My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 157

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 157 Proofs Against Creation's Hypocrisy..

"I want to know everything. I have huge doubt or more like a hunch that if we could get any information about this particular friend of him, everything will be sorted and all the unknown answers will be answered soon." Reuben said as he tapped on the armrest of his office chair..

Tom nodded and said, "Got it Boss. But what should we do about Peter and Sam?"

"Tell them I have half an hour of free time for them two days later." Reuben said and after that Tom left, leaving Reuben to ponder over more about the certain questions, his mind was trying to ask for answers about...


Peter's office..

His phone rang when he got a call from an unknown number. He picked it up and found it to be the assistant of the biggest businessman of city S..

"Hello Mr. Tom." Peter greeted.

"Mr. Peter. Our boss finally got some time to meet you. Please come to our office two days later at sharp 11 in the morning." Tom said in a firm tone.

Peter was flying in the cloud nine when he heard this as he replied excitedly, "Sure. I will come with one of my most trusted employee."

After cutting the call, Peter laughed like a madman and called for Sam and his assistant to share the good news with them.

"Let's have a party tonight then." Peter said making both of his assistant and Sam chuckled in excitement.

Three of them were so much happy thinking that it was one of the bestest day of their life from the past few two years, without having any guess of the upcoming storm over them..



"So they agreed to meet you?" Veronica asked on the phone.

"Yup. How couldn't those fools agree? They are probably now enjoying about their success in trying to damage Creation's reputation.

But unbeknownst to them, they are directly falling in the trap of the CEO of Creation and her dear boyfriend." Reuben chuckled.

Veronica also grinned and said, "Then all the best baby for your upcoming acting day."

Reuben laughed at her and said, "Sure baby."

They kept talking for few more minutes before again starting their work.


Two days later...

Smith Enterprise

The day finally came to collect the final proofs of those sc.u.mbags and cheaters to protect their friend or sister Willa..

As usual, Reuben was working on his computer, eagerly waiting for those bastards to come and his wait didn't last long as Tom knocked his door to inform him about the presence of them...

Both Peter and Sam entered Reuben's cabin as Tom told them to sit on the chairs. Reuben didn't look at them for even a second and continued his job whereas those two kept sitting there silently, trying their hard to not disturb the wolf of the business world...

Around ten minutes later, Reuben finally finished checking on his mails and turned his face towards the two new guests in his office and made sure to remember all the facial features of them so that after he smashed it like a potato.. he would atleast rememeber then, how these stupids looked like previously..

"So.. what is the reason of the meeting?" Reuben asked with an expressionless face.

Peter and Sam felt underweighted under Reuben's cold yet piercing gaze as Peter said, "We have come here to give proofs against Creation's hypocrisy.."

Sam also joined him and said, "Yes Mr. Smith. Creation tried to sell the blueprint of the project to one of my friend and fortunately it came into my hand. As I don't like to cheat on anyone, I told this to my Boss and he called you to inform this matter.."

"Oh.. Really? How could Creation think of betraying us? They would definitely pay for it. Before that, please tell me the name of the people who was selling our official stuffs.." Reuben said acting to be angry.

"Well, it's the head of VFX department and her assistant, Miss Veronica and Miss Willa who tried to sell the blueprint." Sam said enthusiastically.

Reuben gritted his teeth in anger as his jaw clenched tightly and his fist turned into a tight bump when he heard them blaming about his girlfriend Veronica and sister Willa.

But both Sam and Peter thought, Reuben was being this much furious out of anger for Veronica and Willa..

They shared glances with each other and smiled wickedly which didn't go unnoticed by either Reuben or Tom..

"I got it. Thanks for informing us about their way of backstabbing us. We'll handle this matter well and you both will definitely get rewards for it. Tell me what do you want?" Reuben asked, trying very hard not to beat the shit out of them.

Peter gazed at Sam and then turned to Reuben before saying, "Nothing much. We just want you to hand Creation to me and kick out the CEO from the office by tarnishing his reputation."

Reuben shook his head in disgust towards them for their greediness as he said, "Sure.. You'll get a call from us later to get your gift."

Again, Sam and Peter had nothing more to be happier than this as both of them thanked him by bowing their head, "Thanks a lot Mr. Smith. Very much thanks."

After the two idiots left, Reuben mocked them in front of Tom, "So they want my girlfriend's company, huh? In their dreams.!!"

Tom also chuckled as he imagined their future after trying to disgrace his lady Boss's reputation..

Reuben then leaned back on his chair and asked, "So you recorded everything right?"

Tom immediately took out the hidden cameras from the flower vase on the table and other places and handed them to Reuben.

"Yes Boss. All are recorded in high definition."

Reuben connected them to his computer and saw the videos from different angles from different cameras.

A sinister smile crept up on his lips as he played the videos and praised Tom, "Good job.."

Tom smiled and left the office immediately.

Reuben picked up his phone to call someone and as soon as the person picked up, he said, "Babe, you should give me yourself as a reward tonight.."