My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 20

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 20 Secret 7..

Reuben is not any simple man, he has his another identity which is not known by many people. He is the boss of a famous underworld group, named 'SECRET 7'. Everyone started shivering just by hearing this name. Though 'Secret 7' is a underworld gang, but it never supports any illegal transaction of drugs and weapons or human trafficking. Instead of this, they protect the country K from those gangs, who did this transactions and prohibits them by an ultimatum. But..even after their warning, if those gangs still tried to sneak out those drugs and weapons illegally, then 'Secret 7' will not even blink an eye to demolish them.

Not only the normal peoples or other businessmen were frightened over 'Secret 7' but also the other underworld groups never tried to offend them, because it would surely led them to death. 'Secret 7' has total 7 members in group, including Reuben and they also held same positions like him, but the king has to be only one person...and that is none other than The Reuben SmithHe is best known as the king of the underworld, more like THE DEMON KING.

Each and everyone of this gang has their own code names as like the seven leaders. This seven leaders also had their own elite team and their subsidiary groups, which has been handled by them personally, but these seven subsidiary groups always worked as one..under the main branch... Secret 7...

Reuben's code name is Hurl, whereas the code names of the other four leaders are Ice, Hunter, Flash, Neo, Zico and Mark. Each of their real identities were securely covered by their teams and they also gained support from the government for their good works..


Reuben went back to his office from his underworld base and attended the meetings, he needed to. It was already evening when he finished his work and messaged Veronica to wait for him in the parking lot of her office because he would pick her up from there.


When Veronica got his message, she was also done with her work and after packing up her things, she waited for Reuben to pick her up.

After 5 minutes of waiting, she noticed Reuben's car and quickly got into it. As usual the first thing she got after riding into the car, was definitely not a casual greeting like 'Hi honey, how was your work?'but a passionate kiss from her wolf boyfriend. She couldn't even fix herself on the seat properly but Reuben pulled her towards him and devoured her. As it was their daily routine, so she didn't stop him to do so.. because these kisses also lifted her mood up and made her relax after the whole day's boring work.

After the kiss, they both drove to their bungalow and Veronica immediately ran to the washroom after getting inside their lovely home.

(A/N: as girls can really relate that, Period sucks)

Reuben didn't go their room, instead he walked into the kitchen. He kept his suit on the sofa and shifted his sleeves up to his elbow. He then took out a container of Brown sugar and put some water on the stove to warm. After the water got heated up, he added two tablespoon of brow sugar in it and when the sugar melted, he pour the brown sugar mixture into a glass and headed up to their bedroom.

When he entered their bedroom, Veronica was already done with her bathing and was combing her hair then. Reuben slowly walked towards her and kept the glass on the dressing table, as he took the comb from Veronica's hand and signaled her to drink.

Veronica smiled at him and didn't argue with him, as she quickly gulped down the drink while Reuben was combing her hair gently as like she was some porcelain doll.

Having completed the drink, she turned her body towards Reuben and hugged him by his waist whereas her face rested on his lower abdomen. "Thanks honey, you always take care of me."

Veronica was very happy as she knew that even after his heavy workload in the office, when he came back to their home, the first thing he decided to do was to make her a drink of Brown sugar. He knew that she really had to suffer a very bad period crumps for these five days, so he personally made it for her. He really cares for her the most.

Reuben smiled and kissed the top of her head affectionately and pleaded to her, "Baby, now don't give me a boner. You know that I can't take you right now.. that's why you are teasing me."

Veronica chuckled at his comment and got up from the stool. She quickly gave him a peck on his lips and told him to freshen up. She then headed downstairs to the kitchen with the empty glass. When she was done washing the glass, she quickly made some quick yet warm dinner.

When Reuben couldn't find her in their room after his bath, he came downstairs and the first thing he saw was, Veronica arranging the dinner table with various dishes.

After placing all the dishes on the table, she finally saw Reuben and noticed anger on his face. She exactly knew what was his anger about.

"Honey, I just cooked some dishes.. I didn't do any other chores. So don't be angry and come let's eat."

Reuben didn't move from that place and said coldly, "Aren't you having crumps? I know it's quite painful, so why were you in the kitchen, cooking all these?"

Veronica went towards him and said pitifully by holding his hands, "It's alright baby. It doesn't hurt much after I drink that mixture. Or don't you want to eat my cooking?" Tears filled in her eyes as she said that.

Sighing deeply, he kissed her forehead and wiped away the tears that were threating to fall from her eyes. He very well knew that it was her acting to pursue him but he couldn't do anything, as he couldn't bear to see her tears, even though it was fake. Veronica happily pulled him to the dining table and after the dinner, they both slept peacefully in each other's arms.