My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 150

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 150 Dont Blame Yourself..

Disclosing her hatred she was feeling right now for Alonzo, Veronica left the place immediately without looking at back for even once, being followed by Tom as her personal bodyguard.

Tom had already told Willa to go back home using Veronica's car as he would personally drop her home as per Reuben's wish. He opened the car door for her and Veronica entered it without complaining to him like she did most of the time whenever Tom came to pick her up..

Veronica silently sat in the car resting her head on the window panel and closed her eyes to control her emotions while Tom started to drive off..




These were the only two sentences that kept ringing in Alonzo's ear. He couldn't still come to believe that he really heard these 'hate' words from the love of his life Veronica and that too direct towards him. He couldn't adjust with the thought that Veronica loved another man who was not him...

Alonzo fell on his knee on the ground whereas tears pooled out from his eyes without his knowing. The strong Alonzo was nowhere to be seen anymore.. instead a vulgar and broken person was sitting there, pondering over the things that occurred in his life few minutes ago..

Keeping a hand on his chest where his heart resides, Alonzo felt his heart crashed into pieces and it shattered into his worst dream. He felt his heart was not anymore present there and Veronica's words of calling him a heartless man wounded his serenity.

But how could that be possible? She was the only one five and half years ago who dared to talk with him full confidently without any fear. Though he pretend to be a little abnormal but she didn't saw it as any problem or differentiated between him with other normal people on the basis of their mental status..

There was always a soft look on her eyes whenever they met or talked. She was always gentle and caring towards him and tried to protect him from those stupid classmates of them though it was not needed..

'But it could only be friendly gesture. Any true friend would stand for another friend without caring if he was normal or had some mental problems. It's not a big deal.' Alonzo's subconscious mind kept repeating this.

No.. No.. this couldn't be possible...

Veronica must have loved him. He wouldn't love anyone else and if she really did love any other man then..

Then he would not think twice to remove him from Veronica's life..

"I'll claim you back Veronica. No one can love you more than me. Only I deserve you the most." Alonzo made a promise to himself.


After 10 minutes of drive, the car halted near the main road. Veronica was not at all concerned about it at the first as she was deep in her thoughts but few minutes later.. When she felt the car was not moving at all, Veronica looked outside the window and found it was outskirts of city S.

"Why did we stop here?" Veronica asked to Tom because the distance from the sight to her home was around two hours, if there was no traffics on the road as the sight was in another city...

Tom got out from his car seat and made a round of the car towards Veronica. Opening the door for her, he gestured her to step out from the car.

Veronica looked at him in confusion as if to ask why they were here in middle of the almost empty road but didn't get any answer from him again..

So without any other choice, she stepped down from the car and stood there noticing her surrounding carefully.

She couldn't find anything there, not even an animal, so she again asked, "Tom can you please tell me that, what are we doing here in the middle of an almost lifeless road?"

Tom bowed his head a little and said, "Sorry ma'am. I can't tell you anything right now. But you will get your answer in few minutes."

Veronica was not at all in a mood to fight with him, so she kept mum and didn't speak anything. She stood there silently looking at her feet and playing with her hair.

Few minutes later, a black colour expensive sports car screeched it's tier loudly, making it stopped just behind Veronica's car.

A handsome tall man with extreme good looking feature with a perfect face and a very well built body descended from the car and started walking towards her..

Veronica turned to see who was exactly the person and her eyes turned again watery sensing the presence of her most trusted man, who was none other than her love.. Reuben..

Reuben took few big strides to reach Veronica and took her in his arms immediately, resting his chin on her head.

Feeling herself very much protected and safe in his embrace, Veronica leaned on his chest and hugged him by his waist. Inhaling the masculine scent from his body which she missed and the warm protective hug that she needed the most right now, she felt content and sobbed a little burying her face in his chest..

Reuben kissed the top of her head and moved his hands in a circle on her back to sooth her down. He ran his fingers in her hair to comfort her as he whispered in her ears, "Sshhh baby.. You know the one thing I hate the most in my life is, to see tears in your beautiful eyes. It hurts me honey. I really can't see you in pain you know nah?"

