My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 29

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 29 Love Paradise

A luxurious car stopped in front of a big mansion. Two people were seated inside the car - one was a man and the another was woman.

Inside the car

"I have to go now. Thanks for dropping me." Lucinda thanked Henry shyly.

"Hmm.. take care." Henry said.

Lucinda smiled at him and raised her hand to open the door but suddenly stopped when Henry called her name, "Lucy"

She turned to him and said, "Yes?"

"Actually, about the things that Reuben and Veronica said today, don't mind them. You know they were teasing, right?"

"Hmm.. I know.. Anything else?" Lucinda looked at his eyes expectantly that she might hear something more from the man beside her, which she was eager to hear for many years.

"Ummm.. Nothing more. Good night." Henry wished her.

Lucinda's face fell as she thought that she had really expected too much from this man. Without answering him, she opened the car door and stormed outside fumingly and then shut the door forcefully, creating a 'bang' sound.

She then got inside the Wilson Mansion and went up to her room, without looking at the back for even a single time. Then she peeked through the window and saw that Henry's car was still there.

Being annoyed with him, she cursed, "Humph!! Idiot.. Stupid.. Can't even have the strength to propose me and now waiting in front of the house for me.. Humph!!"


On the other side, Henry was puzzled that why the girl suddenly became so angry. "Is it for the reason that she expected something else from me to say??"

Then he knocked his head on the steer wheel three times and cursed himself, "Ah.. you bastard!! How can you be a coward..? What if the things that Reuben said comes true... If.. If someone else really marry my girl off, what will I do then..! No no no.. I really have to do something now. I have to confess my love to her as soon as possible. I can't see my girl in any other man's arms. Gosh!! I need Reuben's help in this." He harrumphed and after making sure that the light of Lucy's room turned his car's engine on and left.


Next day morning, at Reuben and Veronica's place

Both were having their breakfast, when Veronica recalled something and uttered, "Bennie.."

"Hmm?" Reuben who was eating some bread responded.

"I just remembered something."

"What Hon?"

"Did you remember that we didn't give this bungalow a lovely name yet, for the fear that we would get caught by our parents red-handed about our relationship, as the name we decided is a cozy one." Veronica stated the matter.

Reuben stopped eating and kept the bread on the plate, as he said, "And now that our parents are already aware of our love, so you want to give our home the name that we decided previously."

"Yes.. baby.. you really understand me so much." Veronica happily exclaimed and gave him a kiss on his lips.

Reuben brushed her cheeks with his thumb and said, "Of course. I have to know everything about my girl. So.. I'll tell Tom to make a silver plate with the name of our house blazed on it with black and red stones. Happy?"

"Yes. Our home will finally get a name baby. Our 'Love-Paradise'.... I'm so much happy baby that I can't express myself." Veronica eyes filled with tears out of joy.

Reuben quickly pulled her on his lap and hugged her tightly, "I know baby. I really can understand. Our house will finally be completed with it's name." He comforted her, kissing on her forehead.

"I love you honey.." Veronica pecked his lips as she confessed.

"I love you too darling.." Reuben turned the little peck into a kiss as he deepened it with involving their tongues together.

After some more of their sweet time, they both left for their office.