My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 24

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 24 The New Entry

Top floor of Creation, The CEO's office

The office was decorated in European style. A large table was placed at the middle of the room. A computer, some tablets, files, pens with penstands and some other important things were neatly organized on the table.

The backside of the table had some bookshelves with various kinds of books, many trophies and medals were placed accordingly in the glass shelves.

The right side of the table has a big glass window, from where the beautiful city S could be seen in the sunset. The mesmerizing view could really take one's breath out. The front side of the office table had big European styled sofas and a center table was placed right in front of it.

There was another door attached to the left wall and it was locked. Without this door, there was nothing more on the this side, except some beautifully organized painting on the wall. There was no name written on the painting, but a little sign could be seen there but one couldn't recognize the painter by those signs. The painters of all those amazing paintings were same, as those signatures were also same but he / she never sold their paintings to anyone except the CEO of Creation.


Suddenly the door of the CEO's office opened and the sound of clicking high heels could be heard. As the person was approaching towards the middle of the room, one could easily guess that there were not the sound of one pair of high heels but two.

Those two ladies came near the table and one of them passed by it and sat on the estimated seat of the CEO, whereas the other one sat right in front of the CEO.

"I've already done whatever you asked me to do." The person who was sitting in front of the CEO said. She was the very-trusted assistant of the CEO, who also hold some shares in this company.

"Good. So now the game begins." The CEO smirked.

"How dare they even think of backstabbing us? Do they think that the CEO of this company is fool? Do they take me as granted? Now is the right time to show them what I can exactly do.!!" The CEO slapped her hand on the table hard.

Right at that time, the door opened again, but the two of the ladies who were in the room didn't got nervous of being their identity got leaked to the person who just entered the room, as not only the CEO's office but the whole floor was secured by any anonymous guest. Only the persons who had a special card, could enter the floor.

The new entry was a man, who was as handsome as a sculpture. He has black hairs, sharp nose, cute lips and his body was also well maintained.

He came into the room and sat right beside the assistant and smiled at both of the girls, "Hey beautiful ladies. Seems like you are discussing something serious."

Both of the girls glared at him and didn't respond to the man and again started to discuss about their plans.

"Woah!! Am I getting ignored by both of you?" the man asked bewilderedly.

"So what can you expect for us to do? To worship you? Don't even think of it because you already lost the chance. And as usual you are two hours late, the so called Vice CEO of our company, Mr. Louis Morgan." The mocking voice was none other than of the CEO.

"Hey, don't say like this. After all I slept very late at night." Louis pouted.

"Don't fight both of you please. After all, we are discussing something important here." Now it was the assistant who eyed the other two person.

After that the trio indulged in their discussion without taunting each other.


Louis Morgan was also a big shot of country S. He is the second heir of the Morgan families, who won a exportation business. But Martin was not interested in their family business, so he studied Multimedia and built this company along with the anonymous CEO.

He is now the Vice CEO of Creation and everyone from the country knew him by his name. Though his family protested him at the first to not go in this line, but his elder brother and his cousin made his parents agreed to his choice.

He had a very charming personality and many girls were his fan. He also flirted with them but never crossed his limit. His family is one of the wealthiest family of this country and after his father retired, his elder brother was handling the company with a great efficiency. So he didn't get pressurized over more by his father, to join the family business and he could happily do his work as the Vice CEO of the biggest multimedia company of country K.