My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 2

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 2 Shopping Time With Mother Lopez..

At 11 o'clock both mother and daughter entered the shopping mall named 'Sky-Heart' which is also owned by the Lopez Industries. The manager was waiting at the gate to welcome their Lady Boss and Young Miss. "Welcome Mrs. Lopez and Young Miss" ,greeted the manager.

They nodded their head as a greeting and went inside. Mrs. Lopez smiled politely as she spoke with the manager, "We're here to buy some dresses, suits and accessories. So you don't have to come with us, just send someone reliable to follow us."

Mrs. Lopez was wearing a blue knee length dress whereas Veronica wore the same jeans and t-shirt of morning with the addition of black jacket, sunglasses and a Capresse black bag. Both of them were attracting other customers because of their looks.

The manager sent a female assistant to guide them with shopping. They first visited the suits department to buy a suit for Mr. Lopez and after buying it they directly visited a showroom which is famous for ladies' garments and gowns.

After searching for the perfect dress for whole 20 minutes, their eyes finally got fixated on a pink mermaid dress which has blue and purple hand stitches all over the rayon gown.

It is a V-neck long dress with an embroidery of fine blue colored pearls at the bottom part. The dress itself looked very pretty; so without wasting any more time Mrs. Lopez ordered the assistant to pack it and handed her a black card.

Mother Lopez then looked at her daughter.

"Vero, I'm very sure that this dress suits you very perfectly. And when you will go to the party wearing this dress every eyes will only be on you." She couldn't help but tease her daughter who don't like to be the center of attention.

Veronica just rolled her eyes listening to her mother's over exaggerating words. "Whatever! Now quickly choose a beautiful dress for you too." She scoffed. Her mother always tease her deliberately just to piss her off.

"I don't need to buy any dress because I already bought one with Victoria. So I just came here to buy you a gown." Jessica shrugged her shoulders.

Veronica gaped at her mother unbelievably and said, "What??? You just brought me here to buy a dress for me? Are you serious Mom? Who did you waste so much of time on shopping, that too for buying just a single dress!!!!"

Jessica again got angry as she said, " You little brat, why are you not like any other normal young girls who love to shop? Why do you feel shopping is boring?"

Again rolling her eyes Veronica cheekily smiled and pouted, "Come on Mom, don't overreact please. It's not like I hate shopping but it's just that I love my holiday and like to sleep very much. But I promise that I will stop complaining if you buy me my favorite ice-cream."

Jessica shook her head seeing her big daughter behaving like a child and pinched her cheeks lovingly, "Okay, how can I say no to my adorable girl..?"

Meanwhile, the assistant brought the already packed dress to them. Seeing her, Veronica asked her mother.

"So Mom, now that we have already brought the dress; so where are we going next?"

Mother Lopez thought for a while and replied, " HmmNow that we have the dress then let's go to buy some accessories, jewels and shoes to match it."

Sighing again Veronica followed her mother silently to the jewelry showroom. There they bought a simple three line diamond necklace and a one line necklace set with earrings which has been decorated with diamonds like a flower tiara.

They also bought some matching bracelet and ear rings for themselves. They didn't forget to buy some hand bags and purses followed by a blue high-heel 7 inch pencil shoes for Veronica. They also packed a suit for Mr. Lopez.

After shopping for whole 4 hours Veronica got extremely tired as she asked her mother, "Mrs. Lopez, have some mercy on this little peasant. I'm very much tired after running through every store. So, can we now go back home please?"

Jessica shook her head, "No, we haven't yet done with shopping. So no going home for now."

Veronica widened her eyes and pleaded, "But we have bought everything, so there is nothing left to buy."

Mrs. Lopez caught Veronica's hand and dragged her to the elevator. After pressing the top most button she asked, "Did you forget what is the party for?"

Veronica pressed her eyebrows together and replied, "Mom I don't have amnesia to forget such a little thing. I know that Aunty and Uncle Smith are throwing this party for that idiot Reuben Smith."

"Yes, you're right and that is why we are going to buy a present for him. I've already ordered a brooch for Reuben."

Right then the elevator door opened with a 'ding' sound and they exited from the elevator. They then entered the famous brooch shop for the upper class people. Mr. Wayne was already waiting for them at the entrance and greed them smilingly, "Hello beautiful ladies, it's been long time I saw you both."

They both smiled at him and greeted him back. Mr. Wayne is not only the owner of this shop but also the famous designer. Not to mention that he is a very close friend of Mr. Lopez.

After chatting for few seconds Mr. Wayne showed them the brooch and both the mother-daughter pair's jaw dropped after seeing it.

It was a golden brooch which has two blue colored rare emerald gems at the end part of both side and in the middle was a ruby in red. They gems were attached with each other by gold and platinum chains. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

"Wow, it's amazing." Both of the ladies exclaimed together.

Mr. Wayne said happily, " I'm glad that both of you liked it."

After paying both of the ladies bought some ice-cream from an ice-cream parlor and drove back home.