My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 158

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 158 No Denial No Excuses..

Reuben picked up his phone to call someone and as soon as the person picked up, he said, "Babe, you should give me yourself as a reward tonight.."

Veronica who just picked up the phone call after saving an important file in her computer, was totally surprised by what she heard from her dear boyfriend Reuben as soon as she received his call.

She thought in her mind about the matter that, what happened to her boyfriend who didn't even say hi or hello at first and directly jumped into the prize thing..

"What are you talking about Bennie? You didn't even greet me first and started speaking about some kind of rewards.." Veronica said pretending to be angry.

Grinning widely from the other side, Reuben said, "Oh baby.. I forgot to as I was already very much excited to give you an amazing news which would make you go all La La Land.."

Veronica got excited at the mention of the amazing news when she guessed it right that it was about Sam and Peter, Reuben was talking about..

As she was already waiting for him to call her to deliver a good next she became more thrilled because today was the day of Reuben meeting those dumbasses..

"So the plan was successful?" Veronica asked being elevated.

"Come on honey. You ruined the fun again. I was going to surprise you by telling you about them, revealing their mistreats and wrongdoings which I successfully caught in secret cameras. But you already asked the question making my all surprises go under the river. You shouldn't do this to me you know.." Reuben pouted and said in a cute voice as if he was been wrongly accused.

Shaking her head for his kid like behavior, Veronica also acted like an elder to him, "Reuben... You can't hide anything from your elders. We know what is in the mind of our children. They never can be secretive towards the older ones.."

"Child? Who is your child? I'm your super possessive boyfriend." Reuben retorted.

"Aww my baby.!! How can you be my boyfriend when you act like a little cute child most of the time?" Veronica teased him.

Reuben snorted at this and mumbled seductively, "If you don't believe me that I'm not a child then I'll show you tonight on the bed if I'm really a child or not.. Moreover if you want we can one of ourselves tonight.."

Veronica's face turned red in colour out of shyness and she tried to divert the situation, "So Bennie tell me how did everything go today?"

"Everything went well. Finally we got each and every proofs that we needed. So now the only thing left is to show the videos and every proofs to our Willa...

And then we will let her decide what she wants to do with them. After she was done giving her punishment to them, then it will be our turn to show what is the exact hell looked like if anyone tried to hurt anyone close to us or our group..." Reuben smiled devilishly.

Veronica was no less than him and her face also showed an evil smile as she said, "Hmm.. And I'll give you a helping hand in all this happily. By the way when are we going to reveal about them?"

Thinking for a while, Reuben said, "What about we ask our friends to meet us today evening at Fusion and we can show them.. I mean show Willa all the proofs. The quicker, the better.."

"Hmm.. That's a good idea. Then you call Henry and Neil whereas I'll bring Willa, Louis and Lucinda with me." Veronica suggested.

"Okay.. Good idea. Then I'll see you at Fusion straightly." Reuben said.

"Okay. Bye." Veronica also bid goodbye with him before cutting the call.


Few minutes later, Veronica got out from her cabin and headed towards Willa's cabin. She knocked on the door and when Willa said to come in, she entered her office with a faint smile on her face..

"Ma'am.. What are you doing here? Do you need something? If you want anything, you just had to ask me. No need to come here." Willa asked as soon as she noticed Veronica coming in.

"Oh My God, Willa!! How can you ask so many questions in just one breath.. Just relax my friend and you don't need to stand up. Actually I have come here to tell you that everyone is planning to meet at Fusion today, so you are coming with me. No denial, no excuses." Veronica said sitting in front of her.

Willa furrowed her eyebrows together, getting to know about the sudden gathering up as she was not aware of any meet up like this and asked, "Why so suddenly?"

Sighing slightly, Veronica replied, "We had something huge to discuss or more like reveal.. so we need everyone there specially you."

Nodding her head, Willa said, "Okay then. Let me finish my work soon."

"We'll go directly from our office. Be prepared for it." Veronica said before leaving Willa's cabin.

Biting the pen with her teeth, Willa thought in her mind, what would be so much important that they suddenly decided to meet up and moreover they were not giving any hint to her..

They had never done anything like this as before taking any kind of decision like this, they would ask everyone's opinion if the could come or not..

But for the first, Veronica just told about going with her..


Her heart was beating dangerously as if giving her a signal that something extremely bad was going to happen today which could change her whole life in a single whip of movement..



Neil, Henry and Reuben had already arrived at Fusion and waiting for the girls to come with Louis.

They were sitting on the top most floor which was also their private spot. The boys were talking amongst themselves when the door got opened and Louis came in, followed by the three girls..

"Hey bro.. What's up?" Louis greeted his three big brothers who were sitting there, looking at him..