My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 30

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 30 Future In Laws And Husband

Smith Enterprise

Reuben was busy on his computer, checking some emails, when Tom knocked the door and entered the office.

He then placed a card on Reuben's desk. "Sir, it's an invitation card from Brown Corporation. Their inauguration party for their new company in City S is on the next week."

Reuben raised his eyebrows and took the card in his hand from the table. He then opened the envelope and scrutinized the whole thing that was written on the card.

Keeping the card back on the table, Reuben folded his hand on his chest as he leaned back on his chair, "Hmm.. Seems like Brown Corporation have really some urgency to shift their office. Or is it just Mr. Alonzo Brown.. who is excited for the shifting..."

"I also can't understand this boss, why they are quickening this so much." His assistant, Tom was also confused about the fact.

"You said that they sent us a proposal right? How was that?" Reuben suddenly asked.

Tom coughed a little and replied, "Truthfully Boss, the proposal was really good and the best among all. They really made the project with efficiency."

"Understood. Do one thing. Bring that proposal to me. I will check it myself." Reuben ordered.

"Okay boss." Discussing some other matters, Tom left the office.


At Creation.

Veronica was busy in a meeting with her subordinates about the new VFX project, when her phone vibrated. As she was in a meeting, her phone was in vibrate motion, when she looked at the caller ID, she furrowed her eyebrows and cut the call. Then she again busied herself in the meeting....

Half an hour later, when she finally was done with the meeting, she got back in her office and rubbed her forehead after sitting on her chair.

Suddenly, she realized that someone called her sometimes ago in the meeting hall but she declined it.

She prayed to God that the person that called her, would not get angry on her and not started scolding her again. She then quickly call back to that person, hoping for her safety.

"Veronica How dare you to cut my call?" came a furious voice of a middle-aged woman.

"My dear mommy. Please don't shout on your little daughter. She was in an important meeting so couldn't accept your call." Veronica tried to pacify her mother.

"Don't give me excuses now." Veronica's mother, Jessica argued.

Veronica was now thinking, how to distract her mother from this topic and suddenly an idea came to her, "Mom, you must not be calling me in the day, just to scold me. There must be some important reason..."

"Oh God!! In middle of fighting with you, I forgot to tell you the main reason that I have called you for." Mrs. Lopez face-palmed herself.

Veronica felt a relief that her 'Mother India' would not blabber more about her, "Hmm..hmm.. Tell me.. why did you call me?"

Jessica then happily conveyed, "This weekend, me and your dad decided to organize a family dinner. So you have to come back home with Reuben for the dinner party. I also called Victoria and her husband for the dinner, so they will also be coming."

Scrunching her eyebrows together, Veronica questioned, "Mom You said this is a family dinner, right? Then why should I bring Reuben there and also why Uncle and Aunt will join us?"

"You brat! This is how I taught you to speak? Of course they will come. After all, they are your future in-laws and husband." Jessica howled on her.

"But Mom"

"I'm not listening anymore of your rubbish. You are bringing Reuben to our home this weekend and that's final." Spouting this Mother Lopez straightly cut the phone call.

Veronica sighed at her mother but then a sweet smile crept on her face, thinking about how both of her and Reuben's family accepted them so easily and now their doesn't consisted with just three peoples but six peoples Herself, Reuben and both of their parents.

Smiling at the thought for some more time, she decided to burry herself in work once again...