My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 152

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 152 The Beast Inside Him Got Wakened..

"Lets tell everyone about us. Let the world know that we are not some enemies but a sweet couple who love each other with their everything. Let's confirm our relationship to the world Bennie..."

Veronica told the last sentence directly looking at Reuben whose eyes were broadened like an elephant's super big eyes.. He kept staring at her in pure shock as if he heard something unusual and shocking, which he had never thought to hear at this moment.

Reuben wanted from the first day of their relationship to make the whole world know by yelling loudly to them that this girl in his arms was his..


He always dreamt of the day when the whole world would know that, The Reuben Smith was dating the most amazing girl of the world, The Veronica Lopez.

He wanted to shout out to everyone that both Veronica and himself were booked for each other personally and specifically, so that no other flies could try to pry in their amazing relationship...

But circ.u.mstances were not on their side. Though they wanted to reveal about them to the public but there were two reasons which were restricting them to do so..

But what were those restrictions which would block the two most lovable person who was also the power couple to everyone to hide such a big truth about themselves??

Moreover why should they act as an enemy to each other??

Veronica looked at Reuben who was in a deep thought and without any further delay, she understood what exactly he was thinking

She cupped Reuben's face in her palm and made him look at her while Reuben easily followed her actions and stared at the most beautiful woman of the world in his arms..

"Honey, I know that I was the one who suggested to keep our relationship as a secret from everyone. And you know the reasons behind it very well." Veronica said.

Reuben nodded his head at her in response and started to speak, "First reason was to avoid any unwanted attention of the medias and other people. We wanted to maintain our privacy so that we could lead a normal life because once everybody becomes aware of our relationship there would be no simple us.. All has to be extravagant and showoffs like other Richie rich type of families do, which was absolutely not our forte as we always wanted a humble and sweet loving relationship above of those fakeness.."

"Exactly... But we already came a long way in our almost five years of relationship. We stayed happily and spent our lives like we had always wanted. But now it's high time to change that also. I mean we can't forever hide our relationship from the world, right??" Veronica said looking at his eyes directly.

Smiling a little, Reuben replied, "Right... I never wanted to play hide and seek with you around the people with our relationship. I always wanted to shout out to the world that this beautiful and amazing girl in my arms is already taken and no one should think of eyeing her...

The two reasons never mattered to me as I know whatever would happen in our life, we would never stop loving each other, instead our love would grew more stronger and stronger But for you, the second reason was"

Before Reuben could complete, Veronica made him stop by kissing him on the lips and then continued what Reuben was going to say to her, "Bennie, I know baby.. that more than the first one, the second reason was holding us back to listen to our hearts but now after thinking carefully, I came to an conclusion that the past is past and we have to forget it..

It's already been more than five years since he went missing or more like went in hiding. After that incident, he just disappeared from all of our lives like he was never belonged to the world. Everyone accepted the fact including our friends that he had died but we always had a guts feeling that he is alive, safe and sound but he didn't have any urge to show himself in front of us..

We wanted to find him so we pretended to be enemies with each other so that he could broke all of his resistance and come back to us and be our pillar but he never came.. I don't even know if he would ever come back but what I know is that, we can't mourn over him for our whole lives and forget to live the life which we truly wanted.."

Veronica was already in tears while saying all those things to Reuben. She was remembering all those moments of that unknown person with them and their friends..

The happy times when they would laugh like crazy persons.. the sad times when they would cry together on each other's shoulder.. And among all of these, the missing person would be the one who would keep them altogether as a group though how much they fought or quarrel..

Reminiscing all the griefs that they were holding in their hearts for all the past five years, still pretending to be okay, Veronica felt sad more and more.. While the all time strong and supporting Reuben who would always soothe her by rubbing her backs or teasing her, was also having tears in his eyes..

Reuben was no different than Veronica when came to talk about this certain someone whom they had never seen again after one eventful day as his eyes were also burning in pain and as a result, silent tears were falling on his cheeks holding the crying Veronica in his embrace.

Suddenly Veronica seemed to come back in her rational way. She wiped her tears hurriedly and looked at Reuben who was looking up at the ceiling with gloomy eyes..

Everyone knew that compared to others, Reuben was the only one who was the most close to that particular person, even Veronica couldn't compare her friendship with the missing someone with Reuben's brotherhood to him. So after his disappearance, Reuben was the one to get hurt the most..

Veronica kissed his forehead and the tears on his cheeks which were silently falling from his eyes. She then kissed his eyes and took his head in her arms and get it buried in between her chest so that he could let out all those misery with the help of his tears. Reuben sobbed holding her waist with Veronica equally sobbing with him.

Few minutes later, Veronica separated Reuben from herself and said holding his face, "We know that we are missing him but that doesn't mean that we'll let his absence affect our lives. We'll not cry for him anymore. Okay??

If not for him, we might have been already engaged with each other or even already been married. I know Bennie that you wanted to propose me for marriage since many months but you restricted yourself because I always wanted to get married with you in his presence. But now..

Now I have changed my mindset. I'll not wait for him to come back to us anymore. I will not allow to hide our relationship at any cost. We'll disclose about us to everyone now and will shout to the whole world that you are only mine and I am all yours"

Reuben faintly smiled and asked, "Are you sure about this Ica?"

Veronica kissed his lips again and said, "Never been this much sure in my whole life.."

This time, Reuben's faint smile turned into a huge grin and he enclosed her in his arms again in a swift movement before kissing her all over her face...

"I love you.. I love you so so much Ica.. Finally my one wish would going to be true" Reuben's happiness was out of control.

Chuckling at his behavior, Veronica kissed his jaw before confessing, "I love you too Bennie with my everything. And from now on, we will not remember him because from this moment on, there will be only us to take care of.."

After their sad to sweet confession, Veronica was about to sleep when Reuben's mischievousness woke up and he hovered over her in a swift movement making Veronica yelp at him..


"Yes Ica.. Your Bennie is here.. After all this confession, the beast inside him got wakened again in excitement and happiness. Now he wants his Ica only..." Saying this Reuben immediately started kissing her all over her body, letting their passionate night to continue once again


Country Z

A man was sitting near the glass window while the rain was dropping outside heavily, wetting the window glass with its splitters..

He was holding a wine glass in his hand whereas his eyes were fixed outside of the window with his mind roaming around some internal thoughts that he could not express to anyone without one person..

Well, in the past he had many friends to listen to him, to spend time with him, to take care of him but now no one was beside him except one..

Now he was completely lonely...

Actually he was the reason of his own loneliness. If he would not have done such grave mistakes then he would be now there with his friends and family not here sitting alone cursing over himself for his past cruel deeds..

"If you are missing them so much then why don't you go back there?" Suddenly a woman came out from the other room and stood behind him.

The man looked behind himself and then again turned his head back towards outside before replying, "You know very clearly that I can't.. They would never forgive me for what I have done in the past. They would be starting to hate me after knowing the truth. Staying far away from them, is atleast better than living under their hatred.."

The woman sighed before taking few steps forward to reach him. Keeping her hand on his shoulder, she tried to console him, "From the informations I get about them through your talking.. I strongly believe that they would never hate you. Though they might be angry on you for what happened five years ago and even after that... but I'm sure that they will not loathe you. Trust me Andrew that they would forgive you. They can't keep themselves away from you if they came to know that you are still alive.."

Andrew hold the woman's hand and kissed her palm before muttering softly, "I don't know if they would forgive me or not but the only thing I realise is.. I don't have any confidence or strength to go in front of them again.."


The woman was about to say something when Andrew stopped her, "Please Lisa Let's not talk about it anymore."

Lisa sighed again before trying to stay silent