My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 163

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 163 A Witless Bet..

"You.. You are Veronica's boyfriend that she was talking about?" Alonzo stuttered.

Veronica glared at him with red eyes and replied, "Yes.. Bennie.. I mean Reuben is the boyfriend I was talking about who is my love, life, heartbeat.. Everything.."

"But how.. how could that be possible? Aren't both of you some kind of moral enemies? Don't you guys always fight each other?" Alonzo continued stuttering still trying to grasp everything which were happening around him.

Chuckling at Alonzo's question, Reuben fell the biggest bomb on him when he spoke, "Well, we're not any enemy but the most affectionate lovers, Alonzo.. And about fighting... We don't fight, we just bicker.. which is very much necessary to keep a relationship healthy."

Alonzo couldn't still trust any of his ears or eyes. He just kept gaping at the couple who were embracing each other lovingly and asked, "That means, all the hate you showed for each other, the fights that you portrayed, everything was nothing but just a mere act.."

"We never acted Alonzo. We just hid our relationship from the whole world for some of our personal reasons..

But the hiding period is also now over cause very soon everyone is going to know the actual relation between us that we were never some stupid enemies.. but a power couple who love each other so much that one blink from one's eye was enough to express the inner feeling of each other.." This time it was Veronica who proudly described their relationship, staring at the man she had ever loved in her life..

While the loving couple was drowned in their own world, Alonzo couldn't express what tornado was brewing inside his heart and mind...

The hurt he was feeling, seeing Veronica in another man's arms, the love in her eyes while staring at Reuben, was making him feel like the most precious possession of him was going far away from him..

It was making him feel utmost pain from inside..

Understanding that Alonzo was not able to talk anymore, Reuben whispered in Veronica's ears, "Honey.. can you please go and inform the manager that we're leaving. Then wait for me at the parking lot.."

Veronica looked at him hesitantly but when Reuben gave her an assuring smile, she left the place, glancing at the two men for the last time..

After Veronica was gone from their sight, Reuben thrusted his hands into his pockets and warned Alonzo, "I was ignoring all of your shits from the past few days. You had only given pain and tears to my Veronica in those days but I never for once jeopardize you. But now...

Now all the limit of my patience had broken when you tried to harass my Ica. I was staying mum all these days because I wanted to give Ica the freedom to handle your matters as you were a good friend of hers once.

But today I'm breaking my oath to her that I'll not meddle into your stuffs. So I'm warning you for the first yet last time, if I again see that you are hurting my Ica then I'll make you regret about your own existence in this world."

Alonzo who was hearing silently to Reuben, suddenly spoke up, "Whatever I did to her was not even a penny in return of how much I got hurt. But yaa.. Now I can challenge you one thing.. that I'll gain my Veronica back.

If I have to fight for her with you then I will.. But I'll take back what is mine to me. I openly challenge you about this.."

Reuben was now the one to get the farthest shock. But the shock was not for the challenge Alonzo was throwing on to him, but in exchange, it was the way of his choosing words for Veronica...

"How can you talk like this as if Veronica is some kind of possession? Alonzo tell me one thing clearly..

Did you have ever loved her? Because if you would, then you couldn't ever mention her like she was some kind of object that anyone can bring to their home without asking for her consent if even she wants to be with you or not." Reuben shouted in anger.

Sighing deeply to calm his raging mind, Reuben continued, "She is an human Alonzo. She has a heart and emotions. No one can gain anyone if she did not give her heart herself to you...

If you want to fight for her her with me then do so but not placing her as some obsession of yours. Fight with me with the same love I have for her but don't name her as a challenge between two people.

My girl is not someone who could easily claim to be any person's who would treat her like a non-living thing. My Ica has a loving heart who can't be won over through some stupid bets.. She is my life and I'll not tolerate anyone to play with her like some games of a witless bet..."

Pausing for a while, trying to soothe his anger down, Reuben said again, "Let me warn you for the last time Alonzo.. Don't you dare to come near my Ica if you only want to hurt her again otherwise I'll personally show you the hell.. Keep it in your damn mind.."

Saying this, Reuben left and a dumbfounded Alonzo stood there with a stiffened face.


Parking lot of Fusion...

Veronica was waiting for Reuben in the parking lot, leaning her body on Reuben's car with her hands folded together under her chest.

She was biting her lips pondering over, what was exactly happening in the garden right now. She was looking here and there to pass the time when Veronica finally noticed the intimidating figure of Reuben..

When Veronica saw Reuben was coming towards her, she asked with concern, "What took you so much time Bennie? Is everything okay?"

Reuben saw her tensed expression and his raging mind calm down immediately as he caressed her cheeks and said, "Everything is fine honey. Now let's just leave from here.. It's already very late.."

Veronica nodded her head and both of them drove off to their home..