My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 154

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 154 Living Together For Three And Half Years..


Both Reuben and Veronica were preparing for dinner in the kitchen while talking about useless things.. They came back home two hours ago after Reuben had picked her up from Creation and has dinner outside.

Veronica was making some cream chicken with other side dishes and Reuben was helping her in cutting salads, bringing the ingredients for her.

Both of them also made some deserts together like strawberry icecream and black forest cake which was now being iced by the cutie boyfriend of Veronica..

Well, more than helping, Reuben was busy in teasing Veronica by giving her sloppy kisses from time to time, tickling her or pinching her waist, sucking her nape or playing with her hair strands time to time making Veronica extremely irritated which made her curse badly on him under her breath..

Though she was enjoying his naughty behaviour but it was creating disruption in her work very much, making the work of inly half hour to get long till forty five minutes or more which was really not commendable if they wanted to finish the whole dinner preparation before their parents could visit their lovely home..

"Bennie.. if you don't stop me disturbing right now, theb I promise I'll not give you any sweets today." Veronica warned him.

Reuben didn't think of caring about her warning and again started kissing her neck as he whispered in her ears, "I don't want sweets babe. I just want you."

"Well, I was also talking about myself before. Am I not your mist tastiest sweets? So if you don't want to have the delicious sugary sweet like me then continue what are you doing now. And later I'll show you how can this sweety Veronica Lopez will turn into a bitter gourd for you..??" Veronica evilly said, winking at him.

Finally Reuben understood what she meant and left her to her own job as he seated himself on the kitchen slope before peeling the peas and filling those in his mouth one by one to eat..

Few hours later, when it was already 5 pm the dinner was done so Veronica and Reuben cleaned the kitchen and the living room clearly without letting any dust to occupy any inch of their beautiful bungalow. They decorated the living room with different types of flowers in the beautifully designed flower vases along with colourful cushions on the sofa and other things

Finally finished with the decorations after one hour, they hurriedly rushed towards their room to change themselves into a new dress and made themselves look pretty and handsome respectively as they would not leave any chance to look good on the day of revealing their big decision to their understanding and lovely parents..

Around 7 pm, they heard the sound of a car honking. So without wasting any moment, they went to welcome them as they knew it would be definitely one of their parents. But to their shock both Lopez and Smith parents came together in one car.

The couple welcomed them happily and started to chat about everything that had happened in the past few days. As Veronica was sitting between both of the mothers, Reuben gestured her with his eyes to come beside him as he thought that it was the best time, they would tell their families about their decision which would be a big step for their future...

The parents noticed their eye to eye talk and asked, "Children, we know that you guys wanted to tell us something important. So don't hesitate about anything and say whatever you want to without thinking too much. We're patiently waiting here for both of you."

Veronica got up from the couch and sat beside Reuben who instantly pulled her into his embrace and encircled his hands around her shoulders to give her immense support. Veronica caught his other hand and gripped it tightly in her small palms before looking at Reuben with a pair of confident eyes..

Reuben too stared back at her and then gaining the motivation from each other, he started to speak, "Both of our Moms and Dads there are two things that we wanted to share with you guys. First one is that.. I and Veronica both had been living together for the past three and half years in this bungalow which is owned by both of us.."

A big gasp could be heard by everyone in the room as soon as Reuben finished his sentence. And everyone looked at the only person who was the one to gasp so loudly..

Well, who could it be other than the loveliest father of his cute princess Veronica...

Yeah, it was Mr. Lopez who was completely shocked after hearing the news of his daughter staying together with Reuben so Veronica tried to urge her father to not become angry, "Dad."

But before she could pronounce more than one word, Mr. Lopez turned his head towards Mr. Smith and asked, "Logan didn't you tell me that they are living together only for one year then how did it so suddenly turn into more than three years?"

Mr. Logan Smith scratched the back of his head and said sheepishly, "Aye James.. Stop sulking like a kid. It doesn't matter if they are living together for one year or three and half years.. Just think about the positive thing in these matters without freaking out too much.. the more time they will stay close to each other , the more sooner we will be able to see the face of our little grandchild.. Isn't it a cool thing?"

As both of the father continued to say random things while fighting with each other about the living together and grandkids, the mothers just chuckled looking at each other whereas the couple were completely shocked to hear whatever their parents were saying..

"Wait.. wait.. wait.. what are you guys speaking? You already know that we're living together here?" Reuben asked to break the confusion..

The father's cheekily smiled at them after sharing a quick glance at each other when Mr. Smith said, "Come on son... Do you think us as a fool? You already hid your relationship from us for so many years like some professionals which was really decisive. So how could we let you guys decieve us once more??"