My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 161

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 161 The Pain In Neil's Voice..

Neil pushed Willa towards her room and pressurised her, "Wash yourself first. I'll find everything myself."

Silently Willa entered her room before taking a glance at Neil and after locking the door, she immediately crumpled down on the floor and balling her knees together, she placed her head on it..

Slowly the tears she tried to control till now because of Neil's presence, started falling down again making her cheeks all wet...

Neil very well knew that she needed privacy the most right now but he was not even able to leave her in her flat alone in her hardest time. So he made her enter her room in the excuse of making some coffee..

He reached the kitchen and started finding the coffee, sugar and other necessities. And after five minutes of searching, he finally found everything and another seven minutes later he was done with the coffee..

Walking towards the living room, he hadn't seen Willa there but heard the weeping sound from her room. Though he didn't want to disturb her but he could not also allow her to cry for a stupid bastard like Sam.

So keeping the coffee mug on the center table, he walked towards her room and knocked on the door...

"Willa, if you already got freshened up then please come out. The coffee is already prepared." Neil said in a soft voice.

Willa stopped sobbing and said in a hoarse voice, "Yeah... Give me five minutes."

Saying that, she walked slowly towards her bathroom and took a quick bath. Changing herself into a comfortable night dress, she exited the room and saw Neil waiting for her sitting on the couch in the living room..

Neil saw her coming and made a little space beside him for her to sit and said, "Come.. Sit here."

Like an obedient child, Willa sat beside Neil as he handed the coffee to her. Both of them sat beside each other quietly for sometime before Neil finally opened his mouth, "I already warned you about him. But sadly you didn't trust me."

Again, the tears started flowing from her eyes, hearing Neil mentioning about his previous warning to her about Sam but like a fool she was.. In spite of listening to him, she kept trusting the person whom she think as her only lover...

Sighing deeply, Neil placed his coffee mug on the table and hugged Willa quickly. Embracing her tightly in his arms, Neil whispered in her ears, "Sshhh.. I'm here. Don't cry for a bastard like him. He isn't worth of your tears."

Hearing his soothing voice, Willa broke down completely and placed her head on Neil's chest, weeping like a baby...

While crying, she asked stuttering, "Why? Why he.. he did this to me? Why did he betray me like this? Wasn't my love enough for him that he decided to hug and kiss those s.l.u.tty girls? Maybe I trusted him too much that he had not even thought for once to put some dirty blame on me and Veronica.."

Neil said nothing but just caressed her back with his right hand whereas his left hand hold her waist in a firm grip.

"He did this because he is an asshole. He didn't value the diamond he had and instead went for coal...

More than love, money mattered to him the most.. So please Willa... Don't waste your tears on a douchebag like him. I can't see your tears." Neil muttered before placing a kiss on her head.

Willa was so much busy in crying for her own grief that she didn't notice Neil kissing her head nor she heard the pain in his voice when he said the last sentence.

She just continued to cry in his embrace, burying her head in his chest and clutching his shirt strongly making it all wet..


Outside of Fusion...

Everyone already left for their home but only Veronica and Reuben were still present there as Reuben had something important to talk with the manager of this restaurant.

So Veronica waited outside in the garden for him to come and took in the fresh air into her lungs..

"So Miss Veronica is also here today? Did she come on a date here today?"A manly voice suddenly loomed from the back of Veronica.

Veronica span her body towards the source of voice and found the person to be Alonzo..

Alonzo came towards her with a smirk on his face and muttered, "So I guessed it right. You indeed came here with your bastard boyfriend."

Veronica raised her eyebrows at him as her nose flared up in fury hearing him call Reuben a bastard.

She said through her gritted teeth, "Listen Mr. Alonzo Brown... I'm not obliged to tell you with whom and for what I've come here. And for the last time, I'm warning you not to call my boyfriend a bastard. Now move from here."

Turning to get away from him, when Veronica took a step forward, her hand had been caught in a strong grip and she had been pulled by Alonzo harshly..

"Don't you dare run away from here. You are enjoying yourself with your so called boyfriend whereas I'm drowning in my own sorrow for you. How could you be so heartless Vero?"

"Whatever you do is none of my business and vice versa. And I'm not being heartless here, because certainly the person is not me to say cruel things to you. It's you who is an asshole. So just leave my hand Alonzo, otherwise you'll regret it later." Veronica yelled at him with rage in her eyes.

More anger built up inside Alonzo as he tightened his hold around her wrist more and snorted, "No.. I won't leave you. Let me see how that boyfriend of yours would protect you from me.. Let me know how much powerful your boyfriend is, that he could compete against me..."

"If you don't leave my girlfriend's hand right now then I promise I'll not even think twice to break those dirty hands of yours.." Suddenly a voice erupted behind them, making both of them shock...