My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 3

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 3 The Young Master Of The Brown Family

K City, S Country, At 7 pm

A handsome man in his late twenties was sitting at the balcony chair looking at his mobile with a soft smile on his face and there was a longing look in his eyes. After looking at the photo for nearly 15 minutes, he rubbed his right thumb on the zoomed photo face and said adoringly, "Time to meet you again love. It's been already 5 years since we had seen each other last time."

But after remembering the past, his eyes darkened, "What happened in the past, I'll make sure to pay you back ten folds of that pain and then I'll make you mine by any means. If I have to use force then I'll; even if I have to kidnap you I'll also do that without thinking twice. I wanted to hate you after what you had done to me back then and how you broke my heart by leaving me without any word; but still I can't feel the hatred in my heart for you as my love for you is more powerful than my hate."

Suddenly the man's phone started ringing which brought him back from his thoughts. Picking up the phone immediately he said without any expression, "Speak."

"Boss, your tuxedo is ready. I'll bring it to you tomorrow morning and I also have prepared the gift for Mr. Smith for tomorrow's party." The Man on the other side of the phone replied politely.

"Hmm.. What about the other thing?"

"Yes Boss. It's confirmed that Miss Lopez will also be present there with her family. Anything else Boss?" the assistant asked.

"No, nothing more." Saying this, the man cut the call without waiting for his assistant's response.

The moonlight fell on his face which can describe his handsomeness easily. His eyes and hairs are black with a sharp nose and small thin lips. He has an extremely fit body with perfect abs at the right places. When he stood up from his chair to go back in his room, his height could identify him as a 6 ft. tall man and he also has long legs with good muscles. One could easily describe him as a gorgeous man


The man is not any simple man as he is one of the youngest wealthy businessman of K country. He is also listed in the 'Top 5 most eligible Bachelors' of the country. He is the young master of the Brown family, known as Alonzo Brown. He is the present CEO of Brown Corporations.

He is the most formidable person of B city in country K, no one dares to offend him out of fear of losing their career there. He had planned on shifting his main office from B city to S city for some of his business reasons. Well, everyone thinks it is the main reason for his shifting but only he and his assistant know the true motive of him for coming to S city, which is none other than to meet someone special or more like getting back her.

Alonzo Brown is 28 years old but his cold face can't justify it. Many girls tried to pursue him or to climb up on his bed but each and everyone had failed miserably. All those ladies just run behind his money, status and power as the Brown family is the most powerful among others in B city. But each time any girl tried to go near him they were being shooed away and who became brave enough to throw themselves on him deliberately; their family had to pay high price by being bankrupt and suddenly they became invisible to the whole socialite society.

Though there was a rumor roaming around the whole city that he got engaged with the young miss of the Parker family. His so called fianc's name is Regina Parker who is a high socialite of B city and many girls envied her for her beauty whereas many boys wanted to make her their girlfriend.


Regina is also a famous model of city B and highly demanded in the model industry. She is a spoiled princess of Parker family as she is the only daughter of her parents alongside her elder brother. She likes to use her powers on other person wrongly and became more arrogant after the news of her being engaged to Alonzo got revealed to the whole country.

Parker family is another powerful family of city B which is well famous for their textile business. Their head of the family is Robert Parker and his wife is Mrs. Jennie Parker. They have two children. Their elder son Cole Parker is the current CEO of the Parker Textiles and their younger daughter is Regina Parker who is being pampered rottenly from the day of her birth.


Entering his room Alonzo sat on the bed with his laptop and checked some emails and contracts to pass the time. After two hours of his work, he kept his laptop on the bedside table and switched off the lamp. Seeing the picture of the girl for another time he muttered, "Good night baby, we'll see each other tomorrow." And then he closed his eyes to sleep..