My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 160

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 160 Is This Really Neil Or His Ghost?..

But before they could lost their control over themselves, a loud sob broke them from their anger as they saw a disheveled Willa crying her heart's out in Veronica's embrace, hiding her face in her arms..

She was sobbing and wailing loudly, resting her head on Veronica's shoulder

"Willa.. Don't cry for a bastard like him. Look, we get to know about his true face before anything serious could happen.

Thankfully, you didn't involve yourself with him like we did with our boyfriends. So don't cry please. You are lucky that you got to know about him before anymore mishap could happen." Lucinda tried to console her.

Willa didn't say anything just continued to cry on. Everyone was looking at her pitifully while Neil was clenching his teeth out of anger. He couldn't see Willa crying like that. It was hurting him the most..

Few minutes later, Willa suddenly got up from there and wiped her tears from her face. She then looked at everyone and stammered, "Guys.. I need to leave now. I'll .. I'll talk to you guys later."

Before anyone could say anything, Willa dashed out of the room, leaving everyone tensed for her wellbeing..

Veronica also got up from the couch to run behind her but before she could take another step forward, Neil hold her wrist and said, "You stay here Vero.. I'll look after her.."

Lifting her head up to see the face of Neil, Veronica noticed his extreme worried expression for Willa among the reflection of love..

Turning towards Reuben, when Veronica saw that he also nodded his head to her, she then hold Neil's shoulder with her other hand and said, "Please take care of her bro. Though she pretends to be strong but she is extremely weak and fragile from her heart. What she needs the most right now is not just some consoling words, but a shoulder to cry on..."

Neil kept his hand on Veronica's cheeks and assured her, "I promise sis. I'll take all the pain out of her. Now I've to leave."

As soon as he completed his sentence, Neil ran out of the room, making others puzzled..

The sudden changes in Neil's behaviour was not at all expected by others. Neil who never had any emotions towards any girls without his two sisters even though he was a known as a famous playboy of the town, showed fury, sadness, tension, worry and love in a single day..

Moreover for whom..??

For Willa with whom Neil had never talked much more than few words for their past eight years of familiarity with each other.!!

Everything was just formal between them. Neil always behaved like he didn't care about her and the little bit of attention he gave to her was all because of the reason that Willa was both of his sisters', Lucinda and Veronica's best friend

After Neil left from there, Louis asked, "Am I dreaming or what? Is this really Neil or I'm seeing his ghost?"

Lucinda glared at him and scolded, "Shut up you fool. We're now tensed about Willa and you're muttering nonsense here."

"What can I do other than that now? I'm also very much worried about Willa. But the scene I just saw now was totally unbelievable. Neil never behaved so much concerned about any girl without you two." Louis uttered in complete wonderment.

Though everyone was tensed about Willa, they still knew that if Neil went behind her, then there was nothing more to concern about Willa.

Neil will handle her himself as they know about the exact definition of his feelings..

Obviously except one idiot who was the only single dog present there.. Louis...

Henry laughed seeing him and said, "Well, Louis. Every man will become like this one day when they came to know about the new feelings inside him."

"What do you mean by that?" Louis asked still being confused.

Reuben rolled his eyes at his cousin's stupidity and said, "That means that Neil is madly in love with Willa but isn't ready to accept it."

"What? Are you guys serious?" Louis shouted loudly being surprised at the revealation.

Veronica hit him on his head said, "Do you think we are at the position to joke right now? You idiot.."

Everyone laughed at Louis when he made a puppy face and all decided to call it a night...


Neil rushed out of Fusion and asked the manager if he had seen Willa to come out from there. As Willa was one of their friends, the manager also knew her very well and respected her very much..

"Yes Sir.. She just left from here and went that way." The manager said pointing towards the direction where Willa went.

Neil immediately ran to his car and started driving towards the way the manager had pointed...

After few minutes of driving, Neil finally spotted a fragile figure walking by the side of the road with her head bowed down. He stopped the car beside her and walked towards her with super fast long strides...

Willa was not at all aware of Neil's presence and even before she could realise something wrong, she was pulled into a warm chest by a strong force...

Getting shocked from the sudden force, Willa was about to fight back when a manly voice rang in her ears, "It's me Willa... Don't worry and let me drive you back to your home."

Willa didn't disagree with him and allowed him to led her to his car.

Making sure that she had seaten well in the co-passenger seat, Neil drove off towards Willa's apartment...


Willa's apartment..

As soon as they both arrived there, Willa opened the door and entered the apartment, being followed by Neil...

She told him to sit on the couch and asked, "You sit here. I'll make some coffee for you."

But before she could go to her kitchen, Neil hold her hand and said, "You go.. Freshen up.. I'll make coffee for both of us.."

Willa looked at him confusedly and said, "You don't have to. Moreover you don't know where the ingredients or utensils are."

Neil pushed Willa towards her room and pressurised her, "Wash yourself first. I'll find everything myself."