My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 149

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 149 Acting Like A Freaking Psyco..

Still glaring at Alonzo, Veronica took it in her hand and opened the letter to get one of the greatest shock in her life

The letter says


I recently came to know that you love me and I love you too. But maybe only love is not enough to spend a whole life with you. I have a dream to fulfil and a beautiful career waiting for me in the near future. So I'm leaving..

I know you will be sad after reading this letter but this is the reality Alonzo. Nothing is permanent in our life and without money, it's just meaningless. So Alonzo, I can't drop my career and the chance to earn more money because of love. That's why, after thinking very hard, I decided..

I decided to finally leave to chase my dreams.

I am leaving this City B...

And I'm leaving you Alonzo

Don't try to find me again because it'll be futile. You have a happy life ahead so try to find your happiness in some other girl. I'm not the right one for you..

Bye Alonzo..

Maybe we'll meet each other some day, somewhere else..

For now, bye forever



Reading the letter intently without missing a single word, Veronica's jaw dropped and tears started to fall from her eyes. She could never ever imagine in her life that she had to read a letter with her name below it which she had never written and couldn't even think to write in her whole life..

For her, it was not a letter but it was that heartbreaking note which could change her morals, her personality into a completely opposite one. It just made her a heartless bitch which she never was...

Now she understood why Alonzo was calling her with all the bad names because if she would place herself in Alonzo's place, maybe she would do the same too. She would also blame him for breaking her trust..

Actually No.. She would never do that. Because she would believe to go to the letter's root at first.. So Alonzo should not call her with these names. She would always be in the blaming position..

But the twist here was that, she never wrote this letter which meant that someone else did this with her name. It was a complete plan to create misunderstanding between the two friends..

It was a well planned conspiracy..!!!!

"Alonzo, I never wrote this letter." Veronica said to Alonzo.

"Really? Now you are even lying about it? Look at the typography Vero.. it's your handwriting damn it." Alonzo yelled at her.

Right at that moment, Veronica noticed that this was really her handwriting but something was off there too..

The alphabetical lines in her handwriting was completely different from the one on the letter. It was a little smaller than her actual writing. No one except the typography perfectionist and the actual person whose handwriting had been copied couldn understand it..

"This is not my handwriting Alonzo. Look, my writing style is a little more curvier and bigger whereas the writing style of the letter is a little straight and smaller. Look for yourself Alonzo." Veronica said with hope in her eyes to make him believe that this was not her handwriting.

Alonzo carefully scrutinized the handwriting and finally something hit on his head that whatever Veronica was saying... was totally true. If one looked very carefully then they would definitely notice the differences..

But before he could say something, Veronica stopped him when few of the words in the letter clicked in her mind..

"One minute. The letter says that I preferred money more than love. I chose my career and dream over a man whom I loved. And you believed that? Weren't you my very good friend Alonzo? Hadn't we spent six months of our friendship together? Was it not enough to know me well that I couldn't ever be a selfish person like this small shit of chit defined me to be??

Instead you believed all of these and said those rude words to me. Was my personality in your eyes so low that you thought me as a gold digging bitch? And moreover, why would I run after money when I'm the daughter of one of the wealthiest man of country K, Mr. James Lopez? My dad is alone enough to buy the world for me.. Moreover I'm myself the owner.." Veronica made questions after questions while her eyes pour out all her sorrow that was suppressed for so many years but stopped in between when she was about to reveal the truth of her being the CEO of Creation..

If it was another situation, she might have told the truth to Alonzo.. but now when he doubted her over these cheap matters, she could never accept that..

Finally everything got cleared for Alonzo and he hold the hands of the now sobbing Veronica and whispered, "Sshh! Sshh! I now understand that it was not you who wrote this letter. You convinced me Vero. You made me convinced completely. I trust you Veronica."

Taking a deep breath, Alonzo continued, "Now that I got to know the truth that's mean... we could be back together."

This caught Veronica's attention as she looked up at Alonzo controlling her sobs before leaving his hands that were holding hers tightly and asked, "What do you mean by we can be back together? When the hell were we even together?"

Alonzo smiled before cupping her face tightly making Veronica more confused with his actions whereas Tom flinched at the vision and when he was about to come in rescue of his future lady Boss, Veronica eyed him before shaking her head, gesturing him not to come here because she could handle everything in her own way as also wanted to know what was running in Alonzo's mind..

Still cupping her face, Alonzo made Veronica looked at her before conveying with a smile in his face, "Yes.. We can be back together again Veronica but this time not as some mere friends but as two lovers.. I know Veronica that you also love me very much like I do. You also have romantic feelings for me like I have for you. It's just that

Just that you couldn't got the chance to confess to me. But this time I promise that I'll never leave you and we together will make a very happy couple. I love you so so much Veronica Lopez..."

