My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 27

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 27 No Turning Back

While driving, Reuben played some romantic songs in the car. Veronica also hummed with the song as it is one of her favorite song, "CLOSER" by Chainsmokers.

Near the end of the song, Veronica noticed that the route they were taking, were not the way to their house. So she asked Reuben confusedly, "Bennie.. This is not the way to our home. Where are we going then?"

Reuben just smiled at her and said, "You are right Ica. We are not going to our home. We are going somewhere else."

Veronica frowned and became more puzzled, "Hmm.. That I understand. But exactly where is the place, you are taking me now?"

Chuckling slightly, Reuben held her hand and replied, "Did you forget that both me and Henry were out of the country for so many days?"

Making an irritated face, Veronica tried to take her hand back but to no avail. So she stopped struggling and glared at him, "Do you think that I'm dumb to forget such a little matter?"

Reuben turned his face towards Veronica, as he feigned an act of seriousness, "Ica?? Baby.. now you come to know that you are dumb? *sigh*.. I have to change my word then, you are not dumb, but dumber." Saying this, he burst into laughter.

"What? You bastard!! I will kill you." Veronica roared in anger, as she snatched her hand forcefully from Reuben's grip and started hitting him on his shoulder.

"AhBaby stop and let me focus on my driving.. I don't want to kill myself in this young age." He caught hold of Veronica's hand again to stop her from hitting him more and suppressed his laughter to the maximum level.

Veronica didn't argue with him more and turned her head to look outside of the window, totally ignoring her boyfriend...

Reuben chuckled seeing her reaction, but didn't possess the power to make fun of her again. So he focused his eyesight totally on the road, still holding one of her hand.

Hearing his chuckle, Veronica moved her face back to him and glared at him furiously. She then smiled naughtily and leaned towards him.

She kept her other free hand on his thigh and rubbed it with her small hands, then she whispered seductively in his ears, "Well, do you know honey that today is the last day of my period? I thought that tomorrow.. I should really give a gift to someone who was away from me for nearly a month."

After rubbing his thighs, her hand went upwards, towards his chest while her lips touched his ears, kissing him lightly and whispering more softly, "But Alas!! That someone really messed up with me today by calling me a dumbso I have changed my mind now and decided to give a full stop on that gift for him..." Saying this, she gave a last peck on his cheek and moved back on her seat, sitting properly, as if she had not said anything right then.

Reuben widened his eyes in shock, listening to what his girlfriend said and abruptly stopped his car to the roadside. He then unlocked his seatbelt and faced her.

Veronica was jerked up by the sudden stop and when she turned her head to scold the person in the driver's seat, her nose touched the other person's nose.

Reuben hurriedly held her shoulders with both of his hands and pleaded, "Baby.. I'm so sorry to tease you. Now don't do this to me. You know that the past month was already a torture for me, so I really can't hold it anymore..."

Curving her lips to one side, Veronica mockingly said, "You brought it up to yourself Bennie.. Now there is no turning back."

She then pushed him to his seat and said, "Drive.. otherwise we'll be late. By the way, you didn't answer me where we are going."

Reuben took a deep breath and started driving again after buckling their seatbelt. He could not do anything but cursed himself in his mind to bring this bad luck unwillingly to himself.

He then replied, "As me and Henry were not in the country, so we decided to meet up at some restaurant and have dinner together."

Nodding her head, Veronica told him, "Hmm.. That's really great. But you should at least tell me first so I could ask Lucy to come also."

"Don't worry hon... I already called her and she agreed."

After some 10 more minutes, their car reached at the front of the restaurant 'FUSION' and they both got out from the car to head inside.