My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 22

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 22 Apple Of The Eye

Alonzo was on the last step of stairs, when a big force knocked onto him and hugged him tightly. Alonzo became dumbfounded for some seconds, but when he saw the girl, who was hugging him like a koala, he also wrapped his arms around her.

He then leaned down his head and kissed the upper portion of the girl's head and smiled adoringly at her.

"Bro, you are finally back. I missed you so much." The girl in Alonzo's arms broke the hug to look up at his big brother with a cute smile.

Alonzo couldn't hold his chuckle seeing his only sister acting all cute in front of him. He patted her head lovingly and said, " So my baby sis missed me. I thought she would be too much busy in shopping for her upcoming birthday that she would forget about her big brother."

Myra stuck out her tongue playfully at her brother and said with puppy eyes, "You seriously doesn't trust your only little sister at all. Otherwise you would never mocked me like this." She faked of being hurt.

"Oh, yeahI really don't trust you at all because you always bring troubles for me." Alonzo teased her.

"Brother....!!!" Myra got angry over her brother and shouted on him.

"Okay, okay.. Stop shouting now." Alonzo covered his sister's mouth with his hand to stop her shouting.


Myra Brown, the only daughter of Brown family and Alonzo's only sister, who is 2 years younger than him. She is the apple of the eye of every family members. Everyone doted on her and pampered her very much since childhood, but she is not a rotten princess like Regina. Though each and every person of Brown family loved her a lot and gave her all the pricy things that she wished, but still she never showcased her power wrongfully on anyone. She never mistreated anyone or differentiated between poor and rich.

Myra was very good at study since her childhood and loves to know about different types of food through out the world. So after school, she joined in a course of Hotel management to become a professional chef. She just completed her graduation and planning to open her own restaurant.

Alonzo always doted on her and fulfilled all of her wishes. She is the only person in his life (except his grandmother), for whom he visits their family mansion often. As he already have his own penthouse in the middle of the city B, which is also the most costly area of city B, so he doesn't stay in this mansion. He only comes back here, when his old grandma or his little sis persisted him to come.


After the teasing part, Myra held Alonzo's hand and pulled him in the living room and made him sit on the sofa. She then too sat beside him and spoke nervously, "Bro, actually I want to tell you something.... Actually, I want to open a restaurant but I can't find a suitable place here."

Alonzo sensed that his sister has something more to tell him and that would definitely make trouble for him. So he pursed his lips and asked, "And.??"

Myra gulped in tension before replying, "I heard that you are shifting the company to city S. Socan you please also take me there with you? As I couldn't find a suitable place here, maybe I can find one there. Please broplease let me go with you."

Alonzo was shocked with his sister's request as he knew that she never wanted to leave city B, even when their parents forced her to study abroad, she was reluctant to go and cried for one whole week. So finally, their parents and Alonzo agreed to her demand and let her study in City B.

So nowwhat triggered him the most was why his little sister was pleading him to leave the place as soon as possible. Though he was having an intuition that she was hiding something from him but he didn't show this on his face.

He casually replied, "Okay I'll be leaving for city S to check out the preparation of our company's inauguration party today evening. So you won't have much time to prepare. Why don't we do one thing.. After I arrive there, I'll ask Bill to find a good place for your restaurant and then you can come with Mom, dad and grandma before the party and settled down there with me. What's say?"

"Cool bro. You are the bestest brother of the world." Myra cheered excitedly and hugged his brother.

After lunch with his family, Alonzo left for city S, as he already told his assistant Bill to prepone his visit to city S from tomorrow morning to today evening. He ordered Bill his change of planning through text when he was sitting in the study room, talking to his father this morning.