My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 153

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 153 Half Day Off..

Next day morning

Reuben was driving and Veronica was sitting beside him as they were heading to Creation to drop Veronica there. Both of them had a beautiful smile on their faces because of their last night decision and wonderful love making...

Veronica suddenly remembered something and said to Reuben, "Bennie.. as we are planning to reveal about our relationship, I think we should first talk with our parents before it. So that they could also mentally prepare themselves.. "

"Hmm.. that's a good idea.. let's call them now." Reuben said.

"No. We can't say this over phone. Let's invite them to our home today.. I mean both of our parents.. so we would not have to describe the same thing twice and as an interest we would be able to meet them and spend some time with them.." Veronica gave an idea.

Reuben's face turned into a mischievous and naughty smile as he said, "But the most important thing will be to see them completely shock when they would find out that we're leaving together from past few years without their knowledge.."

Veronica laughed at him and said, "Yup... That'll be really a great fun to watch. But Mr. Smith, you better stay safe from my father's rage. He may kill you today."

"Hey. Don't be so mean. And what's there to fear? I know your parents love me very much. And if they want grandchildren then they need to agree with us in living together." Reuben said in a matter of fact tone.

Hearing his naughty comment, Veronica hit him on his hand and said, "Stop saying rubbish and focus on your drive."

Reuben pouted at her but continued to drive.

Few minutes later, they reached Creation but Veronica didn't go out from the car. They decided to call their parents to invite them right then before going to their office.

At first, Veronica called her parents or more like her dad.

"Hey my little princess." Mr. Lopez answered the call.

"Hi... Dad, I have to ask you something." Veronica said.

"What's it Vero?" Mr. Lopez asked being confused.

Veronica's phone was on speaker so she looked at Reuben before replying, "Dad, can you please come to my bungalow today at the evening. Both I and Reuben have something to tell you. Reuben's parents will also come."

Mr. Lopez heard his daughter and he knew something big was going to be announced today by her daughter and would be son-in-law, so he agreed, "Okay. Both me and your mother would come at the evening."

"Thanks dad. Bye now." Veronica said happily.

"Bye princess." Mr. Lopez said.

After Veronica's call to her parents, Reuben called at his house phone number. As his Father already gave the responsibility of Smith Enterprise to Reuben, so both Mr. and Mrs. Smith were present in their mansion.

After the phone rang, a maid picked up but when she came to know that it was their young master, she immediately informed their madam to recieve the call.

"So my dear son finally remembered that his mother is still alive." Mrs. Smith joked as soon as the maid handed her the phone.

Reuben chuckled hearing his mother's joke and said, "Oh Mom.. You know what, I don't remember you at all... Because to remember someone, you need to forget her first whereas you are always stay in my mind."

"Aww..!! My baby son seriously know how to melt his mom's heart. However what your mom want is to keep your mind thinking only about my daughter, my Veronica. By the way tell me why have you called?" Mrs. Lopez asked after teasing him a little.

"Don't worry Mom. Your daughter Veronica already occupies my heart, soul, body, mind everything. But the reason for which I have called you now, was to invite you to Veronica's bungalow today. We need to tell you something important. So bring Dad also with you and to let you know that Veronica's parents would also be there today."

"Oh really? Finally I can see my daughter today after so many days. It's okay I and your dad will arrive there at the evening."

"So you now are more interested to meet Ica today than me? Very well.." Reuben pretended to be angry, making Veronica laugh at him.

"Stop being jealous and cut the call. I need to prepare for today evening. Bye." Mrs. Lopez said before hanging up the call without waiting for Reuben's response.

Reuben turned to Veronica and said, "See.. You even snatch my parents' love from me. They adore you more than they adore me."

Veronica grinned at him and equally teased, "They love me more because I'm better than you. And now I've to go to office as today I'll take a half day to prepare everything for our big announcement to our parents. So you better come home early."

Smiling at her, Reuben replied, "Don't worry Baby. Even I'll also take a half day off to help you. Wait for me before lunch time here. I'll come and pick you up."

Gladly accepting the amazing offer, Veronica kissed him once more before getting out of the car. Then Reuben also went for his office to finish his work as soon as possible.


Smith Enterprise

Reuben entered the office and Tom followed him inside...

Sitting on his chair, Reuben opened the computer and let Tom inform him about his today's plans and appointments.

"Boss today you have a meeting with the board of directors at 11 am and then after lunch you have to attend another meeting with a client." Tom said.

Reuben just nodded his head and said, "Cancel the meeting with the client today. I will be taking half day off today."

Tom was a little bit puzzled hearing it from his Boss as Reuben seldom take half day off so he couldn't get to control his extra questioning mind and finally asked, "Boss.. Is everything okay? Are you or lady boss ill?"

"No everything is okay. Just have a family gathering tonight." Reuben replied truthfully as Tom was his most trusted employee because not only he had worked for him from years positively but also Tom was one of Reuben's college friends.

Understanding the meaning, Tom smiled before saying, "Okay Boss. I'll handle the rest after you go back home."

Reuben nodded his head but didn't let Tom to leave.

Tom was at first confused because whenever Reuben made him wait at his office, then that would mean to be either he was thinking over something serious or he was hesitating about some problems...

Finally deciding what to do, Reuben said, "Tom, do one thing. Notify Alonzo Brown to visit me tomorrow at Fusion.. Tell them that I've to discuss something about the project with him over lunch."

Tom nodded his head and left Reuben's office understanding that he had nothing more to say.


Brown Corporation

Alonzo was having a meeting with a big investor when Bill's phone vibrated in his pocket. He avoided it at first but when his phone continued to vibrate, he took it out from his pocket to see the call was coming from none other than, Reuben's assistant Tom.

Going near Alonzo, Bill whispered, "Boss, Mr. Smith's assistant is calling me. Seems to be something important. I'm going outside to receive the call."

Getting permission from Alonzo, Tom went outside and talked with Bill while Alonzo busied himself in his meeting though his mind was wandering around the cause of Tom's sudden call to him.

His mind drifted off to the thought of the previous day as he remembered that Tom was also present there when Alonzo was speaking to Veronica or more like blaming her and pressuring her to accept his heart. So his mind couldn't help but guess if Tom would have said something to Reuben.

Or, might be Veronica herself complained about him to Reuben by making up different stories??

And no Reuben might be trying to talk with him about yesterday's incident. He was pondering if Reuben would break the partnership with Brown Corporation. But it would not be possible as both of the companies had signed a contract.

Still, it was Reuben Smith himself.. The wealthiest man of whole Asia with the title of biggest tycoon of whole country S or even Asia. So he could do anything without thinking twice that Reuben must not be too much irrational to just break a contract in one go...

Well as everyone, Alonzo was also well informed about Veronica and Reuben's hate for each other so he declined the idea of Reuben cancelling the contract...

Moreover, Veronica would not have wanted help from Reuben as she was always super prideful and very much stubborn...

So without thinking much, Alonzo again focused on the meeting.

Half an hour later, when he was finally done, Bill told him about the phone call.

"Boss Mr. Smith wanted to discuss about something on the project over lunch. They called us to tell you to be present at Fusion tomorrow at sharp 1 pm."

"Okay. Tell them I'll reach there in time." Alonzo replied as the previous fear of getting the cancellation of their contract vanished away from his mind.