My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 15

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 15 Naughty Stuffs

Having her work done for the day, Veronica was preparing to leave the office when her phone rang. Seeing the person's name on the phone, a smile bloomed on her face.

Veronica quickly picked up the phone and answered with a sweet voice, "Yes, honey."

Reuben smiled on the other side of the phone hearing her voice, "Are you done with work baby?"

"Hmm.. I'm packing my bag now."

"Good. Then come down. I'm waiting for you in the parking lot." Reuben said.

Veronica wasn't surprised to listen that because he would always come to fetch her whenever he hadn't any meetings in the evening. She then put her USB drive and other important doc.u.ments in her bag as fast as she could and went down to the parking lot.

As it was already 6:15 in the evening, many employees were not present there. So she rushed to Reuben's car, opened the door and hopped in the front passenger seat.

As soon as she got into the car, she was pulled in for a kiss by the man on the driving seat. Veronica couldn't control the sudden force as she directly stumbled into the man's embrace.

Reuben hold Veronica's waist tightly with his left hand whereas his right hand was on her neck deepening the kiss. He nibbled on her lips first, then sucked it and then bit on the lips forcefully trying to enter his tongue into hers.

Veronica groaned in pain and caught hold of his right arm with her left hand and her other hand went into his hair holding it tightly. She opened her teeth in response and when Reuben's tongue entered her mouth she gave a light m.o.a.n.

This m.o.a.n made Reuben go more crazy as he pulled her into his lap and his hand started to roam all over her body. Veronica could suddenly feel something poking her from below and she instantly understood that the thing that was poking her, was none other than the man's little brother which became quiet big at that time.

Reuben broke the kiss unwantedly when both of them were out of breath as he slowly whispered in her ear, "Let's stop here. Otherwise I can not control myself and take you right here in the car, which will not be so pleasant for both of us, I guess."

Veronica just nodded her head in response and hugged him tightly. She missed his embrace so much. She missed his scent, how he always teased her and talked sweet nothings; she missed his kisses, his touch; she missed all of him, when he was away from her from so many weeks, it was very hard for her to not cry.

Same with Reuben He missed her so much all those days without her that he wanted to hug her all the day and night and kiss her senseless all over her without stopping and any restrictions. But sadly this was not the right place for all these things. So he reluctantly released her from their hug and kissing her on her forehead, he let her sit on the passenger seat and tied her seatbelt.

While driving, he took hold of her hand and never left it as they talked about their works of the whole day. Reuben already had ordered his secretary to drive back her car to Lopez mansion and Veronica also informed her parents that she would not go back home today.

In fact, Veronica had her own bungalow in the City Center where she prefers to live most of the time as it is close to her office and it is also safe to do some naughty stuffs with her dear boyfriend without any disturbance.

Actually not everybody knows that this is not only the bungalow of Veronica but also of Reuben. They bought it together to spend some quality time with each other, without any pries to interfere their sweet moments. They started living in there from their 1 year anniversary and made it their own home of love.

Both of them reached their bungalow, Reuben came out from the car and then went to open the other side of the door. As Veronica put her first leg on the ground, she suddenly got picked up in the air with the sturdy arms at her back and waist.

"Aaahhh! Bennie, what are you doing?" She yelped in fear.

"Nothing much. Just carrying my girlfriend into our home. Is there anything wrong to carry my own girlfriend, Ica?" Reuben grinned as he asked back.

'Bennie' and 'Ica' are the nick names they had given to each other since they professed their love.

After entering the home with the pizza boxes, which they have bought on their way home, he made Vero sat on the sofa and went to bring some coke from the fridge. After having their dinner with chatting and laughing, Reuben first went to take a shower in their bedroom whereas Veronica cleaned the table.

When Veronica entered their bedroom, Reuben had already done with his shower and was sitting on the bed with his mobile phone, playing games. Veronica shook her head seeing him and went in the bathroom to take a shower.

After some minutes

When she came outside of the bathroom, she was only wearing a bathrobe, clearly showing her long beautiful toned legs and white s.e.xy collarbones, water was dripping from her wet hair.

Reuben gulped in desire when he saw this s.e.xy and seductive sight of her.

"Stop drooling, Mr. Smith." Veronica smirked seeing the l.u.s.t in his eyes.

She started to dry her hair with the dryer, when two big hands wrapped her waist from behind and wet kisses started to fall on her long bare neck. Reuben bit her nape and shoulders and then licked the portion with his tongue. Veronica m.o.a.ned in sensation as she clutched the back of his head.

Her m.o.a.n gave him more encourage as he then picked her up in bridal style and gently laid her on the bed. Without wasting a single second, he moved on top of her and pinned her down on the bed