My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 155

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 155 A Pleasant Day..

The father's cheekily smiled at them after sharing a quick glance at each other when Mr. Smith said, "Come on son... Do you think us as a fool? You already hid your relationship from us for so many years like some professionals which was really decisive. So how could we let you guys decieve us once more??"

"So one day, Logan visited the penthouse you told us to be staying, even without seeking for your permission and came to know that Mr. Reuben Smith was not living there for years though your father lied to me that it was only for one year.." Mr. Lopez said the last few words with a huff.

Father Smith laughed and then continued, "Whereas, James came here to talk with Veronica but then saw the name plate of the bungalow so he doubted something and didn't enter.

"Then both of your fathers decided to have a parents meeting with both families to plot against their own children" This time Veronica's mother, Jessica opened her mouth to joke..

"And later we came to the conclusion that you both are staying together but decided not to confront you guys before you reveal about it to us yourselves." Victoria, Reuben's mother cleared every doubts that the couple was having.

Both Veronica and Reuben was utterly shocked at the revelation and both gaped at their parents with their mouths wide opened. They were now very much sure that these two happily married couples were definitely their parents..

"Like seriously guys?" Veronica said after coming out of the shock.

Reuben chuckled before saying, "You guys are not less than us at playing hide and seek."

Everybody laughed at his words and when the laughter stops Reuben announced, "Well, this is not exact reason we had called you for."

"Don't tell me we're already going to be grandparents.." Mr. Smith intervened whereas Mr. Lopez threw him a glare but later smiled.

Veronica looked at Reuben's father and said, "No Dad. We're not yet ready to be parents but I'm confident that when you would hear the news, you are gonna be extremely happy."

"What is it princess? Don't go merry go round with us." Mr. Lopez complained like a kid.

Reuben and Veronica locked their eyes and intertwined their hands together before saying in a synchronised pace, "We're going to confirm our relationship to the whole world."

Both the families became shocked but few minutes later they smiled brightly like it was the best news they had ever heard as the mothers came to their children to hug them first, later being followed by the fathers...

Everyone congratulated them, "Congratulations dear." Mother Lopez and Smith said.

"Its really the best news and we're happy for both of you." Mr. Smith said hugging them.

"Yes. We're proud of you." Mr. Lopez said kissing Veronica's forehead.

After the congratulatory session and some more talking and laughing, they had their dinner with a happy atmosphere but the happiest person among them were none other than the couple themselves.

After their parents left, the couple changed into the night dress and lied down on the bed as Reuben said with a bright face, "I'm happy for us."

Veronica also smiled before saying, "Me too. It was really a pleasant day."

As they were already tired, both of them slept there in each other's embrace with relief and joy engraving on their face...


Smith Enterprise..

Next day Reuben went to office as usual and buried himself in the work.

When the lunch time approached, Reuben together with Tom went to Fusion for their lunch meeting with Alonzo.

At sharp 1 pm, Reuben entered one of private rooms of him which he had built for himself, Veronica and their friends to meet their client there..

Alonzo was already waiting for Reuben with Bill and as soon as he saw Reuben there, he got up from his seat to handshake.

Reuben felt a great urge to give a tight punch on his face or to beat him into a pulp for letting his baby girl cry but he controlled himself from doing so as he wanted Veronica to handle it herself as per her wish. But that didn't mean that he wouldn't help her in these to find the truth so that he could lessen her pressure a little..

And that was the exact reason for him to come here..

He had already many doubts about Alonzo so he decided to try his fox like brain on him..

Shaking their hands together, both of the young businessmen took their seats with their respective assistants and ordered their lunch.

Till the food arrived, they started to talk about the hotel project and it's progress..

"So Mr. Alonzo oh sorry can I call you Alonzo only?" Reuben asked Alonzo.

"Yeah sure. I already told you to call me by my name in our first meeting." Alonzo replied with a slight smile.

"Okay.. So Alonzo.. how was your sight visit few days ago with Creation employees?" Reuben asked professionally like a businessman should ask to his client without hinting anything about Veronica...

Alonzo remembered the day and his jaw clenched before he again turned normal as he replied, "It was good. The work is going on smoothly. And Miss Veronica seems to be very capable."

Reuben's fist tightened when he heard him mention Veronica's name but he didn't let it out to show them his anger. So he just nodded his head.

Meanwhile the waiters already served them their lunch and the four men started to indulge himself in eating by talking randomly about different types of business collaborations or other matters.

Their lunch also got finished between their talks and they ordered some deserts for themselves.

Spooning the mango pie which was Veronica's all time favourite, Reuben took it in his mouth and ate it with love filled in his heart, remembering his dear girlfriend while he didn't forget to pack some for her..

Pondering for a while, Reuben finally asked the question what he wanted to ask from the moment he came here..

"Alonzo.. Do you have any interest in games or ever studied about gamings?"