Veronica tilted her head to look at him before nodding her head with tear in her eyes, "I know.. but Alonzo.. how could"

"Babe.. let's discuss about him at home. Okay? Now you need to calm yourself down. Let's get in the car first." Reuben said before opening the front passenger seat for Veronica to enter.

Buckling the seat belt around her, he closed the door and looked at Tom, "Thanks Tom for taking care of her and calling me at the right time when you saw Alonzo misbehaving with her." He gritted his teeth while saying the last sentence.

Tom was shocked hearing his boss to thank him and didn't know what to reply at that moment so he stood there like a statue without saying anything...

Understanding the reason of his silent behavior, Reuben chuckled and said, "Nothing is more important than Ica for me Tom. If I need to say thanks for even hundred times to anyone for saving her from any disruption then I'd happily do so without backing out. So thanks again for today..."

Seeing his boss so much in love with Veronica, Tom really felt happy for him and said, "It's nothing big, Boss. It's my duty to protect our future lady Boss so I'll do it for my whole life time without any complains."

Reuben smiled at him and entered the driver seat. Veronica looked at him with curiosity as if to ask what he was talking with Tom but Reuben just shook his head and caressed her cheeks with his thumb. Veronica closed her eyes when she felt Reuben's hand holding hers and placing it on his thighs.

Starting the engine, Reuben drove off silently with a sleeping angel beside him


Four hours later, Reuben entered their bedroom holding a tray in his hand which had dinner for both of them.

Slowly walking towards her, Reuben kissed her forehead before waking her up, "Honey... You have to eat now. Sleep again after filling your small tummy. Come on.. Get up now."

Veronica pouted cutely when Reuben tried to break her beauty sleep and urged, "I'm not hungry but if you feed me then I don't mind to have few bites."

Chuckling at her childish behavior, Reuben helped her to sit up and feed her gently while eating his food too. After that he gave her water to drink and let her lay on the bed before joining himself with her too.

Cuddling her soft body with him, Reuben asked, "Ica.. what did Alonzo say to you today that made you cry so badly?"

Hearing him questioning her about today's activity, Veronica placed her head on his chest and narrated each and every single words to him.

Reuben's hold tightened around her as he listened everything with extreme patience but in his head only one wish was wandering around and that was to bash Alonzo's head right away...

Disclosing everything to Reuben, Veronica felt light hearted but the tears started to drop from her eyes, making her cheeks wet again when she remembered how Alonzo behaved with her today.

"Babe.. why are you crying now?" Reuben asked tensedly when he saw tears in her eyes.

Veronica's lips quivered as she expressed her thoughts to him, "You know.. I sometimes feel like whatever Alonzo did was somewhat right from his point of view. After all he was also mislead to think that I loved him. He was also a victim of someone else's conspiracy. I think I should have cleared everything to him from the first time we met."

Seeing his girl sobbing like that and blaming herself for everything, Reuben cupped her face before consoling her, "Babe... It's not your fault at all. Though Alonzo was also a victim in the whole incident but that doesn't mean that he could treat you like some trash...

Just think about yourself Veronica, even before the whole conspiracy thing, Alonzo insulted you with so many harsh words five years ago. But still not for once, you treated him bad... instead you said that maybe he was in pressure to do so. But what did Alonzo did without always hurting you and making you cry? So please don't blame yourself. It was never your fault. Now sleep.."

Tucking her in the comforter, Reuben kissed her forehead again and caressed her head to let her fall in her dreamland...

On rhe other hand, Veronica felt a lot of stress free after talking with Reuben and let sleep consume her again. Reuben saw her fall in sleep but he stayed up for one whole hour, thinking about all the recent incidents and the loopholes among them.

He still felt something was fishy in everything like Alonzo was still hiding something which could bring a storm in Veronica's life which he never want to succeed. He would do his best to find all the secrets related to Alonzo and it was Reuben's promise to himself..

Thinking about it for sometime, he too let sleep consume him, as he also went to his dreamland hugging the love of his life in his arms