My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 16

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 16 Cold Showers

Her m.o.a.n gave him more encourage as he then picked her up in bridal style and gently laid her on the bed. Without wasting a single second, he moved on top of her and pinned her down on the bed

Reuben started from, kissing her forehead, nose , then both of her eyes, chin and finally on her luscious lips. After biting and suckling her lips for more than five minutes, he moved to her neck area. At first, he gently kissed her neck and collarbone, then started biting it roughly.

"Uhmmm.." Veronica m.o.a.ned in pleasure and wrapped her hand around his back.

Reuben moved his head up to look at her beautiful face and couldn't hold his urge to ravish her mouth again as his hand went between her thighs caressing it. Again kissing her senseless, he moved back to her neck where he had bitten before and licked the portion, which had already became red, with his tongue.

"Reu.BenAhhh.." Veronica couldn't stop herself calling his name as she pressed him more to herself.

Reuben was now out of control, and he couldn't wait more to devour her fully. He gave a peck on her lips and focused on her face as they both locked their eyes with each other.

He then moved her hair strands that were covering her forehead, with his left hand and hold her face, brushing it with his thumb. His other hand which was caressing her thighs, moved up to undone her robe. He then loosened the knot of her robe leaving it half-opened so that he could remove it from her body, when he saw the white smooth bare flesh of his beloved, his eyes darkened and he fell some wet kisses on her cleavage, and he went to move down more.....

"Hold on..." Veronica pushed him with her hands firmly widening her eyes.

"What happened, honey?" Reuben got up from her and looked at her confusingly.

Veronica looked at him pitifully as she stammered, "I thinkI thinkmy period came."

As she said this, she rushed down from the bed and ran to the bathroom hurriedly.

Reuben groaned in frustration and looked down at his little brother which was already wide awake. He shook his head with a self-pitied expression, because he knew that his days of calming himself with cold showers had not ended yet.

He looked at the locked door of the bathroom and headed to another room to take a cold shower and calm his little brother.

When Reuben came back into the room, Veronica was already sitting on their bed wrapped in a blanket, resting her head on the headboard.

She stared at him guiltily as she apologized, "Sorry babyI forgot that today is the date of my period."

Reuben walked towards her and without any words laid on the bed covering himself with the blanket and pulled Veronica into his embrace.

When he saw her sorry face, he kissed on the top of her head as he consoled her, "It's okay honey. It was not your fault. Come let's sleep. Don't think too much about it."

Veronica sighed seeing how much he had controlled himself just for her sake, he didn't even blame her for it. She kissed his lips one more time and hugged him back as he also buried his head on her neck and both of them dozed off.


Life Hospital, City B.

In the VIP hospital room, an old lady was laying on the bed, having an IV drop attached to her left hand. Her right hand was being hold by a good looking young man, who was sitting on a stool beside her bed.

"Had you met with my future granddaughter in law?" The old lady asked the young man.

Alonzo glanced at his grandmother and said in a soft tone, "No grandma. I haven't yet. Though I saw her in the party but before I could go to her, I was informed of you being hospitalized."

"Aiya!! So you couldn't meet her because of me." The old woman felt sad for her grandson. But suddenly remembering something, she asked him, "So you saw her right? Is she still beautiful like before?"

Alonzo smiled at his grandmother's exasperation as he replied, "She became more beautiful than before."