My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 25

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 25 Stop Pretending

One hour had already passed, when the trio finally finished their meeting. They already had decided how to play with the little fella, who tried to backstab them.

Louis gave a big yawn as he exclaimed, "Huh!! Finally we are going to do something exciting after so many days."

"Yeah.. We are gonna have some amazing fun." The assistant cheekily smiled.


Veronica was the one who gave the pen drive to the CEO's secretary department, that had the evidence about the people who were trying to backstab their company. As none were allowed to enter the top floor, that's why Veronica just left the proof in the secretary department.

Even the secretaries were also not permitted to go to the top floor. The head secretary could only hand the important doc.u.ments or other necessary things to Louis's assistant and then Louis would deliver it to the CEO.

So only the two people knew about the real identity of the CEO.... First one was the CEO's assistant and the second one was Louis himself.


At 1 pm, Veronica's office...

Willa came back to Veronica's office, buying the lunch boxes for both Veronica and herself. Veronica thanked her and processed to eat their lunch.

But suddenly an irritating person interrupted them in their peaceful lunch. And when the two ladies saw who the person was, there face sank down..

"Hey, girlsalready eating lunch? But how can you guys eat without me?" The person said as he entered the office.

"What do you want here Mr. Vice President?" Willa was the first one who asked the question.

"Well, I was just missing both of you girls. So I came here." Louis said as a matter of fact.

Veronica just shrugged her shoulders and said nonchalantly, "But we didn't miss you. So you can leave now."

"Yaaaaaaa Don't you know that I'm your boss? Then how can you talk to me so arrogantly?" Louis said, pretending to be angry.

"Then behave like one." Veronica rolled her eyes on him.

"Don't say that. After all we are college buddies." Louis pouted.

"But not now. We're in the office, if you didn't forget it." Willa interrupted him.

Louis looked at both of the beautiful ladies and didn't give think too much on this matter, but instead started teasing them, "So both of you, how are your boyfriends doing?"

Willa blushed slightly and replied, "He is not my boyfriend yet."

Louis was dumbfounded by her statement as he flicked her forehead, "Dude!! Are you sure that he loves you? Because if he truly did then he would not have hung you on for so many days.. No sorry.. it will be for so many months. And more than it, I don't think that the guy is even good for you. He seems like hiding something and also weird. In fact, I have a better solution. Leave that bastard and date me. Well, I'm more handsome and have more money than him, you know..."

Willa didn't say anything but her face was enough to say that she was extremely angry and was ready to murder Louis any time.

Louis saw her expression, so he did not continue on the topic and focused utterly on Veronica, "So What about you and Reuben?"

"Well, you know more than anyone, how things are going between us. So stop pretending." Veronica scoffed.

"Yaah What do you mean by that? Your boyfriend doesn't even tell me a single thing about you guys." Louis felt that he had been misjudged.

Veronica just rolled her eyes and asked mockingly, "Don't overreact. Okay? I know that very well, how he always shows off our relationship to you single people so that he could make you guys jealous over his mingle life."

Before Louis could say something, Veronica swiftly got up from her chair and said, "Let's go Willa. We have other things to do. We are not lazy as like someone." She eyed at Louis.

Willa just grinned, seeing both of her friends bickering and left the office with Veronica, whereas Louis kept sitting on the chair stupidly.


As Veronica, Willa and Louis were from same University, so they were good friends. That's why the relationship between Reuben and Veronica was also known to him. Even he is a big supporter of this couple.

But, there is one more relation between Reuben, Louis and Veronica that tied them together much more...