My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 164

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 164 Photo Will Last Longer..


The next morning...

"Don't you worry.. I'll ask Willa to approve our plan before working on it." Veronica said to Reuben.

Reuben tied his shoe laces and turned towards Veronica before saying, "I have full confidence on you honey. Do whatever you want but you must have to be careful.."

Veronica nodded her head and wore one of her favourite wrist watch before saying, "Yeah... But at first, I have to see if Willa is okay or not. She cried so much yesterday. I still can't erase her heartbroken images from my mind."

Sighing deeply, Reuben said, "You are right. I hope she becomes fine soon. It's now going to be your responsibility to console her. She needs you the most right now as you are the one who revealed Sam's true identity to her.."

Nodding her head, Veronica assured Reuben, "I know Bennie. I'll do my best to make my best friend recover from her heartbreak quickly..."

Reuben smiled and caressed her hair before saying, "Of course, you can do that. My girl can bring smile on anyone's face in a blink of her eyes.."

Veronica beamed and hugged him tightly before muttering, "I love you the most..."

"I love you the mostest most.." Reuben also said as he pecked her on the lips..


Willa's Apartment

Willa woke up from her sleep next morning with puffy red eyes but flinched when she tried to move her body as she felt her neck and shoulder area to be extremely sore. She again tried to get up few minutes later, by trying to press her weight by holding her bed but instead of the soft mattress, her hand touched something really hard..

She was confused at first and turned her head at the right side towards the hard thing that she had touched.. She rubbed her eyes softly and saw the place where her hand was resting on and her eyes widened

To her shock.. It was not some kind of soft mattress but a thigh..

It was a strong thigh of some man..!!

The sleepiness in her mind already vanished away like some magic and she trailed her eyes slowly from the thigh to the person's stomach then to the broad chest of him and finally her eyes landed on the face of the muscular man who was sleeping on the bed..

Her eyes widened in beyond shock when she saw the face of the man whose hands were wrapped around her shoulder while his head was leaned backwards, resting on the bed's headrest..

The person was none other than the very handsome Neil Wilson...

How was he here?

What was he doing here?

Why was he sleeping here hugging her shoulder?

Most importantly.. What was he doing in her bed with her?

She checked her body immediately out of fear and saw that she was fully dressed in her night clothes that she wore last night..

Looking at the surrounding, she found ou that it was not her bedroom..

Wait.. What?

She was not in her bedroom then where was she?

Well.. She was in her liviing room, sleeping in a sitting position on the sofa..


Coming out of the shock, Willa tried to distance herself from Neil but he tightened his arms around her, holding her more tightly and slipped off his head from the sofa and placed it on her shoulder..

Willa's body turned stiff with that sudden turn of position but when she noticed the peaceful sleeping face of Neil, her heart started to beat loudly that she could hear it herself with out any stethoscope..

She moved her eyes down towards his forehead, then to his nose and lastly her eyes remained on his perfect lips.

He was pouting his perfect lips so cutely in his heavy sleep as if it was inviting her to kiss him restlessly for over and over...

Oh God!!

What was she thinking right now?

Had she gone crazy that now she was thinking of kissing no other person but Neil?

Like seriously?

But she had to really accept the fact by watching his face from so close for the first time that.. Neil was extremely good looking.. He was very much handsome in his different way from others..

His hair was falling on his forehead covering half of it, making him look more charming than anything..

Slowly raising her left hand up, she carefully moved the hair strands from his forehead and pushed it towards the back of his head.

Gliding her hand from his head to forehead, she traced his cheeks still staring at his lips..

But when she was about to outline his pointed nose, Neil's voice suddenly jolted her up from her own dreamland..

"I know I'm very handsome and if you want to acknowledge it then take a picture, it will last longer. And then you can brush your fingers on my face in the photo all day long without anyone's disturbance by getting caught red handed.."

Willa jumped up from his sudden voice and crawled backwards on the sofa..

"You.. you were awake for the whole time?" Willa asked being astonished.

"Yes.. I was.. From the time you tried to take advantage of me by moving your hands from here to there on my face." Neil said with an act of complaining to her.

Willa's face turned red in embarrassment and she looked down at her fingers quietly fidgeting with it..

Neil smirked after seeing the always haughty and high tempered Willa being submissive towards him today for the first time..

So he took the perfect chance to tease her and asked, "Are you being shy now?"

Trying to save herself from further embarrassment, Willa tried to divert his attention into something else as she shouted, "What.. what are you doing here in my place?"

"Woah Girl..!! Calm down.. I came here yesterday to help you from getting out of your misery but now you are blaming of trespassing in your apartment. A really well process to say thanks.." Neil mocked.

Remembering yesterday's incident of seeing the true face of Sam, Willa felt pain in her heart again and bowed her head down to hide your sorrow from Neil..

Neil saw it and cursed himself in his mind for reminding her about that bastard. So he got up from the sofa and sat on the floor by kneeling down in front of her..

Taking her hands in his warm one, he made her looked up at him and tried to console her, "Willa... Please don't be sad again. Isn't it already better that you found his true colour before he could harm you more? So now don't stress out more and be happy. A bastard like him doesn't deserve your love."

Willa kept staring at his eyes which were assuring her like a child. She found that all the pain inside her had instantly disappeared and an easiness in her heart crept up suddenly, making her very much comfortable around him which was quite unexpected for her..

"I know.. He doesn't deserve my kindness and love.. Even I'll also not mourn over him anymore. But that doesn't mean that I'd not pay him back for whatever he did to me." Her eyes flashed through an evil glint which Neil noticed and smiled thinking that the strong headed Willa was back again.