica nudged Lucinda by her elbow, signaling her to start the first stage of their plan which would start with Lucinda's great acting skills..

Acting like sipping the wine, Lucinda deliberately slipped some wine on her dress and acted like that the grip on the glass was loose as she yelped, "Oh Shit! This was my favourite dressband I ruin it.."

Everyone looked at the dark patch on her dress and Willa gave her a tissue to remove the stain but once it got soaked to the fabric, it would be difficult to remove it without using water which was also in one of the plans of the girls.

Lucinda faked her tears and said, "I loved this dress so much. If I don't wash it, it would forever left a stain on it." Then she tilted her head towards Willa and asked in a pitiful voice, "Willa, can you please come with me to the washroom and help me out of it?"

Without any hesitation, Willa got up from her seat and walked with Lucinda to the washroom leaving Veronica and Sam stay there alone..

After they left, Veronica eyed towards a particular corner of the private room and checked if the camera was placed in the right place by which they could easily film their conversation with both of their face clearly shown on the screen..

The installation of camera was not at all a big deal for Veronica as it was both Reuben and Veronica's restaurant..

Just a call from Veronica in the morning, got all the work done without any problem. And that was the exact reason, Veronica chose Fusion to be their meeting place..

They could easily search for any other restaurant and do their work done but it would be a little hectic for Veronica as she had already a lot in her plate. So with Reuben's advice she told the manager to plant a camera in the room and hide it in a way that no one could find it if they were not aware about it from before...

Checking everything was all set to perfect, Veronica also started with her acting. Well, she was also a damn good actor after all she was acting for the past five years to the whole world of hating the one and only love of her life, Mr. Reuben Smith from the bottom of her heart..

"So Sam how is work going?" Veronica asked.

"Everything is alright. Tell me about your work." Sam didn't miss the chance to get some information out from Veronica's mouth.

Veronica faked a defeated sigh and said lowly, "Don't talk about it. You know that our company is merging with Smith Enterprise and Brown Corporation and I'm the one to lead the project. But.."

"But?" Sam asked raising one of his eyebrow.

Making a sad face, Veronica replied, "But I'm having some problem with understanding the blueprint of the hotel. So I couldn't even start to work on this and plan a model out of it."

"Oh.. Then why didn't you ask Smith Enterprise or Brown Corporation to clear your doubt over it?? Moreover, how much I know the CEO of Smith Enterprise is your friend so you can directly ask for his help." Sam said.

"What? Are you mad? I, Veronica Lopez, will ask help from that Reuben Smith? And the biggest truth to tell you is... we are not at all any type of friends but some moral enemies. So I can't ask for his help even if I'm on the verge of dying...

And about asking others or more like Brown Corporation, then let me tell you... I don't want anyone to think that I'm an incompetent person who could not even deal with a single blueprint. This will lower my value. So right now, I'm searching for an architect to let me make understand the blueprint." Veronica huffed like it was a big task to deal with.

Suddenly Sam's eyes lit up in excitement as a fabulous idea came into his mind. For him the idea would be a drastic change in many people's life which could destroy Creation in one single push and he could get as much money as he want to live a life without any care and getting caught by others...

"Uhm. About that, I can help you in this... Actually one of my friend is an architect. If you want, I could ask him to help you in understanding the blueprint." Sam asked trying to hide the evilness in his eyes.

Being the keen observer as always with a fox like brain, how could Veronica miss the greedy glint in Sam's eyes..

She would never...

She acted to be surprised and thankful to him as she said, "Really Sam? You really have a friend who can help me? Then please appoint him for me and tell him that I'm ready to offer any mean of money as per his wish. And one more thing. Please don't tell this to Willa. You know what, I don't want her to think low of me. You understand nah, what I mean??"

"Don't worry. It'll be a secret only between us." Sam promised but interally thought, 'A secret only for today...'

In the meantime, Lucinda came back with Willa and Veronica gestured her with her eyes that the plan was very much successful which made Lucinda smile in joy...

"So now your dress is okay?" Veronica asked.

"Yup... It is.. Willa really is a magician to clean the stain out of my dress completely in just few minutes." Lucinda told, taking her seat again beside Veronica while Willa sat beside Sam.

After that, the four of them finished their dinner and Sam paid the bill thinking, 'To get a big deal, sometimes we need to spend a little bit of penny...'

Willa got up from her seat and said, "So guys let's leave now.."

"No Willa you and Sam leave. We'll be out in a minute." Lucinda said.

But when Willa furrowed her brows, Veronica hugged her and whispered, "Reuben and Henry will be here to pick us up." So that only Willa could hear that.

Willa smiled at them and left with Sam.

As soon as they were out of Fusion, three men entered the private room.

"So the fish already got caught in the net.!!" Reuben's voice bloomed up in the girls' ears, making them turn their faces behind to look at them...

Both Reuben and Henry went to their own partners and sat beside them hugging their petite figure in their embrace whereas the only single man Neil rolled his eyes at their open PDA...

"Yes. The fish is finally in the net." Veronica replied happily pecking Reuben on the lips.

"So you gave him the fake blueprint?" Henry asked Veronica, making her smirk at him.

"Well, she definitely did. After all I've to ask my architects to make a fake blueprint for her in so little time by offering them double price..." This time Reuben was the one who spoke on her behalf.

Lucinda wowed at this and exclaimed, "Woahh.!! My bestie is really a genius."

"Any doubt about that?" Veronica said winking and praising herself as she high fived with Lucinda.

Reuben shook his head at her narcissistic comment and kissed the top of her head. He always loved how Veronica always stayed carefree within her friends and showed her bubbly personality to them...

Every action of Veronica always gave a tingle in Reuben's heart and he fell more and more deeply in love with her...

But the next question from Veronica shifted everyone's attention from her to the single man Neil, "Bro, what are you doing here? You are supposed to be at some club, enjoying some party.. Isn't it? Then why are you wasting your time in solving Willa's problems who is not even considered a friend of yours?"