My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 21

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 21 Money Is All That Talks

In the morning, city B

Alonzo brought back his grandmother to their old family mansion. Both of his parents were present there. Mrs. Brown was preparing some fruit juice for Madam Brown while Alonzo was with his father in the study room.

In the study room

Alonzo was sitting leisurely on the sofa with his legs crossed over each other, holding a puzzle piece in his hand and playing with it.

"What's the meaning of all these?" Alonzo's father, Mr. Porter Brown asked furiously, sitting on the swivel chair behind the study table.

Alonzo kept the puzzle piece down on the center table and laid back on the soft cushion lazily, but didn't answer him back.

Porter became more angry by his son's behavior as he threw the file in his hand on the table forcefully and asked gritting his teeth, "I'm asking you something, Alonzo. Will you answer me for God's sake? Why are you changing the head quarters back to city S?"

Alonzo just took his phone out from his pocket and messaged something to his assistant, totally ignoring his father.

Mr. Brown was utterly enraged this time, as he dashed towards his son and threw Alonzo's phone aside on the sofa. He shouted on him, "Don't stay still like a dumb person and answer me."

Alonzo then shot a side glance at his father and solemnly replied, "I'm just changing it for some business purposes, Dad. We're already the most powerful businessman of city B. So there is nothing harmful to increase our power around the country. And you also know that city S is the best bait for this. So let's try our luck there too." Pausing for a while, Alonzo directly looked into his father's eyes as he asked, "Don't you have faith in your own son?"

His father balled his fingers into a tight fist and tried his best to control his fury. He then glared at his son as he said, "Who are you making a fool, Alonzo!!?? Youand mewe both know that this is not the main reason of the shifting. There is more about it."

"Well, you know your son very well Dad. It's just that I'm missing some spices here so I am shifting our main headquarters to city S, so I can get back all the spices in my life again." Alonzo replied very calmly.

Porter Brown gave a hefty sigh and sat down on the opposite single sofa from his son. He rested both of his hands on the armrests and moved his body forward.

"You know, you can always get back whatever you lost here, in this city. Why bother to set everything again from the start in another city? Moreover, you know it very well that City S. actually not only city S but the whole country is in the power of the Smith's and city S is their root. We can't gain many facility there and even if you try very hard, we still can't suppress them." Mr. Brown tried to make his son understand his point of view.

"I know that well Dad and I'm not going there to suppress anyone. Also, I had already sent a business proposal to the secretary department of Mr. Reuben Smith about there new project in City A. They are bidding for the architectural plans and we are the best at it. So I'm sure, after our plan got selected, we can directly collaborate with them which will also help us to steady our business in City S. So don't worry about anything and let me handle it." As Alonzo replied all his father's questions, he immediately stood up to leave.

When he was near the door, Mr. Brown warned his son, " Do whatever you want. But remember, you will only marry the daughter of the Parker family, Regina Parker."

Alonzo paused in his step and his right hand tightened in a fist, but without saying anything, he stormed out of room, making the door of the study room shuttered in a loud 'bang'.

After Alonzo left the room, Mr. Porter Brown brushed his chin with his fingers and grinned devilishly. "Whatever your plan is about the shifting of the main headquarters, I can't guess it properly right now. But I'm very sure that it must be connected with that beggar girl, whom you are loving from 5 years. But don't worry son, even also this time.. I'm not going to allow that beggar to stay by your side. After all, money is all that talks. Hahahaha" Mr. Brown evilly laughed as he said to himself.