My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 18

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 18 The Epitome Of Handsomeness

The next morning in City S.

Veronica stretched out her hand towards the right side of herself, to hug Reuben, but she couldn't feel the sturdy yet soft body. When she felt the coldness, she opened her eyes and found out that the other side of the bed was already empty. She walked towards the bathroom and seeing that he was also not there, instead of finding him, she took a bath and got freshen up.

After donning herself in a robe, she came out and dried her hair. She then found some casual work clothes in the wardrobe and got ready for her office.


Veronica was still on stairs when she smelled something really good. She hurriedly went inside the kitchen and noticed her man there.

Reuben was wearing a white round neck t-shirt with black pants. His hair was disheveled and wet, as he neither dried nor combed his hair after shower. This muscular man was stir frying some vegetables and meat right then with full focus. He was just like 'the epitome of handsomeness'.

Veronica was in daze viewing the man's profile and couldn't utter a single word. Her mind went berserk thinking how these muscled arms hold her tightly in his arms and the feeling of being in his arms is so blissful that she never wanted to get out of it.

"Are you done staring at me, baby?" Reuben asked when he felt someone's sharp gaze on him. Without looking he could tell that the person was none other than his beloved girlfriend.

The sudden voice made Veronica to return back from her dazed state. She walked towards him and tiptoed to give him a kiss on the cheek as she avoided his question and said, "Good morning baby."

Reuben turned his head towards her and gave a quick peck on her lips and replied, "Morning love. Our breakfast is almost ready, so that my beautiful girlfriend can eat soon." He then turned off the oven.

"Woah!! So many dishes. I missed your cooking so much darling." She said, salivating over the dishes.

Reuben laughed at his girl's comment as he hooked his arm around her waist and kissed her lips. He can't get enough of her luscious lips, even if he continued kissing her the whole day.

Veronica broke out from the kiss and she said, "Go and get ready quickly. I'll arrange the table."

Nodding his head, Reuben went upstairs to get charged in his office attire.


After their hearty breakfast, Reuben and Veronica drove towards Creative (where Veronica works). While they were in the car, Reuben was holding her hand and brushing the back of it with his thumb. Veronica didn't said anything as she was already habituated to it. Reuben would always hold her hand when they were driving together as if he got encouragement by it and in the middle of driving, he would bring her hand to his lips and would kiss it.

"Bennie.. Did you get any clue about the man?" Veronica abruptly asked.

Hearing this question, Reuben turned his head to look at her, while his hand tightened around the steer-wheel. He clenched his teeth and responded in anger, "Yes, that bastard had been caught three days ago and now is in my men's hand. They are taking care of him gleefully."

Veronica patted his hand that was holding her hand, with her other hand to reduce his temper.

She coaxed him, "Don't get angry baby. He is not even at a level of getting your anger. You have already said that he is being punished by your men now. So cool down. Okay?"

Reuben looked at her face again and sighed. He couldn't stay angry for long time, when his love was coaxing him in this cute way.

After reaching her office, Veronica kissed him one more time and went into her office. After making sure that Veronica entered the office premises, he also drove to somewhere.


Since some days, a man was continuously following Veronica and watching her every steps. When Veronica felt something awkward, he told this to Reuben and he immediately assigned his men to search for that suspicious man and finally, he got caught before three days.

Reuben also increased the amount of guards around Veronica as she is his first priority always and if something would happen to her, he would kill each and everybody without any hesitation.