My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 156

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 156 Foolish Excuse..

Pondering for a while, Reuben finally asked the question what he wanted to ask from the moment he came here..

"Alonzo.. Do you further have any interest in games or ever studied about gamings?"

Hearing the question, the expression Alonzo gave him was of pure confusion like he was thinking in his mind, 'Why suddenly Reuben had asked this type of question which had no connection to our conversation??'

Despite of the his utterly confused reaction at first, Alonzo still smiled and replied, "No.. I never liked the idea of playing games because for me games were like the perfect example of wasting time unnecessarily. I would rather like to spend those time on expanding my business."

Reuben observed his every expressions like a detective observe everything through his magnified glass like eyes to search the truth, to know if the other person was telling the lie or not. But after his careful observation, he finally came to know that

No.. Alonzo was not lying..

But according to Veronica, her friend Alex who was also the same person Alonzo, had got a degree in gaming.

Then how could it be possible to be a game developer or gamer when he never liked games.

And Reuben was very much sure that Alonzo wasn't lying because of his long experience of being a successful businessman for years. So he could just tell if the other person was saying truth or not just by looking at him for once..

Just like he felt something was wrong with Alonzo's behavior specially in his speech when he first met him on the day of Brown Corporation's inauguration party..

He was already direction some hidden words looking towards his friends zone, specifically Veronica..

Though he was not sure that Alonzo was exactly staring at his girlfriend but still he analyse something was wrong with him..

And true to his guess, Alonzo seemed to be the long lost friend of Veronica in city B..

Reuben nodded his head and said, "Hmm.. Seems like you are really not interested in gaming. Actually I like games a lot and love to play with my friends too. So asked you after thinking a little, if you also loved games like me then we could play once.."

Alonzo smiled at him thinking that however or whenever, he finally got to take a place in the upper class society of city S, more profoundly in Reuben's friendship book. It was definitely a huge success for him..

In spite of this, Alonzo's expression suddenly changed in a friction of second and his eyes seemed to reflect a hidden sorrow in them as he muttered with a faint yet sad smile plastering on his face, "Though I never liked gaming but one of my very close friend who was like my own brother to me and vice versa, really liked gaming.

He even graduated in gaming and wanted to have higher studies on this.. But.. situation and circ.u.mstances didn't turn out well and his dream always stayed as a mere dream for the rest of his life.."

This statement caught Reuben's attention back on Alonzo and he stopped eating his mango pie and stared at Alonzo like he was trying to find something interesting in him...

"Your friend liked gaming and also had done a course on it? What is his name? Then we can play one day together and I will also introduce him with best players of our country.." Reuben said like he was giving out a plan but inside of the inner wall of his mind, many uncertainty, confusions were brewing up and his head started to buzz thinking over the matter over and over..

Alonzo gave him a fake smile and stammered, "He is.. he is not here anymore.. He went abroad for his family reasons.. So let's just not talk about him now. It upsets me as I had not seen him for many months.."

Reuben looked at him like a hawk trying to catch each and every single uneasy expression of Alonzo..

"Uhm.. actually Reuben.. I can call you Reuben right?" Alonzo asked with hesitancy.

When Reuben nodded his head to give him the permission to call him by his name which made Alonzo smile as he said, "Thanks Reuben.. So what I was saying that I have an important meeting to attend right now. So I have to leave now if you don't mind otherwise I'll be late.."

Reuben looked directly at Alonzo's eyes and his face twitched when he caught a certain nervousness on his facial expression but he didn't claimed to say something that time. He just said, "Sure.. Alonzo. You can obviously leave. I would not mind as our discussion is already over. We'll talk next time."

After Alonzo left, Reuben's eyes narrowed as he knew that meeting was just a foolish excuse of Alonzo to pass over the conversation about his close friend who loved gaming, which was really very suspicious to him.

Clicking on all the dots, Reuben understood one thing that the answer of all the loopholes and mysteries was lying on this particular friend of Alonzo...

For which, he need to know all the answers...


Smith Enterprise...

After arriving back at his office, Reuben gave his first order to his assistant Tom, "I have another task for you to do. This time, try to find the truth more calmly and in a specialized way. I want to know everything more clearly and correctly without missing any details.."

"I understood Boss. But what do you want me to find out?" Tom asked.

"Find about this special friend of Alonzo. What Alonzo did for the past two years of his disguised period, whom he met, where did he go, where he lived.. Everything. Each and everything..

I want to know everything. I have huge doubt or more like a hunch that if we could get any information about this particular friend of him, everything will be sorted and all the unknown answers will be answered soon." Reuben said as he tapped on the armrest of his office chair..