My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 28

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 28 More Than Friends But Less Than Lovers

After some 10 minutes, their car reached at the front of the restaurant 'FUSION' and they both got out from the car to head inside.

'Fusion' is famous for its different types of cuisines, like Italian, Chinese, Indian, Korean and also seafood. It is the restaurant under the Smith's.

Actually, Reuben and Veronica, both are the main owners of this restaurant, but none knew about it. He built it 2 and half years ago, as a gift for Veronica on their 2nd Anniversary. As Veronica loves to eat these cuisines and there were no particular restaurant that covered all these different types of foods in one, so he thought that it would be the best gift for her. And it really was.

Veronica almost jumped in joy when she found out that the restaurant had all her favourite dishes, she loved the most. She gave on all the demands of Reuben that night, as a return gift..*wink*


When both of Reuben and Veronica headed to the restaurant, they took the special gate for their entrance. As they still wanted to keep their relationship a secret to others, that's why it was best for them to use the hidden VIP gate. This entrance was specially made for them and some of their trusted friends and families. No one could enter there without a special permission from Reuben or Veronica.

The top floor of the restaurant was only for them and not for customers. Even if anyone tried to pay more to book the top floor for any occasion or something, they would be directly refused.

The top floor has two big rooms and one big hall with a big table and chairs placed on the balcony. One could enjoy the night view of the city while dining with their beloved. This design was specifically instructed by Reuben so that, he could spend some sweet and lovely moments alone with his lover...


After 10 minutes of the couple's arrival, Henry and Lucinda also arrived there together. Both Reuben and Veronica stared at each other and smiled mischievously. They exactly knew that both of their friends love each other from many years but couldn't get the encourage to profess their love to each other.

Henry pulled the chair for Lucinda to sit down first, then he sat down, right across Reuben.

After they ordered their own dishes and some beverages, they started chattingnot really chatting..but more likely teasing

"So..why you both came together here? Both of your houses are exactly in the opposite directions. So there was no excuse like 'we are passing from the same road, so thought to save some petrol of our cars..' " Reuben started first to tease the 'more than friends but less than lovers' couple...

Both Henry and Lucinda flushed in embarrassment and said at the same time, "Actually..we...."

"Leave it. I don't want to listen the excuses of yours. Just tell me, have you guys confessed your feelings yet?" Veronica interrupted them.

Again, Henry and Lucinda were shocked to her straight forwardness and bowed down their head.

*sigh* *sigh*

"I guess still not.." Veronica sighed before leaning her head on Reuben's shoulder.

Reuben gently brushed his fingers through her hair, and scoffed, "You guys are useless. It'll be good when both of your parents will find someone other to marry you guys off separately. Then show me your shy faces..."

Veronica looked at her friends and then at Reuben, then exclaimed, "I don't know honey, how they both became our friends. They are both so shy whereas we are"

"Shameless" Before Veronica could say the last word, Reuben said it on her behalf and kissed her passionately.

Though, Henry and Lucinda were already habituated with their friends' bold actions, but now they felt awkward as few minutes ago, they were being teased by this shameless couple.

After they completed their dinner, with one couple showing their affection and other couple just eating food with silence and a flushed face, both the couple drove off to their own places.