My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 17

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 17 Madam Brown

Alonzo smiled at his grandmother's exasperation as he replied, "She became more beautiful than before."

"Hmm Then that's good. Not any ordinary woman can be my grandson's wife after all." The old lady proudly said.

"Okay. It's already been very late. Now close your eyes and sleep. I'll be coming tomorrow to bring you back home." Alonzo said and covered her with the blanket properly.

Seeing that the woman had already closed her eyes and was breathing heavily, he got out of the room.


The old lady was none other than Alonzo's paternal grandmother, Madam Brown. She is over 60 years old but as she maintained herself properly, not everyone could guess it by looking at her. She was very close to both of her grandchildren, Alonzo and his little sis Myra Brown.

She always loved both of them equally and never differentiate between boys and girls. So she was both of their best friend.

Alonzo also loved her a lot and he prioritized her the most in his family. As they were very close to each other, he revealed all his secrets to her.

When Alonzo met the love of his life for the first time, his grandmother was the first one who came to know about it. From then, he told each and every single thing, both he and his beloved had done and how they fell into love and their relationship stories etc.. He also shared how they spent their pass times loving each other and also how the girl cheated on him and left him in the crucial point of his life.

Grandmother Brown also loved to listen to the stories of the couple and already started to build a liking towards her. But everything has changed when the girl left Alonzo..

Alonzo got broken so much that he locked himself in his room for two days, without eating anything, nor did he spoke to anyone. He only opened the door when grandma Brown came to his door and consoled him from outside and also gave him the excuse of her illness.

After opening the door, Alonzo cried in her embrace for one hour and barely ate some foods. But after that, the soft hearted person was no more alive, instead a cold and stone hearted person had born into that 23 year old boy's body.

And now he is the most feared man of city B.... The Alonzo Brown.


Alonzo got into his car and called his assistant, "What is the progress in S city? When will the shifting of our main headquarters be completed?"

"Boss, everything is almost ready. We just need to finalize the guest list for our inauguration party. If you are free now, then I'll send the list of the invited guests." His assistant replied.

"Hmm. Send it to me. I want to shift our company's main headquarters to city S as soon as possible. So let's not waste any time and tell everyone to work hard more, if they want to double their bonus this month." Alonzo ordered.

"Okay, boss. I'll do as you said." His assistant, Bill assured him.

"And also book a ticket to city S for the day after tomorrow."

"Noted Boss." Bill confirmed his boss as he cut the call.

After cutting the call Alonzo leaned back on his seat and closed his eyes.

He said to himself, "I really don't know what to do with myself. It's killing me to see you all happy by yourself, whereas I'm dying here with your memories. Why did you do this to me then?"

His anger rose up as he punched the back of the driver seat. His driver, who was seating in front, flinched by his boss's sudden action but did not say anything.

Alonzo opened his eyes and took some deep breaths to calm himself down. Then he ordered his driver to drive back to his mansion.