My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 19

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 19 No One Dare To Hurt My Woman

In the outskirt side of city S

A five-storeyed building stood tall amongst the other houses of that locality. Though there were also other people staying in that locality, but those were far away from that building, as it was in a relatively secluded area. No outsiders were allowed there and no sounds could be heard from the building. Only sometimes, big cars could be seen to go into that private place. None knew about the owner of that place or what was this place being used for. It was still a big question for those few people who lived there.

The place was protected from outsiders with high walls and long coconut trees. The house had been prepared with thick black stone and black glasses. Hardly any sunlight could enter in that house. There were many armed man securing the place and observing everything seriously; not even a mosquito could pass through them without their permission.


A car had approached the gate of that private place. Recognizing the number plate of the car, the guards opened the gate from their control office and let the car enter in the premises.

The car stopped in front of the main door of the building as a man dressed in Black suit opened the car door. A pair of hefty legs descended from the car as he closed his suit button. All the armed men that were guarding the place, bowed their head down in respect, with their right hand on their chest.

The man who just stepped out of the car, was wearing a charcoal grey suit with a light grey shirt inside. He was wearing a dark black tie with black Oxford shoes. He was looking very handsome in his attire as he carried his cold face.

At that moment, another man in black suit came out from the building and bowed towards the previous man. "Boss, we had tried many things to make that bastard spill out the reason of his doing, but he is continuously saying the same thing that he doesn't know anything about it." The assistant who came out from the building informed.

The Boss didn't say anything, instead he directly walked inside the building, followed by his assistant. They both went through a hidden door and pressed a button. A big portrait of a beautiful landscape moved aside from the wall and another hidden path came into their view, which was leading them to an underground area.



As both of the men entered the black glassed room in the underground area, this was the first sight they saw.where a man was lying on the ground being tied, only wearing an underwear and his whole body was covered with blood and different types of cuts. He was shouting loudly as another man was peeling his nails out from his fingers one by one.

The Boss indifferently took a seat on the comfortable sponged chair, without batting a eye on the blooded man and gave a sign to his other subordinates to leave the room.

Now, only there were three people in the room.the Boss, his assistant and the abducted man.

The boss lazily looked at the man, who was crying out of pain and asked him in a cold voice, "Who sent you to keep an eye on my woman?"

The half-n.a.k.e.d man looked at him in horror as if he had seen a ghost and had just discovered the most frightening truth of his life and stuttered, "You. Your woman?"

He shuttered in fear when he recognized, that the person who was in front of him then, was none other than the great and most powerful man in the country S, the CEO of Smith Enterprise, Mr. Reuben Smith.

Reuben didn't even think to answer him for a single time but his voice rose from cold to enraged state, as he again asked, "For the last time I'm asking you this, who sent you here and what is the reason of all this?"

The man sat up from the cold floor with difficulties and shook his head vigorously, "I'm sorry for what I had done but even if you ask me hundred more times and torture me to death, my answer will still be a no."

"Death..!! Haa??" Reuben raised his eyebrows and laughed out sarcastically.

Then he rose to his feet, took a gun from a table and shot the man straight away on his forehead. The man fell down on the floor once again and closed his eyes, hinting his death to the other two men.

"You wanted death, nah? Then how can't I fulfil your last wish!! So die now.. No one can dare to hurt my woman.. No One..." Reuben shouted in a cold voice, flushed in anger.

Then he threw the gun on the table and wiped his hand clean with some tissues and ordered his assistant, "Throw his body in the river."

"Okay, boss. Think the work is already done." His assistant, Tom replied.

"Good." Reuben said and left the building.