My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 148

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 148 Fallen In 'the Fool' Veronica's Trap..

But the next question from Veronica shifted everyone's attention from her to the only single man Neil, "Bro, what are you doing here? You are supposed to be at some club having party.. Isn't it? Then why are you here wasting your time in solving Willa's problems who is not even considered a friend of yours?"

Neil was tongue-tied when Veronica suddenly asked the most unexpected question to him. He really didn't know how to give an answer to her questions. He was completely baffled and his mind was not loading with any kind of excuses which could divert the situation to another direction. So he just sat there with his mouth opened slightly looking everywhere but not at his friends which surely made his friends and sisters to stare at him like a hawk...

As Neil was busy in thinking of several excuses, the two couples shared some meanie glances at each other conveying their queries through their eyes. It's like they were sharing the same thoughts about Neil's weird behavior to each other.

They noticed the different types of emotions in Neil's eyes like uncertainty, confusion, fear and most importantly the thing they would never thought of seeing in his eyes for someone which is a softer look, very close to the word which is called 'Love'...

Reuben and Veronica glanced at each other and a known smile crept on their face as they came to the conclusion that their brother or best friend was finally whipped by a girl and more to their liking, the girl was not just some other girl but Willa herself..

Though Lucinda and Henry wasn't able to point out the exact meaning of Neil's restlessness but they also guessed something unpredicted and unusual is about to happen...

For Veronica and Reuben it was very much easy to find the meaning of Neil's uncertain gestures as they were already in love with each other for near about five years.. but to the newly built couple it wasn't that much easy but still they were extremely suspicious about Neil...

Breaking the sudden silent atmosphere, Lucinda asked her brother, "Bro can you please answer now that why are you here instead of partying somewhere?"

Neil glared at both of his sisters and said, "Shut up you both.. Like the four of you, I've also known Willa for many years. Though we don't talk much but still I have to protect her as I protect the both of you."

But the next attack from Reuben made everyone's expression priceless as they tried very hard not to laugh whereas Neil's eyes was completely filled with a shock and then some kind of anger.

Now what did Reuben say? Well let's know about it

Reuben looked at Neil with a smirk and asked, "So Willa is also a sister to you like Ica and Lucy??"

Neil gritted his teeth in anger and said, "No. She is not."

"Then what is she to you? You just told that she is not your sister and like we all know that she definitely is not a friend to you too. So what relation is left there to give a name to other than" Henry stopped in his sentence and pointed to both of the couple and continued, "other than you guys are in love like us..."

Like this, the laughter the four had tried to control so hard, was finally burst out and the room erupted in huge laughter..

But much to their expectations, Neil's face and ears turned red in colour as he got of from his seat abruptly and shouted, "You guys laugh how much you want. But there is nothing like that between me and Willa. And I'm leaving now.."

Neil then didn't waste a minute of his precious time on his friends and left Fusion immediately without looking at his back for onece..

However, as soon as he entered his car, his face changed from stone stiffed to a cotton candy one. His lips bloomed up into a attractive smile and his eyes showed affection in them as his cheeks turned into red hinting a small blush.

After Neil left, the two lovely couples also left after discussing some plans between them which will be going to change many people's lives specially the relationship between the two certain people..


Next day morning..

Sam's apartment..

"Boss I got the blueprint of Smith Enterprise's hotel project. Now we can show it to them telling that Creation had tried to sell the project to us by backstabbing them. And the downfall of Creation would not be very far to see." Sam called Peter early in the morning and inform about his great success to earn secret informations from Veronica.

He was literally underestimating Veronica in his mind for being such a big fool to give the blueprint of a big project like this to her best friend's boyfriend who was nothing but a complete stranger.. But unbeknownst to him, he and his so called Boss Peter had already fallen in 'the fool' Veronica's trap..

"Really? That's a big news. I'll tell my assistant to make an appointment with Smith Enterprise as soon as possible. And you surely need a good payment for your hard work." Peter was overly excited about the news without estimating the upcoming typhoon around him.

Sam was very happy for getting a high pay and he thanked Peter before hanging up the call.

"Are you done now baby?" A feminine voice called Sam from behind.

Sam who was sitting on the bed turned to the beauty whom he picked up from the club randomly yesterday night, turned towards her. He saw the marks on her n.a.k.e.d body as the aftermath of their steamy night and couldn't help again hovered over her with hunger..


Few days passed and the date of sightseeing the land of the hotel had finally come and Veronica alongside Willa had to visit the place as the head of the project of Creation...

They had to reach there after the lunch break so they decided to go home from the sight directly as the hotel was on different city. Packing their stuffs and having their lunch, both of the girls headed towards the land.

Both Smith Enterprise and Brown Corporation would also send their men to visit the place but what they didn't know that in spite of sending his employees, Alonzo would himself go there..

Though it was already predicted by Reuben and he asked her if he should also come with her, but Veronica declined his offer.

"Hello Ms. Veronica and Ms. Willa." Alonzo greeted them.

Veronica didn't reply but just gave him a curt nod whereas Willa gritted him back, "Good afternoon Mr. Brown."

"Let's check the sight first. It's already late." Veronica said before asking the employees from Smith Enterprise to show her the whereabouts of the place according to the blueprint...

"Sorry for being late. I'll show you the whole land." A male voice said from behind.

It was Tom, Reuben's assistant who was walking towards them or almost like running as he was late to the scheduled time. Veronica cursed Reuben in her mind for being so overprotective for her to send Tom here but still a small smile was peeking through her lips..

After two hours of toil, visiting each and every corner, marking them and pointing those on their notepad and laptop, the work had finally done.

The hotel was already 60% done by Smith Enterprise from before.. And they only asked for Brown Corporation's planning for the middle portion specially as it need to be the most attractive... Even the work of the middle part, specially the entrance one was also started building one month ago..

Now the only work left was for Creation to make an extraordinary animation design to promote the hotel..

After the sightseeing, all the employees left for their office already half an hour ago leaving only Veronica, Willa, Tom, Alonzo and Bill there..

"Don't you want the letter?" Alonzo almost whispered in Veronica's ear making her glare at him.

Veronica looked at others and said, "Guys, please you go ahead and Willa, you wait in the car. I have some important matter to talk with Mr. Brown here."

Willa and Bill understood that there must be something personal that their boss wanted to talk so they waited near their respective cars..

But there was one person who stood their silently without moving his legs, making Veronica roll her eyes.

"Tom, I also want you to stay a little far away from us. Can you please give us some privacy?" Veronica said in a sugar coated voice but her eyes were completely throwing daggers at him, making Tom shudder badly.

"Yes.. yes lady.. I mean sure Miss Lopez." Tom walked to a little distance but kept looking at their direction to maintain the safety of his would be lady boss..

After everyone was out of her view, Veronica moved her attention towards Alonzo and asked, "Where is the letter?"

Alonzo showed her a lofty smirk and took out a yellowish paper from his pants pocket. He stretched his hand out to give the letter to Veronica but as soon as Veronica touched the paper, Alonzo took it back again from her, making her scowl at him.

"What the hell was that Mr. Brown?" Veronica whisper-yelled at him.

Giving her a mocking smile, Alonzo replied, "Nothing is free Madam here. So I also want something in return."

Veronica tried to suppress her anger and asked, "What do you want?"

"I'll tell this later but you have to promise me that whatever I would want, you would fulfil my wish without backing off."

Gritting her teeth and glaring at him furiously, Veronica said, "Fine. But now hand me the letter.."

Seeing her being agreed with his offer, Alonzo gave the letter to her.

Still glaring at Alonzo, Veronica took it in her hand and opened the letter to get one of the greatest shock in her life