My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 31

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 31 Three Days Or Three Weeks?..

Around 7 pm, a Lamborghini Veneno, worth of $4.5M came to a half inside a three storeyed bungalow. The bungalow was very beautiful, the path to the main door was decorated with different types of flowers, the street was made with beautiful brown stones, and in the middle stood an artistic fountain. The bungalow was so heavenly that it would be anyone's dream house...

Footsteps could be heard when the two pair of legs walked towards the main door. When they approached the door and tried to open the door, the hand suddenly stopped. The hand was of a young girl with beautifully manicured nails. The hand then moved from the lock towards a nameplate on the wall. She slowly brushed her fingers over it and read the letters carefully, which assembled the word, 'Love-Paradise'

Reuben just watched his girlfriend who was at her own world and didn't say anything. He just hugged her from behind and kissed her nape, "Like it?"

Veronica flipped her body towards him and hugged him tightly, "No. I just love it honey..." Then she tiptoed and kissed him on her lips.

Breaking the kiss, Reuben suddenly lifted her up in his arms and said, "So now that our home officially got a new name, so let's start everything new." And walked inside.

Placing her on the sofa, Reuben got on top of her and proceeded to kiss her from lips, chin and neck.

Veronica m.o.a.ned in this sweet sensation and wrapped her arms around him. He marked her collarbone area with different sizes of hickeys. Then, his mouth went to her cleavage; sucking, licking and biting it. His one hand rested on her face, whereas his other hand found his way under her shirt.

He got electrified when he touched her bare tummy after so many days. Veronica shuddered in his touch and pulled his head towards her to kiss his lips. Reuben didn't deny it but his hand moved up from her tummy towards her b.r.e.a.s.t. He cupped the soft rounded flesh in his hand and squeezed it lightly.

The feeling of touching the soft flesh, made him groaned. Not liking the thin layer of bra that was prohibiting him to touch her bare b.r.e.a.s.t, he moved his hand on her backside, still kissing her mouth hungrily.

But, when he opened the first hook of her bra, Veronica slapped his arm off from it and pushing him away, she stood up from the sofa and smoothened her shirt.

Reuben was perplexed at the situation and asked, "Baby, what was that for? Why did you push me?"

Veronica sniggered at him and leaned forward to touch his face. She stroked his right cheek softly with her delicate fingers and swept her lips in his ear, "Seems like my dear boyfriend forgot about his punishment for calling me a dumb yesterday?"

Reuben broadened his eyes, as if reality hit him very hard and tried to explain himself, "Babe, I was just teasing you"

"Ssshhhhhhh You are talking too much. One more extra word and your punishment will be extended from three days to three weeks. Now tell me which one is better. Three days or three weeks???" Veronica threatened him with her most expensive weapon, slightly brushing their lips together...

Reuben felt like a huge bucket of cold water had been spilled on him. He pressed his lips together firmly and gave Veronica a pitiful look.

Veronica almost laughed out loud, seeing her cute boyfriend but suppressed it. Walking to the stairs, she commanded, "Now quickly make dinner for me. I'm hungry." And ran to their bedroom grinning from ear to ear.


After dinner, Veronica was lying on the bed, her left hand supporting her elbow on the cushion and scrolling down her phone with other hand. Just then, Reuben came out from bathroom, half-n.a.k.e.d, only with a towel wrapping his lower portion.

Veronica's eyes shifted from the phone to the s.e.xy man and she couldn't help but gaped at him...

Reuben was satisfied looking at her expression as he thought to himself, 'Cool.. My girl. If you didn't let you touch me then I also know how to seduce my girl.' And cheekily smiled.

Detecting his mocking gaze, Veronica took back her eyes from him and to destruct herself from this hot man, she meekly said, "Mmmm Baby.. Mom called me today at office hours."

Understanding that she is changing the topic, Reuben put on his boxer quickly and hopped on the bed, covering himself with the blanket and hugged her side-wise.

"Hmm.. So what did she say?" He asked turning her body towards him.

"Nothing much. She just told me to bring you to my family mansion, for a family dinner. And one more thing Mom also called your parents for the dinner party." She added.

Reuben was throwing butterfly kisses on her neck area when he heard that and moved his head to face her, "Why my Mom and Dad?"

"Don't know." Veronica shrugged her shoulders.

"Okay. Now let's sleep. Tomorrow we have work." Reuben kissed her lips and covered her with the blanket properly.

"Hmm.. Good night." Veronica also gave him a light kiss on his lips and hugging his waist tightly, she closed her eyes.

Kissing her forehead, Reuben also closed his eyes as both drifted off to their own Dreamland...