My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 23

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 23 Thinking The Same

It was already 9 pm when Alonzo came back in S city. He reached at his apartment and after taking a bath, he quickly ate his dinner which had been delivered by his assistant, as his maid and cook would be joining for the house course from the next day.

Alonzo just got into his room when his grandmother called him. He picked up the call, "Hello grandma. Why didn't you sleep yet?"

"How could I sleep when you hadn't even called me after arriving there?" Grandma Brown was very angry.

"Sorry. I was about to call you but you called me first."

"Humph! As you are safe, I'm cutting the call then. I have to sleep now. Bye.." Grandma Brown didn't even gave him a chance to reply as she cut the call.

Alonzo smiled, looking at the phone because he knew how much his grandmother loved him. She adores him a lot, specially because he looks more like his grandfather than his own father. Keeping the phone aside, he then slept off, as from the next day, it would be a war for him, to took revenge on one person by getting back her to himself and also to start a new journey as the new business man of city S.


Next morning, as usual, Reuben dropped Veronica at her office before going to Smith Enterprise. Every employee stood up from their seat to greet him 'Good Morning'.

He just nodded his head slightly as a response and went directly in his office. His assistant Tom, greeted him in his office and gave him the files that he needed to sign.

Even after a while, when Tom didn't leave the place, Reuben then lifted his head up from those files to look at him confusingly. He then kept his pen on the table and intertwined the fingers of his both hands and pressed his elbows on the table, resting his chin on his hand.

"Do you have something to say?" Reuben asked.

"Boss you remember Mr. Alonzo Brown, right?" Tom asked after taking a deep breath.

Reuben frowned listening the name as he couldn't identify the person. But his brain suddenly worked as he said, "Yeah. The CEO of Brown Corporation. His father is some old distant friend of my father, I guess. But why are you asking me about him now?"

"Yes sir, that's him. Actually Mr. Brown is shifting the headquarters of Brown Corporation from city B to city S. And he also sent us a business proposal for our upcoming project in City S." Tom politely replied.

"Hmmm.. That's really a big news to hear. But why he is shifting the headquarters here now.. I mean why so suddenly? How much I know that his company is the best one in City B. Then why?" Reuben enquired while brushing his index finger on his chin.

"Yes sir, I'm also thinking the same."

Reuben just shrugged his shoulder and said, "Let it go. That's not our problem to think. And analyze his project and compare it with the other bidders. If his project idea is the best then we will chose him, otherwise ignore it."

"Yes boss." Tom left the office with the files that had been already signed.

Reuben leaned back on his chair and thought for some time about this new businessman of city S. But then shook his head and focused on his work.


In Creation

Veronica was doing some task, when Willa entered her office and notified her about something. Veronica then interjected the pen-drive which Willa handed her and inspected the whole video, then her face turned sour and anger rose up in her head.

Calming herself down, Veronica wickedly smiled and ordered Willa do a very interesting yet mysterious job. After listening the plan, Willa also smirked and took her leave.