My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 26

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 26 Girlfriend Comes First

Reuben was waiting for Veronica in the parking lot, when his eyesight fell on certain someone, who was coming towards his car with Veronica.

Veronica's face was showing some irritating expression as if the person beside her was talking rubbish and following her without her consent.

Reuben gripped the steer-wheel tightly as he gritted his teeth. When Veronica already came close to his car, he opened the door of the front passenger seat and remained on his seat quietly.

The man beside Veronica didn't notice the Reuben in the car and continued his blabbering. He couldn't even imagine... what storm was coming towards him...

"Come on Veronica.. Now please don't be a busybody and let's visit the pub that had opened recently. Let's enjoy tonight the fullest." The man pleaded her.

Reuben couldn't hold down anymore and opening the door. He came out of the car angrily and stood behind the other man.

The man still had not any idea of the furious Reuben, as the man's back was facing Reuben.

"No. I can't go today. I'm too much tired." Veronica straightly denied the man's request to go to the new pub.


The man could not even complete his sentence, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He knitted his eyebrows together and turned to see, who was the person that dared to hold him by his shoulder....

But, when he finally turned around, his face became pale as a white sheet.

"ReuReuben" Louis was dumbfounded to see Reuben standing there, in the parking lot and he could not help but curse his own luck.

Louis tried to keep himself safe, as he awkwardly laughed and diverted his question to another topic. "Why are you here today? Did you come here to fetch little sister back ?" This 180 change in Louis's behaviour shocked Veronica and she gaped at him with widened eyes...

"And why do you think, I will answer your questions? Don't pretend.. I saw everything, how you were pestering my girl to go to the pub with you. And now you are behaving like you did not do anything. What a coward!!" Reuben mockingly said to him.

Louis was angered when he listened that he was being called a coward by Reuben, so he tried to protest. "I'm not a coward. And so what if I asked her to go with me. Hmm?"

Reuben then grabbed Louis's collar and said coldly, "You really have guts now to fight with me, huh?"

Louis gulped in fear and looked at Veronica pleadingly, asking for her help.

Veronica was standing beside the car, enjoying the live drama that was playing in front of her. When she saw that Louis's punishment was enough for that day for continuously pestering her, she came beside Reuben and removed his hand from Louis's collar.

She then caught his arm in hers and rested her head on his chest, saying mildly, "Honey, don't waste your time on this stupid brother of yours. He is not worth it."

Louis looked at Veronica bewilderedly and was going to say something but stopped when he saw the piercing gaze coming from his brother.

He then tried to pursue Reuben, "Bro. How can you do this to your own little brother? It's clearly your girlfriend who is bullying me now."

Reuben gazed at him coldly, as he replied, "My girlfriend can bully anyone but no one can bully her. And the person who will try to bully her, will have to face my wrath."

Veronica removed her head from Reuben's chest and pecked on his lips, "Aww! My boyfy is the best. He loves me so much. I'm so much impressed by your dialogue darling." Saying this, she again pecked his lips.

But, Reuben didn't go off the chance as he tightened his arm on her waist and another on her head, pulling her closer to him, and deepened the kiss. "Anything for my baby." He said between their kisses.

Louis just couldn't take anymore of their shamelessness and shouted on them, "Both of you.. Stop your public display of affection. And bro, you are being rude to me. How can you show partiality among your brother and girlfriend?"

The couple finally broke their kiss and tried to catch their breaths. Not moving his eyes from Veronica's beautiful face, Reuben answered simply, "Girlfriend comes first in everything..." He then looked at his astonished brother's face and again asked, "Understood?"

Not waiting for Louis's answer, he pulled Veronica towards the passenger seat, made her seated and then buckled the seatbelt for her. Closing the car-door, he went to the driver's seat and drove off, leaving Louis alone in the parking lot.