My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 162

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 162 The Pure Love And Affection Between A Couple..

"If you don't leave my girlfriend's hand right now then I promise I'll not even think twice to break those dirty hands of yours.." Suddenly a voice erupted behind them, making both of them shock...

As soon as the familiar voice entered her ear, Veronica's tensed heart calmed down a little and her face showed a big relieved smile as she instantly turned to look at the face of the only person in the world who was the king of her heart, mind, body and soul

Her anger subsided down immediately as soon as her eyes caught the view of a handsome silhouette of Reuben, glowing under the dim light of the garden, making him look more gorgeous..

Alonzo who was holding Veronica's wrist, found the masculine voice quite familiar but couldn't recognize it immediately as he was already brooding over his own furry to notice anything wrong in the tone of the unknown person.

But when he looked at the smile of Veronica, he understood very clearly that the so called boyfriend of hers who was his love rival had finally come here..

He was about to scold him to go away from here as he had no interest to see his face but Veronica's blooming voice stopped him from doing so..


Hearing the endearment tone in Veronica's voice while calling the name of her so called boyfriend, Alonzo's whole body turned rigid in fury and in the next second, he twirled his body around to see who was the person, for whom Veronica was ready to even forget him and moved on in her life..

But when his eyes met the two sparkling eyes, his every human vessels shuddered as he couldn't believe his own eyes anymore and kept gaping at the person with wide eyes, who was none other than his first business partner of city S, the person who had settled his good fortune in the land of this amazing and wealthy city, the world famous businessman and every girls' dream boy The Reuben Smith..

Reuben's face was extremely cold but his eyes were burning in anger when he saw the irritating face of that stupid Alonzo Brown..

He started to walk towards both of them angrily while his gaze was fixed on the hand of Alonzo which was still holding Veronica's wrist in a tight grip..

When Reuben almost came near them, Alonzo wanted to greet him, "Hel... Hello Reuben.."

But he was immediately stopped when Reuben captured Alonzo's arm in a tight grip and threw it in the air with a strong force and released Veronica from him.

As soon as Veronica was freed by him, the most shocking view of Alonzo's whole life was being presented by Reuben and Veronica in front of him which was nothing less than a movie...

Veronica leaped out of Alonzo's grip and jumped into Reuben's embrace in a swift movement within a fraction of second. Encircling her arms around Reuben's neck, Veronica pulled him closer to her and immediately attacked on his lips with her soft ones..

Reuben who was glaring at Alonzo with his fierce gaze for the whole time as if he could kill him just by his eyes at any moment, seethed in an extreme anger over him..

But when he felt the soft plump body of Veronica with very definite curves in the right places hugging him, his expression instantly changed to the most softest one and his eyes became as tender as possible like some melted butter...

Tilting his face down to look at the lovely face of his precious girlfriend. He wrapped his large hands around her small body when he felt Veronica capturing his lips in a soft kiss and he too soon compiled with it, kissing her with the same passion..

The kiss was soft yet very much passionate as if Veronica had poured all her emotions of relief, joy and peacefulness in that one single kiss..

Reuben also knew that right now his beloved need him the most. He knew that she was neither shock nor sad...

But she needed him to find comfort in his arms because she was feeling so much hate for Alonzo right then, that just a simple touch from him irritated her very much..

That's why she tried to find solace in his arms which Reuben gladly returned with glee..

After all, who would deny a fabulous kiss from the person whom he loved beyond anything in this whole world...

Few seconds later when Veronica filled all her pending frustration in that one kiss, she finally pulled away from him and looked at the calm eyes of Reuben who was assuring her that everything was okay because now he was here with her, standing right beside her as a firm pillar who would protect Veronica from every evil things...

Veronica smiled meekly at him and Reuben smiled back at her. They both kept hugging each other without caring about the left out bone when Alonzo's voice suddenly resonated in their ears..

"What is all these? What are guys doing?" Alonzo tried to enquire them as every piece of shock, uncertainty was painted on his face.

Both Reuben and Veronica looked at Alonzo who was utterly confused at the sudden display of affection between the couple..

Reuben hugged Veronica's shoulder with his left hand and pulled her into his embrace whereas she wrapped her hands around his waist and rested her head on his chest staring at Alonzo with a mocking eyes..

Kissing the top of her head, Reuben smirked at Alonzo before saying, "What are all these? Well this is the pure love and affection between a couple.."

Each words was caught in a whiz by Alonzo as his eyes widened in bewilderment...

Though he already got a hunch about them being a couple, when he saw both of them kissing together so passionately but couldn't believe his eyes that this could even be possible..

"You.. You are Veronica's boyfriend that she was talking about?" Alonzo stuttered.