My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 159

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 159 Sam's True Colours..

"Hey bro.. What's up?" Louis greeted his three big brothers who were sitting there, looking at him..

No.. No.. Sorry It was a mistake..

They were sitting there looking behind him..

Both Reuben and Henry ignored Louis and waited for their own girlfriends to come near them.

As soon as Veronica and Lucinda reached them, both of the boys pulled the girls towards them which let them fall on their respective laps and started kissing their lips hungrily as they had missed their soulmate very much..

Whereas Neil only just nodded without looking at him for even once as his gaze was also fixed on the most beautiful girl for him, Willa..

Louis felt he was being cornered by them, so he complained, "Yaa.. You couples. Did you forget that we singles are also here?? Don't act to be so lovey dobey."

Henry broke the kiss from Lucinda and glared at him, "We are not acting Louis because we are really in love. Not like you who is a single pig "

Feeling insulted, Louis was about to interrupt them when Willa pulled him towards the couch and made him sit before saying, "Don't overreact. Just sit here silently.."

Louis made an unpleased face and continued to glare at the couples who were still enjoying their own moments...

Meanwhile Neil's eyes never left Willa's face from the time she had came here..

Willa identified his gaze and looked at him with an unknown emotion which was very much uncertain to her..

After few minutes, when the couples were finally done with their cozy moments, Reuben said, "Lets eat first. We had already ordered the food for everyone.."

Finishing their food after battling with Louis for their favourite food, they finally became serious..

"So what is the thing that you all wanted to discuss?" Willa asked to break the silence which were invading from the past five minutes.

Everyone moved their eyes to Willa and continued staring at her without saying anything, making her more curious...

"Guys.. please say something. You are making me nervous by your silence and weird gaze." Willa said.

Veronica sighed and said, "Willa.. Rather than saying anything, we would like to show you something.."

Getting the clue from Veronica, Reuben got up from his seat and brought out the pendrive which had all the proofs against Sam and Peter. He attatched it to the large projector in the room and played the videos one by one..

Again, everyone focused themselves on the screen and started to watch the videos with all the intensity they have..

First video concluded the conversation between Veronica and Sam when Lucinda took Willa out of the private room to wash the stain on her dress.

The video was showing that Veronica was giving the blueprint to Sam as they heard everything that was being spoken between both of them..

Willa made a confused face after watching the video and asked Veronica, "What was that Vero? Why are you giving him the blueprint of Reuben's hotel project??

As much I know we are not having any problems to understand anything in it. Even if we had any problem, we would ask directly to Reuben for help. But instead, you gave Sam the blueprint.."

"This is not the real blueprint Willa. Ica gave him the fake one." Reuben informed Willa.

Hearing this, Willa became shocked and asked, "What do you guys mean? What is happening here.??"

Veronica got up from her seat and sat beside her. Placing her hand on her shoulder, Veronica said, "Willa.. Please control yourself. And first watch the full video.."

Willa looked at Veronica and getting assured by her, she nodded her head as Reuben again started playing the videos..

The second video was taken today morning when both Peter and Sam visited Reuben at the office. The conversation between them and Sam blaming her and Veronica to sell the blueprint to them and calling Creation a hypocrite was clearly shown in the video.

"Well, it's the head of VFX department and her assistant, Miss Veronica and Miss Willa who tried to sell the blueprint."

Sam's voice erupted from the video and Willa put her hand on her mouth as fresh pool of tears had started to well up in her eyes. She couldn't believe what was she seeing and listening now..

She turned towards Reuben and asked him, "Wha.. what is all this?"

She then tilted her head towards Veronica and asked, "Why is he blaming us of backstabbing? Why is he telling those lies?"

Veronica hugged her shoulder and said, "Calm down Willa.. Please calm down.. We'll tell you everything when you finished watching this."

"There is more to see?" Willa asked nervously and Veronica nodded as the video continued.

The last but not the least, the third video consisted of Sam and Peter in a club, sitting there with girls in their arms who were kissing them, sucking them..

Sam was having a blonde and one red haired woman on his lap who were wearing very tight and revealing dresses as if their dresses would get ripped apart at any moment if they moved their bodies even a little bit from their place..

They both were busy talking about their future plans to own Creation, destroying the CEO of the company..

But the sentence that caught the attention of everyone's the most and made Neil and Reuben clenched their fist together was

"Yeah.. after conquering Creation, I'll f.u.c.k that bitch Willa and also made a chance for you to bed her dear best friend Veronica." It was Sam's voice from the video.

Hearing it, the boys wanted to kill them..

Especially, Neil and Reuben felt like their blood was boiling up in a very high temperature and they were ready to kill those two bastards right at that moment..

But before they could lost their control over themselves, a loud sob broke them from their anger as they saw a disheveled Willa crying her heart's out in Veronica's embrace, hiding her face in her arms..