The instant moment Veronica saw the craziness in Alonzo's eyes about and felt the madness in his words about her, she forcefully pulled away herself from Alonzo's strong grip by slapping his hands hard from her face and said with teary eyes, "Alonzo you are again misunderstanding everything. You are again taking everything wrong and acting like a freaking PSYCO... I don't love you Alonzo and I never can't. Even in the past, I just treated you like a friend and five years later also, you are nothing more than a friend to me. I had never loved you before like a lover neither do I love you now.. nor I'll love you in future.."

Veronica's words broke the tiny hope in Alonzo's heart, his smile got faded in a wink.

Remembering the promise she had made to Alonzo before taking the letter, Alonzo felt a rush if happiness in his mind as he said, "But you have promised me that you will do whatever I said. So I want you to be my girlfriend.."

Hearing this, Veronica gave a mocking laugh before saying, "Oh Alonzo..!! Do you think you're the only one who could break promises. Well it was an empty promise for me as I knew that you would never agree to give me the letter if I didn't fake promise you.. So forget about the so called promise because I believe in 'TIT FOR TAT'.. I can't pretend to be an innocent lady when you behave like a rogue. I'm not a simple woman Alonzo.. You have many more things left to know about me.."

The soft Alonzo who was confessing his love to Veronica till now, suddenly changed into a raging volcano again and he shouted, "Why Veronica? Why can't you love me? I've always loved you from the first time I saw you at the caf but why can't you reciprocate my feelings?"

The sudden change in Alonzo's behavior made Veronica more furious to her core and droplets of tear started falling from her beautiful eyes out of anger..

Staring at the now angry Alonzo, Veronica couldn't suppress her own anger which she tried very hard to control and busted out the biggest truth of her life to him, "Because I love someone else Alonzo. It was never you Alonzo because form the past five years or more than that.. there was only one in my life whom I loved the most who is my heartbeat, my life, my breath, my everything...

Even if hundred Alonzo starts to show their love in front of me still there will be only one in my heart the man whom I loved the most.. the man who stole my heart.. the man for whom I take every breath of mine.. the man for whom I wake up from sleep everyday with a smile on my face... The man who is the sole reason of my strength, my happiness, my eternity.. he is the world for me.. he is the only love of my life.. he is my Reu"


Veronica was about to take the name of the most important person in her life who lived in every breath she took when Alonzo smash the drum that was placed beside them on the sight...

Alonzo paced from one place to another place restlessly with his hands running through his hair making the neat combed hair all disheveled. The anger he felt when the only woman he loved for the past five and half years with all of his heart, confessed her love for another man, was taking a toll on him.

He couldn't believe his own ears that his Veronica just confessed that she loved a man who was not him unfortunately. His already red eyes turned towards Veronica who was watching his every moves and his face turned more furious..

Clutching her shoulders in his hands in a tight grip, Veronica shook her vigorously and yelled at her like a maniac, "You can't love anyone else except me Veronica.. There will be no other man in your life as a lover other than Alonzo Brown himself. I mean what does that creepy guy has that I don't have. I have money, power, name everything which a girl want from her partner. I can make you happier than anyone. So Whoever that bastard is.. you are going to break up with him right now otherwise I'd not think for another time to kill him with my own hands."

Completely loosing her calmness at that second, Veronica raised her hand and gave him a tight slap on his face. She couldn't believe this Alonzo was once her friend who was always gentle with her but now he turned into a crazy beast who hadn't any sense of humanity in him right now and acting like he could possess her..

NEVER... She was not a weak person like others.. She wasthe toughest one..

"This slap was calling my boyfriend a bastard. You want to know nah what does he have that you don't. Then let me tell you Mr. Brown he has a pure heart which certainly you don't have. You were talking about keeping me happy right?

Like really? You are going to keep me happy by making me cry everyday? The man whom you called bastard just now never let me shed a single tear from my eyes whereas you are bringing tears in my eyes every single day we met. He loves me to the moon and back which no guy could ever do for me..

So what if you have money, power and a name but you don't have the most important thing which my boyfriend has.. that is pure love, adoration and care for me. You can't never be him, Alonzo. Keep it in this bloody mind of yours...

And one more thing.. in my whole life I never thought that I would pronounce these words to someone.. specially to you. But today you forced me to do so..



Disclosing the hated she was feeling right now for Alonzo, Veronica left the place immediately without looking at back for even once, being followed by Tom as her personal bodyguard...