My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 151

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 151 Shut Your Mouth With A Smacking Kiss..

Smith Enterprise..

"So they finally called?" Reuben asked sitting on his office chair and playing with a Rubik's Cube.

"Yes sir. They just called us today morning telling us the blueprint of our hotel project has been sold with a huge sum of money by Creation." Tom informed.

Reuben smirked at this, as the second stage of Veronica's plan had also become a big success.

"They asked us to set an appointment with them whenever you are free. They had also informed that they would hand us back the blueprint as their company doesn't work with a scammer like Creation. So what should I say to them?" Tom asked.

"Don't give them any appointment time yet because it would seem a little bit fishy as Smith Enterprise is not some small company to randomly meet with anyone. Just inform them that I'm busy nowadays and couldn't give any time on this matter for now. I'll talk to them when I got some time free in between my hectic schedule." Reuben said to his assistant.

Nodding his head at Reuben's decision, Tom left the office to inform their new toy Peter and Sam.

Getting proud of Veronica's awesome soon to be successful plan, Reuben picked his phone up from the table to inform this great news to his one and only girlfriend.



Two days had passed since she met Alonzo last time and she overcame with the tension between them already with the help of her sweet boyfriend.

She was designing the layout of the lounge of the hotel when Reuben called her making her smile brightly.

Even after almost five years of their relationship, they would never get bored with their conversation on phone. Every time anyone called each other in the middle of their work, other one's face would always lit up in excitement to talk to each other. And maybe that's why after so many years of being committed, their love was always pure and eternal...

"Hey honey." Veronica said.

"Hi my sweetie pie.. What are you doing?" Reuben asked.

Veronica chuckled before sarcastically replying, "What can I do when my boyfriend himself gives me a load of work to complete?"

Hearing this Reuben's smile had no limit as he said, "That's because you could remember your boyfriend for the whole day even when he wasn't present there. By the way, I have a good news for you."

"Good news? What is it?" Veronica asked getting excited.

"Today Peter called to complain us about their rival company which is by their luck or unluck my own girlfriend's company. Little did they know that my girlfriend is also the one who gave them the blueprint intentionally." Reuben laughed while saying this.

Veronica's expression changed to an evil smirk immediately as she said, "But the biggest thing they don't know that how big of a bitch your girlfriend can be if she wants.."

"Hey!! Don't you dare to call my girlfriend a bitch. Otherwise you know I'll shut your mouth with a smacking kiss." Reuben teased, pretending to be serious making Veronica laugh more.

Reuben's antics were really awesome when it came to Veronica. He was the biggest reason why she felt so comfy in her life and stay like her own way without caring about anyone's outlook on her...

"Well if that's the case then, this bitch would love to get many more kisses from her lovely boyfriend." Veronica equally teased and their conversation went on like this for few more minutes.


Peter's company...

Though Peter was on the verge of bankruptcy, still he had few of his loyal employees to work for him who earned a huge sum of money from him while their company was still in the list of leading companies.

And among those loyal employees, one was Sam and the other was his assistant..

"Boss the receptionist of Smith Enterprise just called to inform us that, Mr. Smith is quite a bit busy for the next few days. So once he get to be a little free they will meet us." Peter's assistant said.

Sam who was also present there couldn't stop smirking as he said, "So we are not very far from destroying Creation completely."

Peter laughed crazily and said, "Yes... This good news calls for a party tonight."

Three of the men then laughed with their heart's out, unable to analyse the upcoming storm that would be soon brewing in their life making it a hell...


City B..

Regina stormed in Cole's office without knocking on his office door though his secretary was trying very hard to stop her.

She glared at everyone present there making them stop talking anymore on fear of losing their job. Getting the response she wanted from them she entered her brother's cabin with a loud bang on his door.

Cole who was busy in meeting with some of his directors stared at his little sister angrily, who was not so small now before continuing his meeting again.

"Bro. Can't you see that I'm here in your office now? So stop the meeting and talk to me." Regina yelled.

"It's not your home Regina. So behave properly. And for your information, I'm right now in an important meeting. If you want me to talk with you, then wait for some time in the longue otherwise leave because I've better things to attend right now." Cole felt very much irritated with Regina's behavior and couldn't help but scold her in front of the directors.

Regina huffed in anger and her chest raised and fell in rage as she shouted, "Brother. Did you forget that I'm your own blooded sister whereas these people are just some mere employees whom you pay for their work. So I should be more important to you than these stupid people. That's why they can wait but I can't.."

This pulled the trigger in Cole's head and he lost all of his conscience about her being his sister. He was already mad at her for her past actions which made him lost the most precious person of his life completely. And now the annoying behavior of her was infuriating him so much that he couldn't help but yelled back at her.

"Listen Regina. Don't you dare insult my employees like this. If they don't work hard then the money and fame you are getting because of being the heiresses of Parker family, would be completely futile. So stop throwing your tantrums and let me complete my meeting right now."

Regina seethed in anger but controlled herself as she knew that she could never win with a furious Cole at any cost in spite of the fact that he loves her with all of his heart. So she stopped being an arrogant brat and headed to the longue area to wait for her brother.

Around twenty minutes later, Cole entered his office longue and sat beside Regina who was going through her phone.

"Why had you come here for?" Cole asked.

Regina turned her attention to her brother and questioned back, "I heard you are going to city S next month?"

Narrowing his eyes at her, Neil replied calmly, "Yes. I'm going there for a business purpose. Why do you ask?"

"Take me there with you." Regina said.

"I can't." Cole answered as he already knew that Regina would definitely ask to come with him after getting informed about his departure, so without any hesitancy he denied her. Because taking Regina with him means.. taking more trouble on his shoulder which would definitely ruin the main reason for his visit to city S...

"Bro. You have to take me there. I'm your only sister and you have to fulfil my every wish bro." Regina tried to make her brother agree with her.

Cole stood up from the couch and said in a firm voice, "I said No means No.. Enough of talking. Now leave. I have work to do." Then he left his raging sister there alone.



Both Veronica and Reuben were lying on the bed n.a.k.e.d after their passionate love making. Theywere cuddling each other like Koalas and Veronica was almost on top of Reuben while he continued to play with her slender fingers.

Both were feeling so calm and peaceful in each other's arms that all the tension and rigidity around them didn't matter to them at all.. like everything had fallen in their actual place and their was no obstacles in their way..

"Bennie.." Veronica called almost in a whisper.


"I have finally decided something." Veronica said.

"What is it Ica? Is it something about Alonzo or Sam?" Reuben asked rubbing her palm with his index and forefinger.

"It's not about Alonzo or Sam it's about us." Veronica spoke.

This caught Reuben's attention as he gazed at her before asking, "Us? What about us?"

Veronica started to make circles on Reuben's bare chest with her other hand and revealed her thought to him, "Lets tell everyone about us. Let the world know that we are not some enemies but a sweet couple who love each other with their everything. Let's confirm our relationship to the world Bennie..."